Shame on Honolulu City Councilors

Honolulu City Councilors District 1 through District 9 respectively

Aloha City of Honolulu Councilors:

District 1: Kymberly Marcos Pine,
District 2: Heidi Tsuneyoshi,
District 3: Ikaika Anderson,
District 4: Tommy Waters,
District 5: Ann Kobayashi,
District 6: Carol Fukunaga,
District 7: Joey Manahan,
District 9: Brandon Elefante,
District 9: Ron Menor,

I wanted to begin by thanking you for your collective action this week to pass strong regulations on O’ahu vacation rentals. The disrespect of these beautiful lands by short-term profit seekers must be challenged at every step. Unfortunately, my praise ends here.

I realize I represent nothing to local people — except an annoying haole malihini. Yet I learned years ago from travels around the world, as well as from those who visited me in my homeland, that guests frequently appreciate far more what long-term residents tend to forget.

Epidemic of Nicotine Vaping

You have forgotten YOUR keiki and youngsters. You are also contributing to the war on the American people by demonstrating a complete lack of courage and understanding of the challenges that face this beautiful city and most glorious islands in this state.

Reconstructed Computed-tomography of 17-year-old Boy’s Head After Vape Pen Exploded
[Primary Children’s Hospital/New England Journal of Medicine]
I notified my councilmembers on sleepy, remote Kaua’i earlier this month of the impending epidemic and disaster afflicting The Garden Island. I know few have much public health experience. See Emergency Public Health Report.

None have responded — as it is fashionable in the islands for elected officials to conveniently and uncivilly ignore polite requests of those they are sworn to represent and serve. It follows the history of arrogance displayed by the absentee land owners who controlled the Provisional Governments of previous eras.

In fact, Kaua’i councilmember Felicia Alongi Cowden is now so terrified of my watchful eye she violates the First Amendment to the U.S. and Hawaiian Constitutions to prevent me from following her social and political commentary. What great insecurity she displays — second only to despicable Don in the White House.

She falsely believes she wins — while harming the keiki on the island and the community she claims to love. Courage is bold. She displays neither.

New Tobacco Wars

You are a far more sophisticated bunch. And, now, you say nothing as you watch your young people suck down vaped poison at increasingly rapid rates and higher concentrations.

Thousands of explosions and fires
One study published in 2018 estimated more than 2,000 e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries sent users to US hospital emergency departments from 2015 to 2017. Few eCig users are aware of how serious the incidents can be. And, today, headline on CNN:


How is it possible you allow our youngsters to do this to their health right in front of your eyes? I show a picture of a Palestinian family dear to me. I helped raise their beautiful children.

Around 2010, I told the young man in the middle, Hussein, I could no longer consider him my brother for peddling vaped nicotine to anyone over 18.

Oueis Family: Palestinian Refugees Living in New Mexico

He is such a bright human being. There are 1,000s of ways for him to make money. Dealing this addictive poison to unsuspecting people is a crime of unforgivable injustice. This is the next chapter in the Tobacco Wars.

Cigarettes were only popular due to the nicotine high. Smoking the tobacco leaf still kills over 400,000 Americans each year.

Today, due to technology, we import unknown nicotine concoctions from nations like China and Mexico that directly mainline nicotine to the brain and central nervous system. We have no idea what the long term use will do to our people. Yet we are certain this is a highly-addictive habit.

We are also certain nicotine is a deadly poison — an insecticide that forms naturally in the tobacco leaf for the sole purpose of killing critters who munch the leaves. And, my careless city councilors, human beings are critters.

San Francisco supervisors passed legislation banning vape and eCig sales this week to stand up to profits before people. Are they smarter than you? Do they care more about their children than do you? I would have thought not. Please tell me I am wrong.

Cory Booker Says End the War on Americans

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), presidential candidate, detailed a plan (6.20.19) that would grant clemency and early release to thousands of federal drug offenders “serving unjust and excessive sentences.”

This is the land of pakalolo. Brudder Iz wrote beautiful music and blessed many kanikapila evenings with the Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau infused with herbal righteousness. Did the Fearless Eyed Man belong in federal prison?

