Michelle Obama: Let a White Male Teach You About Being Invisible

A month ago, was chatting with my good friend, John. He’s a Black entrepreneur here in Hawai’i. We both liked Susan Rice for Biden’s VP. Neither of us were comfortable with Kamala Harris. I told John, “Frankly, there’s one woman I would select before either of these two.” He asked who. “Michelle Obama, and I would prefer her over Biden for president to be honest.” He agreed 100%.

The former first lady Michelle Obama said on her podcast Thursday that “White America” acts like Black women — including herself — do not exist.

“When I’ve been completely incognito, during the eight years in the White House, walking the dogs on the canal, people will come up and pet my dogs, but will not look me in the eye. They don’t know it’s me.”

Michelle Obama

Michelle speaks in-depth of the horror of being a Black woman. She claims White people simply cannot see her or her beautiful daughters. Michelle gave an example when she was standing in line with her two little Black girls dressed in their soccer uniforms to get some ice cream — and a “White woman” cut in front to order. “Like — she didn’t even see us,” Michelle complains.

Ice cream? America is a terrible place to raise two beautiful daughters because a bossy woman cut in front of you over ice cream? I recently pointed out how the Obamas are violating environmental recommendations — destroying the natural coastline in Hawai’i — but Michelle talks about an ice cream cone incident. Power and Privilege!

“What White folks don’t understand, it’s like that is so telling of how White America views people who are not like them. You know, we don’t exist. And when we do exist, we exist as a threat. And that, that’s exhausting.”

Michelle Obama

This is Shana Buco. She’s the HR director at Hawaiian Electric. Told me I was a danger to my coworkers, the company and general public. Never met her in person. Always spoke well about her and treated her with the utmost respect. She doesn’t know me and is part of the White America as Michelle describes. Over 30 people with whom I worked closely consider me outstanding, kind and competent. Shana considers me a threat. And, yes, it is exhausting!


Shana fired me. She had instructed me to work with her assistant, Elizabeth “Liz” Deer. I did. We worked well together. I suffer a disability and rely on a medication to help reduce pain when I sleep. Liz said I would be fine. Why wouldn’t I? My medication has been legal in Hawai’i since 2000 and it’s considered a prescribed medication. HEI Code of Conduct suggests I’m in compliance.


Shana’s office staff told me I was officially hired February 20th and would start on the 25th. Shana allowed me to come to work — after celebrating the new position with colleagues, friends and family — and fired me in front of my manager and coworkers. Michelle … you complain about a White woman cutting in front of you to get an ice cream cone? 

Here are two attorneys from Hawaiian Electric: Susan Li and Thao Tran. Both refused to speak with me. I am such an Invisible Man to them I had to spend $5,000 with a local attorney just to start a conversation. That’s a lot of ice cream! 


Thought we were making progress until Thao ended our discussion May 3rd claiming I misrepresented our relationship.

As mentioned in my previous phone conversation with you, the Company is discovering on a regular basis [Your Client’s] continued misrepresentation of, among others, our company’s relationship with him, which was never an employer-employee relationship.  [Your Client] was never an employee of the Company and was not terminated from our Company.  The Company has concerns with such misrepresentations.

Thao Tran

I’m such an Invisible Man to Li and Tran they claim I never worked for the company. Started August 13, 2018. My Hawaiian Electric manager directed me when to come to work; assigned me a company computer and directed me where to sit; directed me with whom I should work; directed me on the projects on which I worked. Each week, I submitted the hours I worked to my Hawaiian Electric manager, which she had to approve for me to be paid.

On February 25, 2019, after six months of apparently INVISIBLE work, Hawaiian Electric HR director, Shana Buco, told me I was terminated and needed to immediately leave the building around 11:30am.

Can anyone explain how this Invisible Man misrepresented our work relationship?

Remarkable Females Cannot See Me Either

This is Hawaiian Electric CEO & President Constance Hee Lau. In the islands, people claim she is remarkable. Thought so … but she can’t see me either. Wrote to her maybe over a hundred times. No answer. Can’t hear or see me. She’s blind and deaf to the suffering of an Invisible Man and his family. She’s wealthy, very rich. Highest paid employee in Hawai’i — made around $5.7 million last year. Takes most people a hundred years to make what she makes in one. Famous, privileged and powerful. She apparently prefers I use opioids. 


This is my U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Actually ran for president. I know. Worked on the campaign. She accepted my support for her campaign; accepted my financial donations; and I voted for her. Her father Mike is extremely kind. I guess males can see Invisible Men.

Tulsi promised to meet with anyone / anytime to discuss political issues. Not me. Apparently she can’t see or hear me either. Must have emailed, wrote, called over a gazillion times but I’m an Invisible Man to her.


Ice Cream vs. Employment

The Obamas have about a billion dollars in the bank now. Their two daughters are successfully making great strides in America. Isn’t it a wonderful time for women — and, in particular, Black women? Michelle could be proud and positive. Instead she uses her powerful platform to whine about being invisible. She has no idea what invisible means. Likely, she and her husband, as well as Malia and Sasha, look forward to being invisible and not being noticed. Fame can do that to people. 

I certainly do not feel Michelle Obama is concerned about White men like me. Frankly, I doubt she thinks about the struggles my good friend John shoulders each day either. Michelle is concerned about bossy women cutting to the front of the line when she wants ice cream. For men like us, Michelle seems quite tone deaf to the realities Ordinary Folks of all color, race, ethnicity, creed and origin suffer each day. 

Michelle concluded her podcast saying the bossy woman “didn’t apologize, she never looked me in my eye.” None of these privileged women of Hawai’i have apologized to me or our family. None dare to look me in the eye. All of you refuse to see or hear human beings like us. Hopefully, you all will end your cruelty and develop some compassion for others. 

Now, who wants ice cream?

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