Shame on Selfish Women of US Soccer

UPDATE 8.16.19: Remember how the world's best US Women soccer team beat up on rookie squad Thailand 13-0 while celebrating wildly after each goal. Disgusting! Here's an example how we raise our boys and young men. PROUD of you guys! A Little League World Series pitcher received praised for displaying incredible sportsmanship after he allowed … Continue reading Shame on Selfish Women of US Soccer

USA Women Soccer Players Continue to Embarrass America

USA Women's soccer team advanced to the quarter finals in World Cup 2019 currently being played in France. Friday's match against host nation France should be a tournament highlight. Gaining the world spotlight, Megan Rapinoe just set a terrible example for America's young girls. Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of Team USA: “I’m not going to the … Continue reading USA Women Soccer Players Continue to Embarrass America

Women’s Basketball Sucks

Huffington Post columnist, Jessica Luther, who is a freelance journalist, author and co-host of the feminist sports podcast, Burn It All Down, wants more women's basketball coverage. She believes increased promotion will lead to greater popularity. Ms. Luther, you could feature women's basketball daily and I still wouldn't watch. Women's basketball sucks! I'm a lifelong … Continue reading Women’s Basketball Sucks