Bruddah Iz, the Fearless Eyed Man, Hawaiian Sovereignty Activist

Which one of you has the temerity to make such a vulgar claim on the ashes spread over these waters? Now a Black male from the east coast leads where you cower:

“The War on Drugs has been a war on people, tearing families apart, ruining lives, and disproportionately affecting people of color and low-income individuals — all without making us safer.”
Senator Cory Booker

Senator Booker followed up, “As president, I will act immediately to right these wrongs, starting by initiating a clemency process for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders who have been handed unjust sentences by their government.”

For some 40 years, the U.S. government and state of Hawai’i have arrested and thrown millions into our jails and prisons, yet you allow youngsters to vape nicotine without a concern.

Evil Queen of Hawaiian Electric Industries

While permissive on deadly nicotine, none of you have offered me the courtesy of one simple response from my daily emails after Hawaiian Electric Industries (HEI) CEO Constance Hee Lau terminated me after six months of service excellence for being an active medical cannabis patient.

I am one of just some 25,000+ patients — your constituents on this island — many who are Veterans. We matter not at all to you.

Although I hold seven (7) certifications from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine warning me and America of the dangers of opioid pain analgesics, and training of dangerous and highly-addictive nature of opioid drugs, the elected officials of the people of this islands did not have the courage to make a simple phone call on my behalf to a woman with only a banker’s degree.

Not even your former Council Chair, current Vice-Chair, Ann Kobayashi, who I treated with dignified humility and respect at the delightful Mahalo Dinner for candidate Lynn Mariano, would offer a simple word of compassion or demonstration of leadership. How cruel. So intensely all of you must despise any who come to serve on these islands.

HEI CEO Connie Lau arrogantly denied my request to be tested for intoxication, while allowing her employees to consume alcohol (killing 80,000+ Americans each year); or smoke tobacco products (killing 400,000+ Americans each year); and encouraging the use of opioid pain medications (killing 70,000+ last year).

I ask any of you to give me the name of just ONE American or resident of Hawai’i who has died from cannabis overdose. Just one!


State Senator Roz Baker (D-Maui) works day and night to prevent medical cannabis patients from having access to an edible cannabis product — expressing to me her alleged sincere concern for keiki and pets. She says nothing about allowing youngsters to vape a product more deadly than RoundUp. What is wrong with elected officials here?

Senator Baker’s committee blocked legislation to allow medical cannabis edibles. This forces us to smoke flower or vape oil, for example. I begged her to allow the legislation to go to the full senate. I explained to her that she was negatively affecting our health.

Her response:

Is full of lots of inaccuracies, misinformation and smears. You don’t know me or understand the process. I’m sorry you’re in pain and hope that cannabis can help you. I wish I had a magic wand to singlehandedly fix the things that vex you the most. Unfortunately I don’t.
Best regards, Roz Baker, February 10, 2019 at 6:08 PM

I answered:

“Aloha Senator Baker,
I truly appreciate you took the time to respond. I respect you for that! Thank you!”

I can get “illegal and home-made cannabis edibles” anywhere on island. How does one know potency? We risk overdose. Children can get these as well. Denying legal products doesn’t protect children; it only harms legitimate patients.

I’m trying to expand access and I don’t want children adversely affected because they get product not meant for them … I have advanced measures to make sure that just because someone has a 329 card they are not discriminated against in the work place. 
Aloha, Roz, February 10, 2019 at 11:04 PM

I have a 329 CARD and was FIRED by HEI CEO Constance Hee Lau on February 25, 2019 — just two weeks after Senator Baker promised she was working to ensure people like me are not “discriminated against in the work place.”

Senator Roz Baker does not answer my emails now. See complete Email Transcript

Both of these “remarkable” women of Hawai’i have made it clear to me I am nothing more than dog doodoo. Together, they would prefer to send me to the Grave Where One Is Buried Alive. Yet why do you allow them to poison your children?

Please, O’ Great and Illustrious Councilmembers of Honolulu, why do you allow your keiki to be poisoned on the one hand and thrown in federal prison on the other?

Is this the example of aloha for your ‘Ohana and kuleana to your race?

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

5 thoughts on “Shame on Honolulu City Councilors

  1. you got fired cuz you’re a drug addicted asshole who won’t shut the fuck up

    even your family thinks you’re fucking nuts

    1. Aloha “thetruth” — do not mind your criticism. Yet you are like the KKK. They hide under white robes and masks. You hide your name and face from the public, while you hurl foul language at me.

