Black Lives Do Not Matter in Hawaii

Update: June 18, 2020 -- as pointed out in the original article, the federal government sent the State of Hawai'i $30 MILLION to assist homeless. This Black woman doesn't receive a penny. She needs medical and psychological attention. Since the city removed the bus stop benches, she slept on the sidewalk last night. This morning … Continue reading Black Lives Do Not Matter in Hawaii

Restaurants: Deadly Dangerous COVID19 Spots

There is tremendous pressure to continue opening Hawai'i and the nation. Sadly, we didn't need to shutter all our doors as authorities required. Our public health "experts" were DEAD WRONG in their strategy to squash SARS-CoV-2 and protect the nation -- dollar short and day late, as my father loves to say. Honolulu Mayor Kirk … Continue reading Restaurants: Deadly Dangerous COVID19 Spots

Hawaii Officials are CoVidiots

Let's acknowledge the heroic efforts of our front line troops — all the essential workers. Everywhere I go I see strong, courageous action by residents. Life punched us all in the face. Knocked us down; left us dazed, confused, and somewhat terrified. However, sista, although our lives have changed forever — it's time to get … Continue reading Hawaii Officials are CoVidiots