LeBron, NBA and NFL Ignore Women and Domestic Violence

Police officers involved in the shooting of Black male, Jason Blake, were there to arrest him for violating a restraining order stemming from a claim of rape in May. The female victim reported to police Blake used his finger to sexually assault her, which “caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent” and left her “very humiliated and upset.” The woman had been asleep when Blake broke in at 6 a.m. Police charged Blake with felony sexual assault, trespassing and domestic abuse.


When officers tried to arrest Blake last week, he was wielding a knife and put one of the arresting officers in a headlock. He reportedly shrugged off two attempts to taser him.

I’ve been working on social and political issues important to women since the 1990s. One critical area of concern for most females is rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. As males are generally the perpetrator of these crimes, society must be vigilant teaching our boys and young men that “No Means No.”

Non-Hispanic Black and American Indian/Alaska Native women experienced the highest rates of homicide (4.4 and 4.3 per 100,000 population, respectively). Over half of all homicides (55.3%) were (intimate partner violence) IPV-related; 11.2% of victims of IPV-related homicide experienced some form of violence in the month preceding their deaths, and argument and jealousy were common precipitating circumstances.

CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

Our nation and world watched violence explode in Kenosha, WI this week after police shot Blake in the back seven times. Most only saw the final seconds of the encounter and have formed conclusions based simply on the ending of the movie.


Players from the Milwaukee Bucks, located in Wisconsin, went on strike Wednesday. They refused to play and other NBA teams, the WNBA, NFL and major league baseball also joined the work stoppage. They all “stand together” for Jason Blake. Not one has stood up for women. I am, as Silence is Violence.


No Means No 

Police didn’t stop Jason Blake for a broken tail light or traffic violation. They were summoned by his girlfriend. Blake presented such a danger to her previously she begged a court to place a restraining order on him. The court supported her and prohibited Blake from coming to her property. 

Did Jason Blake comply with his girlfriend’s request he not come to the property? NO

Did Jason Blake comply with the court order he not return to the property? NO

No did not mean No to Jason Blake. Not only did Blake not respect the woman or court, he brought a number of kids to the property, while he directly violated the directives of the girlfriend and society. What kind of example did he set for the youngsters?


As Jason Blake refused to respect the woman and court, the girlfriend felt sufficiently threatened by him she called police. She told the 911 dispatcher Blake took her property and refused to return the items. This is violent behavior and theft. 

Local police were ordered to rush to her assistance. On route, dispatch informed officers there was an arrest warrant for Blake. He was wanted on an alleged Third Degree Sexual Assault charge. There’s a pattern here. Jason Blake, 29-year-old male, has a history of negative and violent behavior toward women. 

LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick ignore the concerns of women and defend this Male Predator. In my experience, most Black men are decent and good people. But there are too many males in the Black community, too many males in general across America, who do not accept, “No means No!” 

As a pro athlete, I spent much time around NBA locker rooms. Few Americans have ever seen the spectacle after games. There’s a line stretching 100 women deep with some of the most beautiful and sexy ladies on the planet. They’re girlfriends or wives or those who hope one day to be. Male athletes joke about their fame, but warn rookies to “take their condoms” home with them after they party.

They teach new players some women will self-impregnate themselves to claim the child belongs to the athlete. Good way for a woman to become rich. And, as heard in Black music, athletes regularly refer to women as “bitches” and “hoes.” This is not an environment respectful of women. These are alpha males who believe the hype they are the BEST in the world. For many, they consider woman privileged just to be around them. 

Jason Blake Ignored Police

Not only did Jason Blake ignore the court order and girlfriend, he repeatedly failed to comply with police. 

When police arrived, Jason Blake fought with police and RESISTED arrest.

Police tased Jason Blake. Didn’t stop him. He continued to RESIST arrest.

Jason Blake suggested he was going to get a WEAPON from vehicle. He refused to stop.

Jason Blake didn’t not climb in vehicle as if to drive away; he leaned in to get something — while kids were in the back seat. Jason Blake put youngsters directly in harms way.


A social media friend, Ron Kerl, said the easy approach is to shoot. He also criticized me claiming, “If this is the baseline you accept for policing, I’m glad you’re not a cop.” He said police should have taken other steps first. I reminded him:

The FIRST action of police was to BAR him from the property. Blake didn’t respect or listen.

Their SECOND step was to ASK him to comply. Blake didn’t respect or listen.

Their THIRD step was to TRY ARREST him. Blake didn’t respect or listen — instead, he fought with them.

Their FOURTH step was to TASE him. Didn’t stop Jason Blake.

Their FIFTH step was to PULL their guns and demand he stop. Blake didn’t respect or listen and continued.

Their SIXTH step was to grab his shirt. Blake continued and didn’t respect or listen.

Jason Blake does not seem to UNDERSTAND the meaning of “NO” — and this is why police end up shooting people. Police DO NOT need to ask SIX TIMES. And, as I shared with Ron, I give law enforcement permission to shoot anyone who behaves this way toward women. 


This is Ron and some of the women in his life. I’m certain he would not allow any male — Black, White or Brown — to harass or threaten those close to him. As a father, he likely would have shot the guy as well. 

Black Men Do Not Respect Women

Statistics show around 70% of Black households are managed by a single-parent, primarily a female. (see Aloha Friday: Dr Fauci and Black Lives Matter Strike Out) Black men get women pregnant yet do not respect them enough to stay around to assist with expenses or care for the child. This leaves the household poor and children more likely to fail in school, engage in crime, abuse drugs or end up in prison. 

Where’s Daddy? This 1998 Sports Illustrated Special Report pointed out pro athletes have fathered a startling number of out-of-wedlock children. They claim one NBA star has seven children by six women.


Black rappers, as well as men in the Black community, routinely refer to their girlfriends, wives and sisters as “bitches” and “hoes.” U.S. Congresswoman AOC recently and rightfully skewered a male congressman for referring to her as a “fucking bitch.” (see Hawai’i Democrats Treat Me Like a Fucking Bitch) This is common language in the Black community. AOC doesn’t bring this up on the floor of the U.S. House. She should. 

Domestic violence, sexual assault and rape are disproportionately higher in Black communities compared to White neighborhoods. This is a direct result of Black males not respecting women. No means no. Neither a woman nor police needs to explain six times. 

Black Woman Do Not Respect Themselves

One of the most famous and currently popular Black female rappers is Cardi B. Her latest release, WAP, stands for Wet Ass Pussy. Shock you? Maybe adults are numb to such vulgar language, but kids of all ages can view her video online. Looped throughout the song, a male in the background sings, “There’s some hoes in this house.”


A brief excerpt from Cardi B wearing her WAP earrings (above), as she sings:

I said (hold up), certified freak
Seven day a week
Wet ass pussy
Make that pull-out game weak

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fucking with some wet ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet ass pussy

Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge
Extra large and extra hard
Put this pussy right in your face
Swipe your nose like a credit card

I’m sure you get the point. Black women got their start in church singing gospel music. They’ve come a long way, baby!

Don’t Run From Police

Black men are being killed by police, because in general they refuse to comply with police. Instead, they fight with police and run away from police. I remember listening to Richard Pryor in the 1970s, as he joked about running from police. This is highly ingrained in Black Male culture. As Richard coached, White people can’t tell Black men apart from one another. Just run! 

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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