COVID19 Infections in Discovery Bay Waikiki

UPDATE 7.10.20: Notified last evening this was a hoax. Thanks to Cherry Pascal, Executive Producer, KITV4 Island News, for researching this. Occupants are strange people. Who punks their neighbors like this? Consider this a type of terroristic threatening. We’re consider legal action.

Lt. Governor Josh Green, who I affectionally refer to as Dr Jekyll Green, is pushing to open airports too quickly in my opinion. He’s proposing a policy allowing visitors to by-pass 14-day quarantine rule if they receive a negative C19 test up to 72 hours prior to their journey to AlohaVille. I documented the unreliability and danger in his proposal.

The compassionate doctor informed media today he believes local residents are responsible for spreading the virus; not incoming visitors. I’m not comfortable with his logic. Locals squashed C19 during lockdown. It was re-introduced from those coming to the island. Military personnel, returning residents, and many others receive “government exemptions” to quarantine policy.

We’ve been horrified as countless tourists have come to Discovery Bay and it’s clear they’re not self-isolating. We set an infamous record of 41 infections two days ago, and suffer 36 more today. We’re in an island-wide Second Wave.


Yet with sometimes overwhelming fear and chaos, all must continue with our lives. Had a beautiful session surfing south shore Waikiki this morning. It’s a gorgeous, blessed tropical Hawaiian summer day. People at the beach are laughing, full of big smiles, and sharing aloha — from a safe distance.

Returned home walking on Cloud 99. As I pulled out my key to open the door to our apartment, noticed this sign in my peripheral vision:


How freaky is that? I’ve hidden the apartment number to protect privacy, but the unit is just across hall from us.

We’ve faced challenges from these neighbors. Man and woman moved in recently due to lockdown. Apartment is used as a business hub. We inquired with management, as we thought this is a residential housing building. Occupants came in about a year ago, totally remodeled, and filled the unit with cleaning supplies. Dozens of people came in and out. Appears they’re cleaning rooms here and in adjacent hotels or properties.

Workers have damaged walls, continually soiled and stained common area carpets, and recently, the man and female partner incessantly chained-smoked and filled hallways and our unit with disgusting second-hand cigarette smoke. Smell was so foul recently we wondered if they were cooking meth.

We complained to management, who responded to the best of their ability. Didn’t appear to have much authority. Appreciated their attempts and spoke with the owner of the unit about a month ago. He’s a kind, compassionate and professional guy. Reassured me he would speak with them about being more courteous. Their behavior didn’t change much.

Refused to Wear Face Mask

We had a number of uncomfortable encounters with the male. He’s an extremely — and I mean exceptionally — withdrawn guy. Both of us felt compassion for him initially. He refuses to make eye contact; doesn’t greet us or answer when we address him politely. Fact is … a disconnected personality like this seems to fit the profile of a mass shooter or someone who ends up hurting others. If someone told us they were cooking meth, we wouldn’t be surprised.

How does one know? We’ve all seen news reports after a tragic incident. Guy shoots up school full of kids. Witnesses then tell media, “Yeah, really withdrawn person; didn’t talk much; strange personality. Should have alerted someone.”

This male is creepy and would fit the profile of an individual we might want to keep on our radar. Yet maybe the guy is an outstanding human being — just shy. How terrible to judge, right? How does anyone really know the state-of-mind of a new and introverted neighbor?

Just last week, he seemed to have gotten additionally frustrated with us. He tried to enter the elevator without wearing a face mask. We were forced to remind him previously. He pushed into our elevator a couple weeks ago without a mask, refused to #MaskUp, so we promptly jumped off.

When we requested he don a face mask this last time, he muttered somewhat under his breath, “Fuck you! Don’t need a mask.” I extended my arm like a big STOP sign and said, “You’ll need to wait for the next elevator then.” He was visibly angry.

Just yesterday, as I was leaving, he again appeared in the common area near the elevator. Again, no face mask, although there’s a building-wide policy to #MaskUp indoors and in elevators, and the City of Honolulu maintains a blanket policy all persons shall wear face masks indoors. He doesn’t.

He now is COVID-19 positive; likely has been for a number of days, and has been potentially infecting everyone around him. Mayor Derek Kawakami of Kaua’i coined the appropriate label for such selfish, irresponsible individuals: Covidiot!

For months, our apartment has filled with sickening second-hand smoke. We’ll get relief from this putrid, foul odor now. People can’t smoke if they have the C19. And as they are heavy smokers, their  lungs are in for a rough ride. They’re not particularly fit; could have underlying health issues; and as both smoke, they fall into the category of high risk individuals.

Time for Prayers and Aloha

So, please, keep these two, and so many other people in Hawai’i, mainland USA and around the world in your prayers. Had hoped we would eventually make friends with the couple. We know all our neighbors and Living in HI is truly a remarkable blessing. Although life is hard here for most, we prefer to focus on the good in each other and do our best to share aloha and love.

“What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.”
St. Therese of the Little Flower or of the Child Jesus

Hawaiian Electric CEO & President Constance Hee Lau; HECO management advisor, Alan Oshima

Now, if Hawaiian Electric CEO & President Constance Hee Lau, and HECO management advisor, Alan M. Oshima, would graciously extend our family some love and aloha in return, we would certainly appreciate their kindness. It’s a time for compassion and healing old wounds.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”




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