Boomer Apocalypse: The Third World War

Around the globe, nations are in lockdown. Social distancing and “flatten the curve” are the latest buzz phrases. Everyone on social media now has a PhD in epidemiology. COVID-19 has changed our world forever. Boomers altered the world since their births post-WWII. This virus threatens their lives now. If one wants to be safe, you need one of these. Female version slightly different.


For most younger people, COVID-19 is like a common cold. Some will experience minor symptoms; others nothing at all.


Only those who are elderly or suffer compromised immune systems are at high risk.


Estimates suggest four of five people over 80 years of age may perish. COVID-19 is the Boomer Apocalypse.

Young People Aren’t Afraid of COVID-19

The nation asks youngsters to sacrifice, yet the super rich jet off to secluded mansions and disaster bunkers. Where is their sacrifice?


21st Century Adversary

Our grandparents made up “The Greatest Generation.” They faced a world war against Germany and Japan. These enemies wore uniforms. They were easy to identify in general. This time is different. Government failed us. Now we must “hunker down” as they catch up.


Some of our parents fought in Vietnam or in places like Afghanistan or Iraq. Global terrorism introduced new challenges. It wasn’t always clear who was friend and who was foe.


COVID-19 is invisible. The one who might infect you could be your best girl or boy friend; could be your daughter or your mother or your father or anyone in your family. America has shut down.


It could be the stranger in an elevator or coworker at your place of business. It could be your server in a restaurant or clerk in a retail store.


We are at war with a hidden enemy. Americans have never faced such an adversary. Will we win?


The world’s collective strategy is “remain in place,” wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus, wash our hands and stay away from each other. Around the world, borders are closing. How ironic! Just months ago, Democrats were demanding open borders.


Liberals claimed they were furious with President Trump for his “racist” policies to deny illegal entry. Now, Americans, Mexicans and Canadians cheer for strong border control.


Isolation makes us crazy unfortunately. We want to go do things. Amanda offers simple suggestions. She pleads, “Stop being so damn irresponsible.”


What is the Real Threat?

Doesn’t the common flu kill tens of thousands each year? Car accidents, opioid OD deaths, smoking deaths, alcohol deaths, gun deaths. There have been 60 million abortions since 1970. We seem numb to all these losses.


Government spends billions on annual vaccines — but many Americans claim the vaccine is more harmful than the disease. Three months ago, social media warriors fought over the efficacy of vaccinations.


Now, the world demands a COVID-19 vaccine. As of March 18th, there are 216,822 confirmed cases and 8,908 deaths worldwide. Just a little perspective, Kirk suggests.


Late last year, I caught an unusual bug. It was “flu-like” but wasn’t flu. I experienced a day or two of headaches, some dry coughing, then an extremely difficult bronchial infection. Normally I beat a flu virus quickly. Whatever I had malingered for about four weeks. Was this COVID-19? Others say they might have suffered this. Did you? Let us know in the comments.


Are we being misled? Clearly this is a serious public health concern. But are these draconian measures necessary?


The U.S. stock market had reached record highs. Now we’re facing recession — maybe even depression. Is our panic wise?


Let’s not get into politics and judge presidents. Obama faced the H1N1 flu crisis. He didn’t create this. He did a decent job. Trump didn’t create COVID-19. He will be judged by history. We didn’t panic when some 61 million Americans contracted H1N1. Maybe we should have. Yet why the global panic today over COVID-19? Strange, isn’t it?


There are some 7,038 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. Current death toll is 97. Like an active war zone, confirmed case counts and deaths change daily.


Around the world over 50,000 are reported now to have recovered. Millions more may have been infected and suffered minor or no symptoms. Clearly infection and death rates are over-estimated. Still, one death is too many if we can reasonably prevent the loss.


Statistics such as these lead some to question whether the entire crisis is a manufactured hoax. This perception seems to fall along party lines. Republicans or Trump supporters lean toward hoax. Democrats are certain this is a doomsday event. Like many issues, the truth likely lies somewhere between our two political extremes.


Former U.S. Senator Ron Paul believes we’re being misled. He says governments love crises because people when fearful are more willing to give up freedoms for promises the government will take care of them.

Paul feels it’s ironic to see the same Democrats who tried to impeach President Trump last month for abuse of power demand the Administration grab more power and authority in the name of fighting a virus that thus far has killed less than 100 Americans. What do you think?

Seeking a Solution

This is the Third World War. Rather than blowing each other up with nuclear weapons, we must work together. This isn’t an American problem. It’s a global issue.


Canada may be close to a possible vaccine; Australia appears to have made a breakthrough. USA, maybe?


Why not a world competition to race toward a cure? How about a US$1 Billion prize to the company or organization that first develops a successful vaccination?


Sports and entertainment are closed down. Why not a global competition for a cure?


Isn’t it time to begin thinking differently? Thankfully conditions in Wuhan are returning to normal.


In this time, our word for the week should be CALM. Panic is our most dreaded disease. Panic spreads like a contagion.


This is why all the toilet paper is gone. Don’t forget to care for our healthcare workers. They’re exhausted at this time!


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Times are stressful. COVID-19 presents real life dangers to many. Young people aren’t likely to die or suffer major illness, but they certainly can carry the virus to those who are at higher risk.


In this Third World War, we all must sacrifice and do our part. Won’t be easy. Certainly will be disruptive. Will require patience, compassion and understanding. We should also not forget to laugh. Here are some memes I’ve found humorous.


How America has changed! Even Corona beer makes light of the virus.


Oh no, Bill !!! Zombies on the loose …


Now it’s Mexico that wants to build a wall.


No school for our children? No problem. Great time for parents to teach them life skills.


Really don’t understand why administrators punished this UK youngster. There is money to be made in any crisis. He’s not gouging others — simply proving a needed service. Seems like this young man will go far. Not sure about the school officials.


There’s been a political divide between Rural and Urban residents for many years. We might need to work together at this time.


The World is now canceled. What an exciting time to be alive, says Nohealani. How many of you feel this way?


Italy as a nation has struggled. Did they quit? Cry? Whine or complain? Nope. They are doing what Italians do best — enjoying life to the fullest. How about singing with your neighbors? Just keep your distance! LOL


If two of the most politically-extreme people in America can come together, how about the entire nation and world? Didn’t think I would ever see this happen.


Seems like we’ve been threatened with many crises since 2000. We’re Americans and still standing!


Yes, it’s a difficult and challenging time. How about EMBRACING what we have rather than focusing on that which we don’t?


And, remember, people can survive without toilet paper!


We’ve returned to our roots — we’re all basically hunter-gathers by nature. Can you find the tacos or Doritos?


Is COVID-19 really the global pandemic crisis we’ve been lead to fear? Or does media over-hype and sensationalize every issue to cause a panic? Remember the #1 Rule in Journalism: If it bleeds, it leads.


Some people really enjoy “social distancing.” They want to be 100% safe.


Ever wonder what those guys are doing with all that toilet paper? Comfort Plus!!!


If you’re one who is overly-alarmed about remaining safe, here a special toilet paper just for you.


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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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