Katy Perry Kills Nun

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman of the Sisters of the Most Holy And Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary collapsed and died during a court appearance Friday. In honor of this blessed public servant, I write her #MeToo story. Katy Perry didn’t have the decency to grant this beloved sister, Catherine Rose Holzman, her last wish? Sister Rita, 79 years of age, and close friend to Sister Holzman, is upset about the spoiled behavior of Ms. Perry:

“I just feel that Katy Perry is used to getting all she wants, and to her money means everything, and to her, whatever Katy wants, Katy gets.”

The gracious, compassionate, kind 89-year-old nun disputed the sale of her former home, their hilltop convent in Los Feliz, to Katy Perry. Deliciously rich and privileged, the Hollywood megastar has spent more than $2 million to date in a legal battle to harass the elderly nuns.

Katy Perry spent millions harassing elderly nuns

“Katy Perry represents everything we don’t believe in. It would be a sin to sell to her,” Sister Holzman told Billboard. Perry is a LGBT rights activist and describes herself as a feminist. She said America’s lack of free health care drives her “absolutely crazy.” She supported President Obama in his election bids and praised his support for same-sex marriage and LGBT equality. I support Ms. Perry’s right to engage in political and social activism. I’m saddened by her greed, selfishness and immaturity.

Sister Holzman to Katy Perry, “Please stop.”

Sister Holzman was part of a handful of nuns working to sell the convent to local businesswoman Dana Hollister — a desire in direct opposition to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who preferred the property go to superstar Perry. Besides having issues with the singer herself, the nuns feared they would never receive any money from the sale because Perry’s $14.5 million offer was made to the archdiocese — without the nuns being involved.

Hours before she died, Sister Holzman gave an interview to Fox 11, speaking alongside Sister Rita Callanan. The two said they were appealing to the Vatican to give them control over their convent. The nun also implored Perry to “please stop” pursuing the purchase of the property. The convent has gorgeous views of the San Gabriel Mountains and downtown Los Angeles. Hollister planned to turn the convent into a hotel, while Perry wants to live there.

Don’t feminists like Katy Perry want women involved and empowered?

What is lesson from the #MeToo movement? People of Privilege use their power over others to take what they want. Sister Holzman and others asked Ms. Perry to stop — repeatedly. The leading man, the Archdiocese, refuses to listen to the flock. He prefers the party that favors his needs. The sisters prefer the party that favors their. Who wins? The Powerful Man and Megastar Woman. The devoted sisters, who could have been secretaries, or clerks, or budding actresses … are exploited. This had been their convent and home. They tended the grounds and invested love. They served those in need —  drying tears, calming fears, and inspiring over the years.

Katy Perry simply wants a house, a place to party and hang out with friends. How selfish! In 2011, Forbes ranked Perry third on their “Top-Earning Women In Music” list with earnings of $44 million and fifth on their 2012 list with $45 million. With a combined total of over 246 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Ms. Perry is the fourth most followed musician across social media. She couldn’t have granted these dedicated woman their wish? And, in the case of Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, her final wish?

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born in Santa Barbara, California, to Pentecostal pastors Mary Christine (née Perry) and Maurice Keith Hudson. Her parents are born again Christians, each having turned to religion after a “wild youth.” [Wikipedia]

Perry released her first single with Capitol, “I Kissed a Girl,” in 2008. The first station to pick up the song was inundated with enthusiastic calls the first three days they played it and reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. Religious and LGBT groups found her song controversial. The former criticized its homosexual themes while the latter accused her of using bi-curiosity to sell records.

Rest in peace, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman. Thanks for your lifetime of service to America.

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