Aloha Sunday: Hawai’i Most Corrupt State in Nation. Big Infection

Most people think of Hawai’i and say, “OMG!!! Beautiful beaches. Tan bodies. Fun bomb waves. I would love to live in Paradise.”


We all do. This is the problem. Millions of people want to come here — live here — spend time in Paradise. The People in Power who are here are mostly corrupt. Working people struggle. It is really hard to make a living. Wages and salaries are low. Costs are high.

Thus, it is easy for People in Power to manipulate them. “Do what we say or we will force you off the island.” People cannot speak up. They are afraid to speak up. Hawai’i is the most corrupt state in the United States of America.

Local media just covered the wildest corruption case in recent Hawai’i history. Hollywood or Netflix can’t make up a story like this.

Katherine Kealoha sent to federal prison

Prosecutors said in a brief filed Thursday upon conviction: “Kealoha lies as easily as she draws breath…Kealoha will do anything and everything to avoid the consequences for her unlawful behavior… The facts at trial alone establish the risk of flight and the danger Kealoha poses.”

Bank fraud charges for Katherine and Louis Kealoha allege Katherine committed aggravated identity theft and obstruction for raiding in $167,000 inheritance funds of two kids Katherine was appointed guardian.

A separate indictment alleging she and her brother, Dr. Rudolph Puana, trafficked opioid painkiller drugs while Kealoha abused her deputy prosecutor position to conceal it.

Think of all the police resources used by the Kealohas to spy on people, manufacture lies, violate people’s rights. These were police man-hours that could have gone to solve actual crimes that affected actual citizens. These were police resources that Honolulu taxpayers covered to do Louis and Katherine Kea­loha’s personal dirty work.

Cc: State Senator Mike Gabbard
State Senator Roz Baker

Aloha Lee Cataluna:
Respect your article about Kealoha trial. You’re correct. There is AN INFECTION here. This is what I’ve been saying. You do not answer me. You justly criticize the Kealoha verdict, but this is now past tense. Please look forward. You sound the alarm wisely. I point out the infection. I offer solutions!

I’m new to O’ahu, not new to the islands. I’m an economist; political scientist — specialize in healthcare and the environment.

I’ve been writing each day. THERE IS AN INFECTION HERE !!! Yes, you are correct.

What is the infection? When I started at Hawaiian Electric, I made an immediate positive impact. Team really liked me. A senior member spoke to me privately, “It’s all about fit here. People can make mistakes. Don’t need to be perfect. It’s all about fit.”

What did you write? Merit isn’t the key. Going along with those in charge is the critical factor.

“This went on too long, too many people had to have known and nobody stood up and said anything. They had to have joked about it in the police station elevator and at pau hana gatherings. “

It’s all about fit. If one speaks up, if one challenges the status quo, they will be gone. They no longer fit.

=>> Nobody stood up and said anything. People are too afraid. Labor is afraid. Nobody has much money. If they want to keep their jobs, they don’t stand up; they don’t say anything.


The GOV vetoed the eCig restriction. Nicotine is a poison. Kids are becoming addicted at alarming rates. Who would allow this? JUUL and distributors benefit. Nobody else does. Need I say more? [story]

I lost my job. Why? Because I use Medical Cannabis. I’m a healthcare expert. Why would an expert us an opioid? These addict 20% of patients within 10 days. Other drugs were dangerous for my system. My medical team looked at my health profile. They recommended Medical Cannabis.


Hawaiian Electric Industries CEO Constance Hee Lau fired me — she refuses to test for intoxication. Why would she do this? Why do you not speak up? I have written to you almost daily. You do not say anything.

It’s not just me. There are over 25,000+ patients like me in Hawai’i. You do not stand up; you do not speak up! [story]

Did you see how many BigPhRMA pills one Veteran takes each year? This is BIG MONEY. He could grow plants in his home. This would cost BigPrRMA money, pharmacists money, the system money. Don’t stand up. Don’t speak up. Punish any who suggest otherwise! [story]

To make up lost revenue, the State of Hawai’i now sues Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma (PP). I was enrolled in my opioid training in 2009. It had been going on since 2005. Everyone in the nation KNEW the dangers of opioids drugs.

