Shame on Selfish Women of US Soccer

UPDATE 8.16.19: Remember how the world’s best US Women soccer team beat up on rookie squad Thailand 13-0 while celebrating wildly after each goal. Disgusting! Here’s an example how we raise our boys and young men. PROUD of you guys!

A Little League World Series pitcher received praised for displaying incredible sportsmanship after he allowed a deep home run Friday. In a game between Virginia and Rhode Island, young Rhode Island pitcher Alex Anderson gave up a home run to Virginia’s Brady Yates in the fifth. [story]


As Yates rounded the bases to celebrate the crushing home run with teammates, Anderson stuck out his glove to congratulate him as he trotted down the third baseline. Anderson’s sportsmanship deserves praise. Shaka to you, Alex!

Men are HEROES … current Female Role Models are ZEROES.

UPDATE 8.14.19: Found this example of extreme sportsMANship on social media. The example comes from a running event in 2015.

John M. Sweeney is with Doug Brown and 9 others. Like Page
July 26, 2015

Very little has been said about this … On December 2, Basque athlete Iván Fernández Anaya was competing in a cross-country race in Burlada, Navarre. He was running second, some distance behind race leader Abel Mutai — bronze medalist in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the London Olympics.

As they entered the finishing straight, he saw the Kenyan runner — the certain winner of the race — mistakenly pull up about 10 meters before the finish, thinking he had already crossed the line.

Fernández Anaya quickly caught up with him, but instead of exploiting Mutai’s mistake to speed past and claim an unlikely victory, he stayed behind and, using gestures, guided the Kenyan to the line and let him cross first.

Ivan Fernandez Anaya, a Basque runner of 24 years who is considered an athlete with a big future (champion of Spain of 5,000 meters in promise category two years ago) said after the test:

“But even if they had told me that winning would have earned me a place in the Spanish team for the European championships, I wouldn’t have done it either. I also think that I have earned more of a name having done what I did than if I had won. And that is very important, because today, with the way things are in all circles, in soccer, in society, in politics, where it seems anything goes, a gesture of honesty goes down well.”

He said at the beginning: “Unfortunately, very little has been said of the gesture. And it’s a shame. In my opinion, it would be nice to explain to children, so they do not think that sport is only what they see on TV: violent kicks in abundance, posh statements, fingers in the eyes of the enemy …”

In the interests of kindness, please pass this on. 🙂

To All The Men out there … thank you for all you do; for your endless sacrifice; for your dedication to your family, community and nation. We live in an Upside Down world today. My dear friend, Marie, posted this today. No words needed. 


There is clearly a collective insanity in our nation today. Too many do not know history. They point fingers when three point back at themselves. Keep Your Chin Up, my heroic brothers!

The US Women’s soccer team is best in the world. They were prior to this year’s World Cup. Although the most-skilled physical players in the world, they embarrassed the nation by pummeling a rookie team from Thailand 13-0 — celebrating wildly after every goal.

They “sipped tea” to disparage fans and players from England; disrespected the US flag and national anthem; and sued their own federation over alleged claims of unequal pay. I show here their monetary demands are unjustified and downright selfish.

“Male players are paid when they play, but not when they sit. USMNT players must thus be on the roster to be pay eligible. USWNT players, in contrast, are guaranteed pay.”
Michael McCann, University of New Hampshire law professor

Comparing compensation of US Women (USWNT) soccer to that of the US Men (USMNT) is complicated (see for yourself). To summarize, US men and US women are about equally paid in the U.S. market. Men are paid far more on the global stage, because men’s soccer earns far more in revenue. Not even close: Men — $6 BILLION; Women — $131 MILLION.

If the US women want equality in compensation, play the US men in a match and defeat them. Americans will pay to watch. As good as the US women are, few believe they can defeat even a mediocre US men’s team. Women soccer players are not equal to men.

Women demanding equal pay on the global stage is like Women NBA players demanding compensation equal to LeBron, Steph Curry and others. This is a ridiculous and grossly selfish claim. Fans decide — not Affirmative Action policies.

If the US women want equality in compensation, play the US men in a match and defeat them. Americans will pay to watch. As good as the US women are, few believe they can defeat even a mediocre US men’s team. Women soccer players are not equal to men.


Professional Athletes and TeamUSA

I was an extremely privileged athlete. Coached by John Wooden. Advanced deep into  NCAA March Madness and had the opportunity to compete as a professional. In 1984 I was on the training team that helped prepare Michael Jordan and USA men for the summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. They earned the gold medal. Last team of college players to win gold.

Had the opportunity to assist my friend, Jenny Lang Ping, in 1996 as she headed the Chinese Women’s National Team. We earned the silver medal. Competing for a nation or playing on the world stage is a blessing of a lifetime. Athletes, coaches and staff were all so tremendously grateful for the opportunity. Best time of my life!

Scott and Jenny Lang Ping

Jenny coached USA Women’s Volleyball in 2012. Visited with her in Colorado Springs, as they had a number of friendly matches against the Brazilian ladies. Had an opportunity to meet Paula. She led her team to gold. Funny, smart and gracious competitor!

Paula Renata Marques Pequeno, two-time Olympic gold medalist from Brazil

Jenny hated coaching the US women. They were spoiled, arrogant, selfish, didn’t want to practice, and spent more time concerned about making money than being a successful team. Sounds like this year’s US Women’s soccer squad.

US Women Soccer Team Falsely Claims Unequal Pay

The US men’s and women’s teams have completely different compensation systems. Both have unions to represent them. Women wanted “Guaranteed Salary and Benefits,” which has less risk. Men selected a “Pay for Play” model, which includes more risk. At right below, we see women average nearly FIVE (5) times the amount of compensation as do men.


Look closely at the benefits the women receive: Injury protection for up to a year; Fully paid health, dental, vision and 401(k) benefits; Maternity leave and nanny subsidy. Men get nothing at all. [source]

The world stage is quite different as well. FIFA governs this, not US Soccer Federation. Collectively, male teams generated over $6 billions dollars. Female teams generated just $131 million. Yet women share MORE in prize money (23%) than do men (6.6%).


It’s simple. If ladies want to earn more, they need to attract more fans. The US Women’s soccer team turned us off this year with all their political activism, legal battles and player controversy. In response, we turned off the TV. Didn’t watch a single match.

Marta of Brazil: Best in World Ever

We were sad not to have seen Marta. Likely her last international dance. She’s the classiest, most-talented woman to ever play the game. Thank you for all the memories! See this excellent summary of her career.

If the US ladies want our household dollars, focus on your character on and off the pitch. You took home gold, but lost the World Cup prize most important to us — behaving like champions.

“My idea is that you can lose when you outscore somebody in a game, and you can win when you’re outscored.”
John Wooden

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