Dangerous Dave FrankenIGE and Dr. Jekyll Green Threaten Your Family

UPDATE 7.13.20: The Governor and Lt Governor proposed allowing pre-flight C19 testing, which I opposed immediately. The tests are highly unreliable as I documented here. Last Thursday (7.9), Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell expressed doubt about the plan, saying he no longer believed it was “safe for everyone.” U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and members of the Hawaii County Council also opposed the state’s plan.

Today, Governor Dave FrankenIGE announced the state will delay by at least a month the planned Aug. 1 reopening of Hawaii’s tourism industry with a traveler pre-testing program. It concerns me greatly it took him so long to take the safe action. His plan never had the support of evidenced-based research.

UPDATE 7.7.20: Record infections across Hawai’i — 41 today. Red arrow shows we’re heading up exponentially again. With 41 infections, Hawai’i set a new daily total. Keep in mind there are an estimated TEN (10) infectious people — those who are asymptomatic and infecting others — for every one confirmed positive case. Could be 410 highly-infectious new cases in our ‘Ohana today. Previous daily record had been 34 in early April. This is not a good sign.


“I have grave concerns that this could get away from us. People need to not gather in groups greater than 10 and they need to wear a mask. Promoting large events like the Kalakaua Street gathering is a terrible mistake. We are still in the middle of a pandemic.”
Lt. Gov. Josh Green

However, Dr. Jekyll Green recommends allowing visitors to skip quarantine if they pre-test prior to travel. These tests and protocols are known to be inaccurate, as I show below. Our officials are dangerous Covidiots!

Local media today reported Dangerous Dave FrankenIGE and parter, Dr. Jekyll Green, plan to restart tourism beginning August 1st. Their disastrous plan allows passengers with approved negative COVID-19 tests up to 72 hours prior to traveling to by-pass the state’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for out-of state passengers.

Dangerous Dave and sidekick Dr. Jekyll do not care about you, your family or our ‘Ohana. They care about business revenues: Profits before People 

Governor Dave FrankenIGE with Lt. Gov Josh Green, MD (left)

I’m a certified Contact Tracer from John Hopkins university. Trained in epidemiology and infection disease by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Although I respect Lt. Gov Josh Green (above left), he’s an emergency room doctor. Hear he’s excellent. He obviously doesn’t understand infectious disease and the evidenced-based research about COVID19 if he supports Dangerous Dave. Covidiots!

The Lt. Gov ignored my repeated requests to #MaskUp local residents when I recommended March 19th. His lack of urgency led to many deaths in our community. Area in red (below) shows infections that continued as Hawai’i officials refused to #MaskUp locals and visitors. Deaths are on his incompetent, blood-stained hands.

Lt. Gov Josh Green, MD, ignored my requests to #MaskUp. Blood on his hands.

Dave’s Plan is Dangerous

Here’s how testing works. First, positive tests are highly reliable. If you receive a positive result, you have COVID19. Negative findings are not reliable. And we don’t know how unreliable they are. So a person with a negative test result may or may not be infected.


Second, here’s how COVID19 infection works — per Johns Hopkins experts. I can be exposed to COVID19 Monday morning (Day Zero in illustration above). If I test later that day, say 3:00pm PDT, for example, it is highly likely I will return a negative result.

“If you’re asking my opinion, whether I would trust a negative result in a traveler, my answer would be no.”
State of Hawai’i DOH Epidemiologist and Chief of the Disease Outbreak Control Division

With my negative test in hand, I now have 72 hours to board a flight to Hawai’i. I can leave for Hawai’i late in the day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or before 3:00pm PDT Thursday per the Dangerous Duo’s plan. Yet as each hour and day passes, I’m becoming increasingly infectious.

Dangerous Dave and Dr. Jekyll Green authorized me to land and join the ‘Ohana, but I’m in the COVID19 Incubation Period. This time frame can range between 2-14 days, but typically around five (5) days.

You believe I’m safe. I may believe I’m safe. Evidenced-based research suggests some 50% of exposed — and infectious — people will be asymptomatic. They will not know they’re infectious. They may not exhibit visible symptoms — no fever or cough. Yet they’re talking to your kids; the server at your favorite restaurant; or you’re the one cleaning their room.

Since we believe arriving visitors have pre-tested and are safe, we tend to relax our protective defenses. Yet tourists will become more and more infectious as their visit continues. We have no way to know a couple things: (1) who are the arrivals, and (2) if they are infectious or not. Arrivals are a Known Unknown to our safety. This makes us afraid of everyone and increases our fear level during an already frightful time.

