Misogynistic HuffPost Hates on Women

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. It’s a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Why then does female Huffington Post reporter, Hayley Miller, shame Saira Blair on this important day for women? Saira Blair, born July 11, 1996, is an American student and politician from Martinsburg, West Virginia. Notably, Saira is not only the youngest person ever elected to state or federal office in the United States upon her election in 2014 — she is the youngest WOMAN ever elected in the United States of America. Congratulations Saira!

Saira Blair: Youngest Women Politician EVAH in America

Unfortunately for Saira, she’s not respected as she deserves due to her Republican Party affiliation. HuffPost discriminates against her and holds her to unfair standards because she demonstrates moderate (and wise) conservative leadership:

“The issue of race is never going to go away unless we stop talking about the issue of race and stop saying Black power, White power, Hispanic power,” Blair told the Gazette. “As long as we keep creating that division it’s not going to be solved … I think harping on the racial issues, the racial tendencies, that enhances them.”

Ms. Miller shames Saira for singing along to a song by Lil Wayne.


Saira was honest and admits the video is hers, “This video was taken in the summer of 2015 and shows my roommate and I singing along to a Lil’ Wayne song, which is clearly heard playing in the background. I do not condone the use of racial epithets, and if taken in context, it is clear that singing the lyrics was not meant to offend anyone.” The controversial lyrics Saira and friends sang along to are:

“I call it how I see ya. I wish I never met ya. I wouldn’t wanna be ya. Pussy-ass nigga, I don’t want your gonorrhea. Pussy-ass nigga ―”

Pussy-ass nigga? Wait a minute. Who is allowed to say Pussy today? Who says Pussy-ass? I don’t speak like that. Do you? No, you don’t. Yet Lil Wayne can sing about and degrade women this way. “I don’t want your gonnorrhea,” he sings. He disrespects the woman about whom he sings. He shames; he devalues; he cheapens; he dishonors; he dehumanizes; he debases this woman and ALL woman. What social value does this phrase add to American discourse? Lil Wayne is a dickhead! He’s an asshole dickhead!

Lil Wayne: Misogynist Dickhead

HuffPost writer Hayley Miller shames Saira for singing along to his song. She doesn’t care the words are filthy and disgusting. Wayne was criticized for releasing a video by TMZ showing him desecrating the American flag. He made statements critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, saying “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. If you do, you crazy as shit.”

Lil Wayne is an immature and classless guy who has four baby mamas to date. First child, daughter Reginae, was born to high school sweetheart Antonia Carter when he was 16. Second child, Dwayne III, born October 22, 2008, to radio broadcaster Sarah Vivan. Third child, Cameron Carter, born to actress Lauren London on September 9, 2009. Fourth child, Neal, born November 30, 2009, to singer Nivea. He also got rapper Trina pregnant but she suffered a miscarriage.

Ms. Miller doesn’t condemn Lil Wayne for his misogynist lyrics and demeaning behavior towards women. Instead, she shames a successful young woman for singing along to a popular song. WTF?

Hayley Miller Degrades Successful Women

Black women suffer more domestic violence than White women. Do you hear White men speak about women in this manner? White men are flawed, but we respect women. Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back, was indefinitely suspended because a video was released of him punching his then-fiancée Janay until she was unconscious. His behavior stimulated many conversations about violence between partners, and in particular, about the vulnerability of Black female victims. Hayley Miller shames a successful women and protects an asshole dickhead who refers to a woman as a “pussy-ass nigga.”

Hayley cites author Ta-Nehisi Coates explaining why non-Black people shouldn’t use that epithet while quoting rap lyrics:

“Even though certain communities can choose to use a derogatory term ironically among themselves, it doesn’t make it OK for those outside that community to do so.”

Mr. Coats admits nigga is a “derogatory term.” It’s “not OK” for Whites to use this when speaking about Black people. Yet he believes it “is OK” for a Black male to use the derogatory term when speaking about a Black woman — or any woman for that matter.

Happy International Misogynistic Woman’s Day! 

Ms. Miller adds another quote from Coates:

“For White people, I think the experience of being a hip-hop fan and not being able to use the word ‘nigga’ will be very insightful. This will give you just a little peek into the world of what it means to be Black. Because to be Black is to walk through the world and watch people doing things that you cannot do.”

For either Mr. Coates or Ms. Miller, please tell me — what can White people do in America today that Black people cannot? America is not a racist nation. Please comment below.

I’ll tell you one thing Black men can do that White men cannot: White men cannot speak about women this way. We don’t accept people using such language about or around our women. White men aren’t perfect, we have a long way to go, but we inherently respect women. It sickens me to hear HipHop fans and Rap artists speak about women in this manner. I don’t listen to their music. I don’t buy their music.

Saira Blair, I congratulate you on your political success. For me and millions, your failure in this matter wasn’t that you sang along with the lyrics. I simply question your judgment supporting misogynistic and racist artists in the first place. Contact me. Let me introduce you to Jawaiian music from the islands. We sing about love, aloha and respect. And, America loves and respects women like you.

Much aloha!

Saira Blair has announced she will not seek re-election to the House in 2018. Wonder why? She likely doesn’t want to suffer the incessant hatred and misogyny from the Liberal Left.

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UPDATE 3.8.18: Filed formal complaint with HuffPost about Ms. Miller’s disrespectful article.

Subject: Misogyny against Saira Blair

Hayley Miller wrote about Saira Blair today. Why do you let her further misogyny about this successful woman? I represent women. I would like to OFFICIALLY complain about her comments.

On the other hand, this is how Black women represent themselves. Say anything, do anything to get attention. It’s a strange time. Respect or sex objects???


7 thoughts on “Misogynistic HuffPost Hates on Women

  1. Received an email from my honorable US House Representative, Tulsi Gabbard. Wanted to add it here:

    Women make up half of the world’s population, but in 2018, we are still working to guarantee basic fairness and equality.

    Days like today give us pause to remember those brave women who came before us, like Hawaii’s Congresswoman Patsy Mink, blazing trails and breaking down barriers for generations to come. We also honor the courageous women of today, who are standing up and fighting for justice, equality, peace, and humanity all across this country and around the world. There has been progress, but it has been slow. There is still much to be done.

    There are so many ways for each of us to take action in our own way, in our own lives, in our own communities to make positive change. In Congress, we are working to ensure equal pay for equal work, fighting against discrimination in the workplace, ensuring equal access to housing, paid family leave, quality care for our veterans, Medicare for All, and so much more.

    But in order to really bring about the kind of change we wish to see, we must each do our part to change the culture of our society to one where all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, are treated equally with respect, kindness, and aloha. And that begins with how we treat one another.

    On this International Women’s Day, let us honor those who came before us, be inspired by their example, and take on the challenges that are before us with strong hearts full of aloha.



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