HI Gov David FrankenIge is Dangerously Incompetent

Over 80 million Americans are sequestered in their homes at this time, as we battle the Boomer Apocalypse: Third World War. Health experts are urging citizens to shelter in place. They plead for social distancing and strong personal hygiene behavior. President Trump closed the borders between Canada and Mexico. Cruise lines and air travel are highly restricted. Yet our elected officials are not moving quickly enough. #MaskUp

As of Saturday, March 21st, there were less than 60 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in the islands. There are about ten cases on the low-population island of Kaua’i. The situation there is dire. If the island ‘Ohana suffers a major breakout, they have only 9 ICU units; only a handful of respirators and ventilators. They need dramatic and strong action to #StopTheSpread.

Kaua’i County mayor, Derek Kawakami, issued a curfew beginning Friday evening from 9pm until 5am. The draconian rule will run through April at this time. Island residents support the measure. They are ill-equipped to manage a viral pandemic.

Residents across the island archipelago plead with political officials to take strong action. Unfortunately, Gov David Ige has a history of wishy-washy policy and weak leadership. Island residents were furious about his lack of leadership in the TMT standoff. Native Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) wanted TMT construction blocked. Science-minded residents wanted the progress on the new telescope to proceed. Ige appeased none!

Governor David [FrankenIge] Ige
Today, Gov David FrankenIge issued air travel restrictions. These won’t take place immediately. His disastrous decision goes into effect a minute after midnight Thursday, March 26th. This keeps the doors wide open for the virus to be flown into the islands for about another week. The pandemic is spreading like wildfire. Another week of open access could ensure state residents will be unable to get this disease under control.

The governor’s policy requires anyone flying to the island, whether a returning resident or visitor coming to enjoy our aloha, be mandated into a self-administrated 14-day quarantine.

David FrankenIge is Dangerously Incompetent!

We’ll pretend for a moment those arriving will follow the edict — although we know many will likely ignore the policy. Imagine this:

(1) Returning residents will self-quarantine in their homes. If they are infectious, and most people don’t know when they first become infectious, they will infect other members in their household, who will then go out into the public and infect others. How is Governor FrankenIge protecting families or other island residents?

(2) New arriving visitors will be required to self-quarantine in their hotel rooms or transient vacation locations. Again, if they are infectious, and most will not know when they become infectious, they will infect staff and workers, who will then go out into the public and infect others or return to their homes and infect their families. How is Governor FrankenIge protecting families or other island residents?

This is typical of politics in Hawai’i. Officials want to make a change but don’t have the courage to take the needed bold steps. A perfect example is the cannabis legalization issue. Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and even Mexico, have legalized. This region is considered one of the most progressive areas in the U.S.

Hawai’i leaders didn’t legalize. Instead, they “decriminalized.” This means cannabis isn’t exactly legal; it’s not considered a major crime but remains a crime. Offenders with three grams or less now can be fined $130. What message does this send to youngsters? Confused leadership leads to confused children!

While the entire world is working to #StopTheSpread, Gov David FrankenIge keeps the door open to the dangerous virus. He’s weak; this virus is strong.

National experts claim the ONLY tool they have to stem the flood is to ask people to stay home. As I have pointed out, anyone outside their resident should be masked. Gov David FrankenIge keeps the door wide open for five more days. He then allows potentially infectious travelers to infect others for up to 14 days after they arrive.

Smart, bold leaders would shut the door tight immediately. Local residents are sheltering in place. Visitors can stay away for a couple weeks. Locals who are returning should be housed in a facility near the airport or suitable alternative. None should be allowed into the general population. This is common sense. Sadly, Gov David FrankenIge appears to have no common sense and now fails us again!

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

4 thoughts on “HI Gov David FrankenIge is Dangerously Incompetent

  1. Absolutely. Hawaii had an opportunity to become a “sanctuary state” with 0 case, if the leadership could act fast and bold to lock down the state, drive out tourists, and give everyone masks. Hawaii could be like Taiwan, or South Korea. Unfortunately Ige used this crisis as an opportunity for his political gain, similar to what is happening in Israel that Netabyahu consolidates his power, controls the parliament, collects allies, ousters rivals, and destroys democracy. Ige kicked out Dr. Josh Green from the team, and made Ige’s political ally Kirk Caldwell to issue weak “stay at home” policy, while people are dying, and communities are in danger. Impeach and remove him is imminent: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2408353982788110/

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