The Kealoha family were protecting a relative who was pill shopping. It wasn’t PP who was doing this. The lawsuit is a scam to make money from a broken state and tax system. PP created a wonderful drug for people in hospice. Addiction doesn’t matter if one will die in six months. [story]


Governor David Y. Ige vetoed the Hemp legislation. This would be an excellent innovation for the local economy. Hemp competes with plastics; cotton; oil. Need I say more?

This measure establishes an industrial hemp licensing program requiring the Department of Agriculture to create an industrial hemp plan to be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The bill also makes various statutory changes, including removing from criminal regulation the cultivation, possession or sale of either licensed or unlicensed industrial hemp.

Write State Senator Mike Gabbard (Tulsi’s father) and thank him. Show your support.

Governor Ige’s Veto Explanation
Rationale: There are concerns that this bill creates a licensing structure that cannot be enforced, will not meet USDA requirements for an approved industrial hemp program, and creates practical problems in the enforcement of existing medical cannabis.

Gov Ige is a CANT guy. He can’t do anything. Everything scares him.

Sorry, Govenor Ige, I’m an ameriCAN. Sad we must have elected officials like him. Scared of his own shadow.

Had David Y. Ige been president of US in 1960, we would never gone to the moon. Kennedy believed in America. Lot has changed in 60 years.

ameriCANS are now ameriCANTS


I talk about our environment. HEI has 2045 Goal. They want to deploy 12.5 MILLION solar panels. They want to stand up hundreds of 300’ wind turbines. They want solar panels on roofs. We live in a hurricane zone. You want parking lots of silicon and plastic all over our island? We live in a hurricane zone!


I didn’t just complain. Offered a better plan. Imagine that. Don’t speak up!!! Don’t stand up!!! Just follow the Bad Apples here! [story]

My plan would reduce oil use immediately. BigOil would lose money. Politicians would lose money. The Powers That Rule Today would lose money. Don’t stand up. Don’t speak up. Punish those who do!!!


The ACLU stopped by last week. They said primarily White administrators and teachers are punishing primary Students of Color. This robs them of educational opportunities and feeds the school-to-prison pipeline.


I’m a third-generation teacher. This is FALSE. [story]

Students of Color do not have as many books in the home as children. My mother taught first grade. I visit schools. I know. They are more verbal. Nothing wrong with being verbal, but reading skills are behind. And, Reading Is Fundamental. They start behind. Our system is unable to catch them up. They get frustrated.

In addition, People of Color, Students of Color, are more frustrated with our system in general. The Democratic party is responding to this today. People of Color are rising in the party. Yet this frustration, which I call Institutional Defiance, leads Students of Color to be less obedient to teachers and administrators. Combined with education frustration, this leads to more detention and suspension.


Lack of books, poor basic reading skills, Institutional Defiance hurts our Students of Color. Yet we blame teachers and administrators. Good teachers and administrators quit. They move on and do something else. I’m one. Why deal with this frustration? I can get a better paying job elsewhere. I did. Millions of teachers do. [story]

We false blame teachers. We waste money. We are headed in the wrong direction.

Don’t stand up! Don’t speak up! Those who do are punished. This is the INFECTION.


System here is HIGHLY BIASED to favor the most wealthy at the expense of the less wealthy and poor. Mark Zuckerberg recently purchased 700 pristine acres on Kaua’i northeast shore for $100 million. The guy has billions. Why not tax the hell out of him? Hawai’i gives him a great deal.


Hawaii is one of the 14 states in the United States where property taxes are not levied at the state level, only the county level.

Hawaii’s property tax share of general revenue from own sources (combined state and local government) is 12.2 percent, which is substantially below the U.S. average of 21.6 percent and ranks Hawaii 45th in the nation.

Hawaii’s sales tax (General Excise Tax or G.E.T.) share of general revenue from own sources (combined state and local government) is 37.8 percent, which is above the U.S. average of 24.0 percent and ranks Hawaii as the 3rd highest state in the nation.

As a share of the state’s spending on current operations, Hawaii’s education expenditure level is lower than every other state in the nation

Honolulu ranks the lowest of all cities for local government spending per capita.

Honolulu has significantly higher tax rates for commercial properties and apartments than for homestead properties.

We have REAL SOLUTIONS in front of us. You have the audience and microphone.

There is an infection!!! Please stand up; speak for ALL of us.

Thank you and mahalo nui loa!

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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