      You are correct Hawaiian Electric CEO & President Constance Hee Lau fired me. I worked for HECO six months. I was a legal medical cannabis patient the entire time. Used only after work — prior to bed. Never before or during work. My team loved me; my manager respected me. They offered me a promotion. Feb 14, 2019, spoke with HECO HR Liz Deer. She said my medical cannabis use would “be fine.” Connie Lau fired me February 25, 2019.

      Connie Lau is the HIGHEST paid employee in Hawai’i at $5.7 MILLION last year. I consider her incompetent and nuts. HECO spent a million dollars training our team for our vital mission. Connie Lau boasts Great Privilege requires Great Responsibility. She is not responsible; yet she definitely enjoys the privilege. She punishes Middle Class families; destroys families. She should resign. She is incompetent and nuts!

      I’m not drug-addicted though. Stopped medicating so I could be returned to work. I take NO drugs at this time. I endure my pain as Special Forces and pro athletes are trained. I do not consume alcohol. Have never used tobacco. Do not use medical cannabis or any drugs at this time. Had I been on an opioid, I would be addicted. Would not be able to stop “cold turkey.” Ending an opioid medication abruptly can kill a person.

      My families DOES THINK I am nuts. You are correct. They have for nearly 50 years. In 1980, I voted for Jimmy Carter. They supported Ronald Reagan. The world learned last week Reagan was a RACIST. He was a racist governor of CA; he was a racist president. I voted against him. I knew 40 years ago what he really was. My family argued and argued with me; they like you called me names — then and now.

      Reagan pushed for Supply Side Economics. Even his VP, GH W Bush, called this “voodoo economics.” I stood against SSE. My family called me nuts. Most people in society called me nuts. How is Reaganomics working out for you? Our income INEQUALITY is highest in US history. National debt highest in modern US history. Factories fled our inner cities, trapping millions of People of Color. They shipped good jobs to foreign countries, collapsed our tax base, and this is destroying the Middle Class.

      Yes, people called me nuts — then and now — for fighting against Supply Side Economics, Reaganomics, TrickleDown Theory. Who are the real nutty people?

      I stood against Clinton and Biden in 1993 when they proposed their new crime bill. It put millions of People of Color into jails and prisons. People called me nuts. Hillary told suburban housewives about the dangerous “Super Predators” in our inner cities — Brown and Black teen boys who were involved in the drug trade — because ALL good jobs left America under Racist Reagan. Rather than Democrats rebuilding cities, they built prisons. Yes, people then and now called me nuts for opposing their policies.

      My family called me nuts in 2000 when I supported Al Gore. Gore tried to teach America and the world about an Inconvenient Truth. We are producing too much CO2. This is warming parts of the world; it is causing Climate Change and human life is threatened. My sister, Dianne Ferguson, ran out a bought a 3+MPG massive SUV and painted “Viva Bush” on the windows. She called me nuts. Her husband, Mark Ferguson, argued with me, ridiculed Gore, and spit on me every chance he could — much as you do now. He called me nuts.

      My family called me nuts (and worse) in 2003 when I MARCHED to prevent GW Bush from going to war in Iraq. Bush launched Shock & Awe on a people who had never attacked us. He murdered hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, and tore the region apart. He spent over $5 trillion that could have been invested here at home. You call me nuts!

      I wrote this article to PROTECT our Keiki and youngsters. Nicotine is extremely addictive. It’s also deadly. Nicotine forms naturally in the tobacco leaf. It’s purpose is to kill critters who eat the leaves. Well, I may be nuts, but humans are critters as well. If nicotine kills bugs, it will kill humans. Why would SANE adults allow GREEDY producers to sell a highly addictive and deadly poison to their children? I consider those elected officials to be nuts!!! Shame on them!

      San Francisco has now banned vaped nicotine from being sold in stores. I would provide it only to people with a doctor prescription to help them stop smoking. This can be a useful Harm Reduction strategy. Wise people DO NOT allow vaped nicotine in their society. I consider any who do to be nuts.

      And, will I Shut The F*ck UP? The motto of the Special Forces: De Oppresso Liber — free the oppressed. In their memory and honor for training me, I continue our work. They use bullets and bombs. I use a pen and keyboard. They fight on physical battlefields. I battle in a virtual world. IT and space are the new frontiers. We all do what we can.

      Now, be an adult — stop acting KKK — take off your robe, unhide your face and name — and debate in the Public Square not like a coward, but as a civil human being and American.

      Thank you for the discussion.

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