hookup, HookUP or HOOKUP?

Why does Washington University Student Media continue to publish Student Life and their annual sex issue on Copulation, Fornication, Semen and Spanks? The simplest reason is it’s the most read issue. Americans with our puritan history seem fascinated about our sexual interests and habits — especially Generation Z students — defined as those born in 1995 or later. They make up about 26% of the US population and are reported to contribute some $44 billion to the American economy. Note to Generation Zs, $44 billion is less than ONE PERCENT of our annual GDP. Don’t get cocky … no pun intended. LOL

Sex Matters

It seems everyone on the college campus today is “hooking up.” But that means different things to different people. Kya Vaughn points out, “one Urban Dictionary user wrote as the definition for the term, ‘I have absolutely no idea anymore.’ In other words, it truly is dependent on the person.”

Student Life claims 75% of Washington University students have “hooked up”

Kya wrote, “I was always under the impression that a hookup directly translated to nostrings-attached sex.” Let’s call this HOOKUP. To others, hookup is defined more as “making out,” occasionally including oral sex (depending on the person) but lacking any form of penetrative sex. We’ll call this hookup. Other behavior falls somewhere in between. Nearly 2/3rds of Washington University first year students have taken the plunge. The CDC reports 12.3 percent of females and 14.3 percent of males aged 20 to 24 are virgins. Campus Explorer research suggests 25 percent of college seniors are virgins. They believe:

College students prefer short-term, casual relationships over long-term relationships because it allows them to focus on their academic and career goals.

I found one aspect of their sex study interesting, as they offered men (and women) a metric for male endowment. This is the first time I’ve seen a university publication provide a measuring tool for bros. Line up, guys, and measure your wand. Many women may shun males in Arts & Sciences, but what’s up with the Big Men in Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts? Do they have a special application process? Architects clearly have all the fun in their gun.

College is for learning: How do you measure up?

Speaking of fun. I was somewhat surprised by the availability of sex toys. About four in ten women owned a sex toy with a vibrator being the most popular. Over 2/3rds of gender non-conforming students did. Three of four students use condoms, which is a good sign. Safety matters for the hookup culture.

Toys rather than boys

Hanusia Higgins notes, “It’s no secret that college students love to talk about sex.” Scene Staff, such as Kary Hudson, offer a more pragmatic position about hookup engagements. “Sex is great, but have you heard of turning in WebWork at 11:59 p.m. for full credit? That rush I got when I clicked submit on my disgustingly confusing WebWork was better than any hypothetical high. Why have intercourse when you can procrastinate homework until the night its due, then fall asleep surrounded by chip bags and Diet Coke, happy. If I could bottle that feeling I would—so, I don’t have to live through the first part of that mess, but I think that’s what narcotics are.”

Aidan Strassmann finds his stomach is the road to his pleasure, “Sex is great, but have you ever heard of a chocolate chip scone?” Elena Quinones dispenses with the physical and gets to her pocketbook, “Sex is great, but have you heard of getting accidentally Venmo’d by someone? You didn’t request money from them, they didn’t even mean to send it to you … people accidentally sent me stacks on the regular. That would be better than sex.”

Whether it’s a French or oral kiss hookup; something more detailed in a HookUp rendezvous; or going all the way in a sweaty, outrageous HOOKUP, the fact is American college life is a sexual adventure. Be sure to use protection and ensure consent at all times.

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