Restaurants: Deadly Dangerous COVID19 Spots

There is tremendous pressure to continue opening Hawai’i and the nation. Sadly, we didn’t need to shutter all our doors as authorities required. Our public health “experts” were DEAD WRONG in their strategy to squash SARS-CoV-2 and protect the nation — dollar short and day late, as my father loves to say.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants restaurants to re-open June 5th. He’s a Covidiot. Opens these establishments to satisfy owners seeking profits, while ignoring health and safety of patrons. People dining out will be exposed to the virus. It’s simply a matter of probability. Put 100 people together and someone likely carries the infection.

Restaurants Are Petri Dishes of Infection

Most of us go out to dinner for entertainment. We’re fatigued with lockdown and anxious to see friends and extended family member. Our misguided mayor allows groups of 10 or less. This means up to ten different people from different “social bubbles” could sit at one table. This is TEN OPEN DOORS for infection.

Second, when we eat, we do not wear face masks and sit close to each other violating the rule of physical distancing. We also spend far more than the 15-minute exposure restriction. This relaxed behavior further opens the door to infectious spread. It’s a social setting where people laugh, talk loudly, lean in to each other, and share food and utensils.

The World Health Organization says alcohol may put people at increased risk for the coronavirus, weakening the body’s immune system and leaving drinkers at risk for other risky behaviors that could increase the likelihood of contracting coronavirus.

Third, when we dine out, most patrons consume alcohol. This increases social activity. People speak more loudly, laugh more robustly, hug and touch more, forget Best Practices, and this increased intensity spreads viral pathogens more widely.

Tiny particles escaping from a person’s mouth when they speak loudly – which may contain the coronavirus – can stay in the air from eight up to as much as 14 minutes.

National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Fourth, although the misdirected mayor mandates tables SIX FEET from each other, he can’t control for air flow. One of the initial outbreaks of COVID19 occurred in a room full of people who were eating (illustration below). Pathogens spread by the ventilation system — pushing these far from the infectious individual or persons.

The mayor negligently encourages restaurants to open to satisfy the entertainment lobby. This isn’t wise or safe for patrons. The illustration below shows how just ONE infectious person sitting at a table of ten patrons infected four at the table; three at another table; two at another that was significantly distanced. All these people go home to family members, return to work, yet have no indication they are now deadly infectious.

Fifth, who cooks, prepares and serves your food? Hard working young people in general. Although good intentioned, this cohort of society is (1) likely to live in congregate and crowded housing, (2) less likely than other groups to follow COVID19 protective recommendations, and (3) unlikely to have responsible health care behaviors or even health coverage, as do people in higher risk groups. Why do you trust your health to these individuals?

The miscreant mayor requires servers to wear face masks, but pathogens do and will be carried on hands (or gloves) that touch plates, utensils and servings. It’s simply impossible to control all the possible contaminants in this crowded, social environment.

Sixth, consider food preparation areas. Cooks work in hot, steamy and crowded conditions. They sweat, wipe their face, touch each other, and then, touch or breathe on your food or dish. It’s a recipe for infectious spread. No official in their right mind would open such an establishment.

There are government loans and assistance for businesses; we have unemployment and other financial services for employees. Don’t take the risk at this time. U.S. authorities have missed too many steps in our Third World War. Don’t be the next casualty.

Tom Jones, chairman of the Hawaii Restaurant Association and president and co-owner of Gyotaku restaurants, said he believes the survey’s numbers are low. He said Gyotaku is already getting reservation requests, including one for a party of 100.

StarAdvertiser, 5.24.20
SOURCE: SMS Research & StarAdvertiser

Most residents express common sense. According to a survey taken earlier this month, only 20% said they would immediately return to a sit-down restaurant. In most cases, they prefer to “wait and see” before venturing out. The restaurant association feels differently, which is to be expected. They want you to take a risk and spend your money to keep their business profitable: your money and possibly your life — for their profit.

Welcome to Hawai’i and the United States of America. Other nations did a better job squashing SARS-CoV-2. They’re now open safely for business. We have a long way to go, baby!

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