Democrats Need to Go To Church

I dedicate this post to Maria Martinez. We met in 2009 when she worked as an attorney with director Gail Evans at the Center on Law and Poverty in Albuquerque. I had forwarded a post about my disappointment with the character of TeamUSA women’s soccer after they beat up on the rookie squad from Thailand 13-0 and celebrated wildly after each goal, “sipped tea” to disparage fans from England, and carelessly dropped the USA flag during their victory celebration. Their demands for equal pay appear unwarranted as well.

I was part of the USA Olympic program. Men were not allowed to display such poor sportsMANship. I hadn’t mentioned anything about immigration policy.

I completely support Megan Rapinoe and Allie Long. Instead of worrying about a flag falling to the floor I would be more concerned about children living in cages and squalor in immigration detention. Our country is committing heinous human rights violations and you are more concerned about the sanctity of a flag. Something is wrong.

I respectfully ask that you take me off of this listserv.

The Center came to me in 2009. They had worked with my boss, Mark Llewellyn, in 2007. He lied to them. He fabricated economic data for an official Fiscal Impact Report he presented to the state Legislative Finance Committee. He made up the data! It’s all part of the official record.

Llewellyn receives a fat pension for his service. My economic research was honest, accurate and fair. Working with the Center, we provided services for the first time in history to over 20,000+ poor and disadvantaged human beings. Maria is angry with me.

“They’ve been turning mere immigration law violators into criminal aliens for years in order to inflate the amount of individuals that have been removed under criminal grounds,” immigration attorney Matthew Kolken explained. “These were freshly minted criminals. They weren’t committing crimes in the United States.” [source]

Interesting, isn’t it? If I come into your house without being invited, make myself at home eating from your fridge, take one of the bedrooms for my personal use, you likely would consider this to be a crime and call the police — prosecuting me for the offense of criminal trespass. We do not “illegally” enter the home of another. No nation allows people or families to cross their border without following official protocols for entry.

“There is very little difference between Trump calling these people ‘bad hombres’ and Obama calling these people ‘felons, not families.’ Both were attempting to dehumanize this population. Obama was allowed to get away with it. Thankfully, Trump can’t.”
Matthew Kolken

The sharp rise in prosecutions for border violations began under George W. Bush’s presidency. The law criminalizing illegal entry, authored in 1929 by Sen. Coleman Blease of South Carolina, known as Section 1325, made up a fraction of federal prosecutions by the 1990s.


Some believe skyrocketing illegal entry prosecutions helped both the Obama and Trump administrations pad their statistics to make the deportee population appear like more of a threat than it actually is.

If one compares Democrats to Republicans on religion, they find Republicans are far more likely to regularly attend religious services each Sunday. They are more likely to be Christian, regular readers of the Bible, and hold traditional values on marriage, sexual orientation and sexual behavior. Republicans in general are more likely to be Pro-Life, while Democrats strongly support abortion rights.

One of the biggest divisions in America society today is immigration policy regarding our southern border. Democrats frequently claim Trump and Republicans are “godless” for their lack of compassion regarding these struggling and suffering people.

Let’s be clear — the individuals and families who are knocking at our door both legally and illegally are struggling and suffering. The question that divides America is what can be done and what should we do.

My good friend, a compassionate man, Lee Evslin, posted a page from the Bible, and asked, “How did his message get so lost?”


That Part … Leviticus 19:33-34

[33] “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. [34] The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.”

The meme is sponsored by Close the Camps.

Treat Foreigners As Native Born

The foreigner must be treated as your native-born. How then is a native-born American treated?

First, if an American-born employee wants to work, s/he must have a Social Security card. American-born employees must prove we are legal residents. If the employee is not native-born, we ask the individual to have a green card or proper work visa. This would be similar to treating foreigners the same as those native-born, correct?

Second, if an American-born individual wants to exit or enter our country, they must have a passport or other legal identification. They must leave or return at officially-designated locations to pass through customs inspections and review. We offer ease of passage to ALL foreigners who follow the same rules as our native-born.

Third, if tens of thousands of Americans flooded across the northern border into Canada to live and work, Canada would quickly put a halt to the practice. Likewise, if tens of thousands of Americans flooded across our southern border to live and work in Mexico, their government would demand the American citizens exit the U.S. and enter their country through official locations.

Asking people from south of our border to enter legally isn’t an unfair request. All nations expect visitors to respect the immigration laws of the host nation.

Democrat Policy Exploits Foreign Labor

In 1787 Southern Democrats demanded dark-skinned slave labor for their farms, plantations and service-based jobs. Today, Democrats across the nation demand and encourage migrant workers to flood our border illegally to work farms, agriculture and food processing industries, as well as construction and service industry positions.

They are paid slave-wages for their hard work. God-fearing Americans should insist these workers are compensated similarly as we would native-born employees and that conditions are equally safe as ALL of us would want if each of us were doing the work.

I am willing to pay more for food products, construction projects and services if it means ALL employees in America are reasonable safe in the workplace, and each earns a fair and living wage.

The recent raids in Mississippi caused much emotional pain. This is not compassionate behavior toward workers and their families. It is disruptive to our food supply. We need a long term solution. Elected officials have failed all of us. We hire them to FIX problems; not make matters worse. They are not doing their jobs. [source]

“It probably means those plants are going to be shutting down for some period of time until they can fill those positions with legal workers. I think that it should cause everyone to stop and think about the future of agriculture workforce in this state.”
Andy Gipson, Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner

Gibson added, “Not everybody is going to want to work in a chicken plant. So I think there will always be a need for immigrant workers. But the key is, they need to be legal immigrant workers.”

What is Gibson saying? Americans do not want these jobs? Native-born will not do this work? Why then do God-Loving people ask foreigners to do the work? This seems and sounds like exploitation to me. Do unto others as we want them to do unto us.

Workforce challenges in the poultry processing industry are no coincidence, explained anthropologist Angela Stuesse. Plants in Mississippi actively recruited Latino employees because they were willing to work for lower pay and in poor working conditions at a time.

Not very Godly of the native-born.

“The industry literally churning through bodies because they’re deported, detained by the hundreds, or…just churning through them because the work is so hard, people are getting injured or crippled.”
Angela Stuesse

Ms. Stuesse pointed out American consumers have become accustomed to cheap chicken prices made possible by the meager wages paid to workers processing the product. Positions as meat cutters and farm workers, which come with a median hourly wage of $12.27 and $11.07 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is somewhere between $22,000 and $25,000 per year full time. Bernie is demanding $15/hr minimum wages.

One company targeted in the raids was Pearl River Foods. As a result, they posted 200 job openings Aug. 1 for “cutter/sizer,” which represents 78% of all job openings on the state’s job bank within 10 miles of Carthage. The job pays federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr — $5.02 less than the median hourly wage of meat, poultry and fish cutters in Mississippi. This works out to $14,500 per year full time.

The poultry industry is part of $18 billion in economic activity and makes up the greatest portion of Mississippi’s agriculture economy. Owners get the profits. Workers are exploited. Many of whom are foreigners.

Workers alleged supervisors hit Hispanic employees and charged them money to use the bathroom.

“Workers across this country are too scared to stand up for their rights and to report wage theft, dangerous work conditions, and other workplace issues. We must act now to end this dangerous climate of fear. The people who do these incredibly difficult jobs have the right to due process and must be treated with respect and fairness.”
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

God was clear. Foreigner deserve to be treated as would our native-born. Our open border policies lead to exploitation and much human suffering. American consumers love the cheap prices; owners love the large profits.

Shame on All Of Us! 

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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