Dangerous Dave and Dr. Jekll Green don’t ride public transportation. Visitors do. Bus drivers and their families are at risk. The Dangerous Duo puts employees in harms way and asks them to continue working. Businesses do not offer hazard pay. Your life isn’t important to them. #AllProfitsMatter

“We cannot keep the draconian measure of a 14-day quarantine,” State DOH Epidemiologist Sarah Park told local media. “We need to accept the fact we’re living in a new COVID world.” Park and state Health Director Bruce Anderson still stand by guidelines that say only symptomatic patients should be tested.

We need to accept the fact the privileged are protected and we are expendable. The stated goal was to “flatten the curve,” not keep us safe. Officials simply need us to get sick and die more slowly.

Hotel staff, B&B owners, any lodging facilities — all operators and staff are at risk — and these workers can easily bring this home and spread to the most vulnerable. Restaurant workers, wait staff … small retail shop employees … grocery store personnel … shopping mall attendants. All are now at high risk.

Elected officials, CEOs, the privileged in our society have the luxury of working from home or in isolated surroundings. They communicate by Zoom or other video chat platforms. Don’t mingle much with The Peasants. Spend more time caring about their financial portfolios than focusing on our health and safety.

A Better, Safer Way Forward

First, the federal government appropriated some $1.2 Billion for COVID19 relief. The legislature socked this away into the “rainy day” fund. See what I mean? Elected officials are rich. Given a billon-plus dollars of free money, they save it for a real disaster. Listen Linda, I’ve never seen such a torrential downpour in my life. Some 250,000 unemployed residents are terrified. Residents throughout the islands are panicked. Government’s solution is to fill the rainy day fund with cash and our streets with COVID19 infections.

Ryan Cooper opined today in The Week, “The world is putting America in quarantine.” They’ve lost trust in our elected politicians and officials. I’ve lost faith as well. How about you?

When a country is as gangrenous as the United States, the rot tends to spread through its entire system sooner or later. So long as the Republican Party is not comprehensively defeated politically, and the Democrats do their utmost to avoid governing, it would be extremely foolish to rely in any way on American institutions.
Ryan Cooper

Rather than continue failed practices of the past, why not diversify our economy now? One area is energy. We suffer highest costs in the nation. Rely heavily on diesel and coal. Bad for the environment; terrible for our pocketbooks. Why not switch to bio-fuels, such as hemp? Hire Hawai’i unemployed workers to grow our fuel here.

Senator Mike Gabbard fought to pass hemp legislation last session. Dangerous Dave vetoed the measure. Dave’s in bed with Hawaiian Electric officials, such as Alan Oshima. They want to cover our green spaces with some 15 million plastic and silicone solar panels — in a hurricane zone. This would require an estimated 5,500 football fields of panels and batteries. Nobody could be that stupid, could they?

Hurricane Maria Destroyed Solar Array in Puerto Rico

Second, there are some 130 vacant hotels at this time. Why not designate a handful for arriving passengers — all arriving passengers. This includes military and returning locals. Shuttle them directly from the airport to the secured facility. Maintain high safeguards for arrivals and staff. Arriving passengers pay the cost. Safe for them. Protects us.

Require arrivals to produce TWO (2) negative tests over a 5-6 day period. We have isolated and quarantined all arrivals. Such a program virtually eliminates the probability of viral spread. Tourists can enjoy their trip. Locals can have high confidence they will not be infected, sickened or killed trying to make a living.

Privileged Members of our community do not prefer such a scheme. They’re wealthy. This dampens their ability to make money. Whether you get sick or not doesn’t matter to them. They’re safe. We’re expendable.

I’ve documented how poorly our most prestigious company, Hawaiian Electric, treats workers. They consider me an Uppity White Nigger for speaking out. Showed no concern for the safety and financial concerns of our family. They do not care about you either.

“What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.”
St. Therese of the Little Flower or of the Child Jesus

Hawai’i is governed by extremely callous and cruel people. They boast of their deeds; they show no love for human beings. Dangerous Dave and Dr. Jekyll Green further demonstrate their lack of concern by opening our borders to COVID19 pathogens.

We die; families cry; privileged officials and CEOs increase their Economic Pie.

E Komo Mai to the Aloha State.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”







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