America’s Men are in Crisis and it’s Rooted in One Big Lie

As ClearHealthLife has been warning for years, all is not well with men in this country. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley posted the following on FoxNews today. We support his calls for stronger, better men in America. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley Support Strong, Better Men for America Of all the things this country needs—stronger borders, better-paying … Continue reading America’s Men are in Crisis and it’s Rooted in One Big Lie

Santino William Legan Murdered: Because I’m really angry

UPDATE 8.8.19: Fox & Friends — "Oprah is right about mass shootings, America missing 'core moral center'." Host Ainsley Earhardt considers Oprah's' comments "absolutely right." Mass shootings did not happen with such regularity in previous decades, despite guns being available for purchase. "Churches used to do that… It was a central place you could come … Continue reading Santino William Legan Murdered: Because I’m really angry

Someone Should Pay for Me

I'm a White male. Millions on the political Left rage that Americans like me have privilege. I've writen how this makes White dudes angry. I remember interviewing for my first job — a minimum wage summer position. There were twelve applicants in a crowded room — all young White males. It's illogical to claim we … Continue reading Someone Should Pay for Me

The War Against Boys

Yesterday, I pointed out the gender bias in reports about teen suicide. These are tragic occurrences and represent collective failures of our society. No child, boy or girl, should suffer conditions that lead them to take their own life. Adults and leaders have an obligation to create a better world for all our children. I … Continue reading The War Against Boys

Why are White Men Angry?

If one asks who are the Most Dangerous People in America, likely you will be told, "Angry White Men." My Facebook friend, Jim Alston, writes, "Truth. Terrorists target people unlike themselves and their beliefs, that includes Caucasians above all in the U.S. I see the enemy and he is us." "Truth. Terrorists target people unlike … Continue reading Why are White Men Angry?