Aloha Friday: Life is Amazing; Life is Awful

This has to be a most magical day: Aloha Friday and Valentine's. Two powerful forces of love, kindness and compassion intersecting solely to bring you happiness and joy. Will you be my Valentine? Face it. Life is Amazing; Life is Awful. One day we're floating on Cloud 9. The next moment we find ourselves crushed … Continue reading Aloha Friday: Life is Amazing; Life is Awful

Aloha Friday: 100 Years of Female Empowerment

Tim Wegner points out women's suffrage for White females passed one hundred years ago this year in the United States. Success of American women occurred three years later than in Russia or Canada but 91 years ahead of Saudi Arabia — although women in the Islamic nation didn't actually vote until December 2015. This map … Continue reading Aloha Friday: 100 Years of Female Empowerment

Throw a Shaka and Open a Door

Years ago, I challenged friends on social media to join me playing the Shaka game. I'm a life-long athlete who loves both games and challenges. Thought it would be a unique, fun way to add a bit of aloha in our lives. Here's how the game works. As you go about your day, look for … Continue reading Throw a Shaka and Open a Door

Football, Gambling and Beer Control the Masses

Today's date is a palindrome — same read forward or backward. Some people attribute special significance to these rare events. Let's hope we all kick off a wonderful February and year. “Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon … Continue reading Football, Gambling and Beer Control the Masses

Cannabis Countdown 2020

State legislative sessions are kicking off around the nation. Medical and Recreational Cannabis use for adults is an urgent issue in many states. If you're new to this policy battle, please remember sophisticated and woke players use the term "cannabis" rather than racist, xenophobic label "marijuana." For history, see Institutional Racism of Marijuana. There have … Continue reading Cannabis Countdown 2020

Aloha Friday: I Wish You Enough

One of my dearest friends in the world posted this story on her social media. I've reposted below: I Wish You Enough Recently I overheard a father and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the father said, "I love you, and … Continue reading Aloha Friday: I Wish You Enough

Aloha Friday is Positive Friday

We're nearly three weeks into New Year 2020: Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! It seems each year we start January with a fresh, optimistic energy that follows the holiday season that is filled with love, joy, happiness, family squabbles, too much good food and spirits — yet it's the End.of.Year party most of us enjoy so much. … Continue reading Aloha Friday is Positive Friday