California CHEATS Struggling Human Beings

Beverley Kathleen McConville, from Fair Oaks, CA, linked to an article about fruit dying on the vine in California due to ICE Raids. The article claims most fruit pickers are undocumented workers. Maria’s husband, for example, spent the past 15 years pruning citrus trees on farms across California’s Central Valley. He’d become skilled enough to earn more than the state’s $11-an-hour minimum wage trimming branches for Sun Pacific. This is about $23,000 per year for a full-time employee. Beverley considers this a good deal for Maria and her husband.

She wrote greedily, “And we the consumers will be paying for this … hope those farmers who voted for him [Trump] are pleased ..NOT!!!..ALL IDIOTS.” She doesn’t care about Maria, her husband or their family. She cares about low fruit prices for her table. Personally, I’m willing to pay a few pennies more to ensure workers are protected and treated humanely.


Beverley Kathleen McConville’s Facebook page contains endless rants hating on President Trump. She clearly considers herself a liberal Facebook Warrior. She refers to people who voted for Trump as, “ALL IDIOTS.”

Beverley is a Liberal Facebook Warrior

Beverley posts an extensive history working with people in need on her Facebook profile:

  • Former (CCW) Child Case Worker/Mentor at Trinity Children & Family Services
  • Former (CCW) Child Case Worker/Mentor at Gates children family serviced
  • Former Children and Family Services in conjuction with department of corrections at Placer County Dept. of Mental Health
  • Studied Medcine at Sacramento State
  • Studied Real Estate and Land Use at California State University, Sacramento
  • Studied Poli-sci at Sierra College
  • Studied BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences in Political Science at Sierra University

The Bloomberg article points out an estimated seventy-five percent of farm laborers are undocumented or “illegal,” according to Tom Nassif, President of the Western Growers Association, a 92-year-old industry group representing farmers in California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. He claims their absence threatens segments of the largest state economy, including retailers, restaurants and the Central Valley’s $47 billion agricultural industry, which provides more than half of the fruits, nuts and vegetables in the country. That broad, 450-mile swath of California yields an eighth of the country’s agricultural output.

Americans refuse to pick our own fruit. We prefer to hire human beings ILLEGALLY so we can pay slave wages and treat them inhumanely.

Why does California protect and encourage this practice? Business make more profit. They don’t have to pay minimum wage, if a person is working “illegally.” Liberal leaders claim to care for undocumented immigrants. They don’t. They EXPLOIT them for profit and political votes. How many young, Hispanic girls and young women suffer sexual assault and harassment? #MeToo is a privileged, primarily White woman, movement. Nobody protects an “illegal” woman. If she complains, she and her family risk deportation. Democrats in California don’t care about these human beings. They want to profit from the “fruits of their labor.” Republicans don’t want to fix this problem. They like the profits just as much as Democrats. Empty promises by both parties!

I found Beverley’s position on feminism and equality to be fascinating. She seeks an EQUAL world between men and woman — as long as women are on top and men accept “subservient-submissive” roles. Frank Ecv Massar commented, “Hell yeah! I’m tired of paying the bills I would love a sugar momma! Lol.” Dan McClelland added, “Women are twice as blood thirsty as men in most species females do all the hunting check out the local lion pride.” Beverley Kathleen McConville boasted arrogantly, “We [women] are just stronger.”

Feminism is Equality: Women on Top

This is what equality means to Neo-Liberal Women in America. They want to open our borders and flood our nation with undocumented and illegal workers to keep consumer prices low and ensure high profit margins for businesses.

I was raised by liberals. This is not how I my community trained me. We grew up caring and fighting for all human beings. We didn’t believe in cheating anyone. People like Beverley who consider themselves liberal today make me sick! Totally disgusting.

My mother growing up in Rural America: Respect people

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