Ireland legalizes the murder of babies

I have been a life-long supporter of the women's movement. I incorrectly thought they would usher in a kinder, more gentle world. Instead, the crusade has led to intense selfishness and opportunism by females. The Left historically boasted of a "huge political tent" that includes everyone. Shouldn't a developing child be included as well? Aborting … Continue reading Ireland legalizes the murder of babies

Not All Cultures Created Equal

Amy Wax, University of Pennsylvania law professor, has been demoted and will no longer be allowed to teach a first-year lecture class due to criticism over her claim Black students score lower than their counterparts. Penn Law dean Ted Ruger slammed Wax’s claim as false, but said she is entitled to free expression and will continue … Continue reading Not All Cultures Created Equal

hookup, HookUP or HOOKUP?

Why does Washington University Student Media continue to publish Student Life and their annual sex issue on Copulation, Fornication, Semen and Spanks? The simplest reason is it's the most read issue. Americans with our puritan history seem fascinated about our sexual interests and habits — especially Generation Z students — defined as those born in 1995 or … Continue reading hookup, HookUP or HOOKUP?