How to be a MAN in a Confused America

Growing up, I was taught to open doors for women, be kind and act the gentleman. Society required me to ask a girl out on a date, to drive and pay for our adventures, and bring her home on time — possibly leaving her with a tender kiss at her doorstep. I was required to be strong, display masculine characteristics, and tend to my partner’s emotional and physical needs. Somewhere along my life journey, these expectations were shattered.

My Facebook friend, Sherann Glorfield, posted this image of “fashionable new trends for men.” Why do men want to be women today?


The modern feminist movement confused these accepted norms. Rather than being thanked for opening a door, a guy might receive a blistering glare from a feminist female and be scolded, “You believe I’m weak?” Such condemnation is even more harsh today, “Wat you tink you are, bruddah, one White Male Savior?”

What does it mean to be a MAN today?

On the other hand, women like my wife remain traditional. She wants me to be her rock in the storm of life’s chaotic ocean. She seeks a strong shoulder where she can rest her weary head. She likes to be included in decision-making, but prefers I accept the ultimate responsibility for complex choices in finance and major life concerns. While we walk side-by-side, she wants my muscled, 6’5″ frame to shelter her when cold winds blow down on us.

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What should a man do today? Women don’t wear labels to alert us whether they subscribe to modern feminism or more traditional roles. Adina Rivers, My Tiny Secrets, offers tips to help men navigate our confused world in her latest video. She claims women become “super girly, pink, soft and squishy” around a truly masculine and REAL guy.

Women are super girly, pink, soft and squishy around a real man

Adina believes she and other women deeply desire masculine men and provides a list of characteristics for “all her boys” around the world, which will allow us to increase our masculine vibe. First, she encourages men to learn how to treat a woman by understanding how to “handle the feminine.” Adina says a REAL male teaches himself the art of “becoming a gentleman.”

Know how to handle the feminine

Second, Adina loves a man who is exhibits confidence, true confidence, not arrogance. She considers this one of the most powerful signs of manliness. Women, she says, seek a man who knows “exactly what he wants.”

Confidence is Super Sexy

Third, be a leader. Men who interest women like Adina “don’t give a shit what others think of him,” yet he doesn’t disregard others simply for the sake of being rebellious.

A REAL man doesn’t let others decide “over him”

Fourth, learn how to touch a woman sensually. For a man to feel like a “motherfucking king,” he must take care to ensure his woman feels orgasmic first. Rather than #MeToo, a REAL man makes sure his partner is #MeFirst.

Women love it when the love game is #MeFirst

Fifth, instead of showing off or exhibiting snappy, jealous rage, Adina says REAL men exhibit a genuine protective nature over loved ones and sympathy for strangers who are being wronged or bullied.

Be caring, strong and manly without showing off

Finally, Adina urges men to get back to our male basics. Although your girlfriend, lover or partner may be your best friend, don’t forget to “go out with your hommies,” watch a ballgame with your bros, or even better, play some sports with the guys, she coaches.

Do anything that makes you feel like a REAL man

Adina reminds all men (and women) there isn’t just one way of becoming a REAL man. It requires experiences — including failures — and a willingness to always strive to be the best version of yourself in mind, body and soul. Adina urges guys to let go of all the stereotypes society places on the male, to be yourself, and to do so authentically and fully — because, “We Girls, really, really love that.” Great advice!

All my love, Adina!

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