Why are White Men Angry?

If one asks who are the Most Dangerous People in America, likely you will be told, “Angry White Men.” My Facebook friend, Jim Alston, writes, “Truth. Terrorists target people unlike themselves and their beliefs, that includes Caucasians above all in the U.S. I see the enemy and he is us.”


“Truth. Terrorists target people unlike themselves and their beliefs, that includes Caucasians above all in the U.S. I see the enemy and he is us.”

I grew up with Jim. He was a neighbor. We played sports together. He believes White Americans are the “biggest terror threat” in the United States. He didn’t say White Supremacists. He said White Americans. And, he’s not referring to White women. My childhood friend, former athletic teammate, believes White males are the biggest terror threat in America.


If people see a lone, quiet White male, many wonder, “Will he be the next school or public shooter?” If a White male loses a job, HR departments call security to escort the former employee from the premises, “Will he return to shoot up the company?” School shooters, theater shooters, church shooters, and recently, in Austin, TX, a 24-year-old White male was a serial bomber. Many young White male teens suffer bullying and stigmatization due to this growing prejudice. My Facebook friend, Thomas Cheney II, posted a story from a “weird kid.”

“Eventually, it got so bad, I went to the guidance counselor and said, ‘if you really believe I’m a danger to the school, do you really think you’re making me feel less angry and singled out by treating me like [a] school shooter in waiting?”


We need to ask, “Why are White men angry?” Michael Kimmel, expert on masculinity, notes during the Obama years, various commentators predicted the death of White males as a politically relevant demographic. Coincidentally, Donald Trump was propelled to power by a wave of Angry White Men (AWM). These are guys who believe they don’t matter in the world and have been tossed aside. Kimmel says AWM have experienced humiliation and shame, and classifies this as “aggrieved entitlement.”


If you feel entitled and have not gotten what you expected, that is a recipe for humiliation. Weren’t Americans promised the American Dream? White males do not believe they have opportunity as did their fathers.

Huffington Post writer, Nick Wing, reported 73 teens have been shot to death since the February 14th massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Michael Elliott, organizer of On Site Prayer Ministry, warns too many people, not simply White males, are on edge and frustrated. This leads to gun violence and the acts are disproportionately centered in urban areas.

“A lot of people are just a hair-trigger away from snapping, I really think, and if you happen to have a gun in your hand, you can’t put that bullet back in once it leaves.”

Why do we ignore this frustration? Jessica Luther, columnist at Huffington Post, freelance journalist, author and co-host of the feminist sports podcast Burn It All Down, comments about a Washington Post panel asking what is happening with White males. She doesn’t believe the American Dream is available for women.

Panel asks why White Males are “frustrated with their lives”

Christine Emba, panelist above, says, “I’m frustrated by things, but I don’t go around bombing people.” “Who isn’t frustrated?” she asks. As I will point out, Ms. Emba may be frustrated, but she has a voice. People can hear and sympathize with her. Jessica Luther doesn’t care about the “particulars of this man’s life.” She claims “we’ve been here before with White men, their anger and their entitlement.” The point is she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to know about this frustrated man or other White men who are angry. They have no worth to her. I posted a quote from Rose McGowan in a related article. The disdain she shows for White men is troubling:

“Wee little baby man had a wide baby tantrum cos he wants to protect rapists. You’re sooo liberal, you scum bucket.”

As Kimmel demonstrated, such an attitude humiliates and shames; it is a recipe for humiliation. Some who are humiliated will lash out. They will scream to be heard. I taught a Special Ed class one year working with behavior disadvantaged youth. One young man told me, “I learned long ago, if they call you bad, be the ‘baddest of all.'”

Jessica also says, “They keep killing us and we keep talking about now ‘nice’ they were before they killed us.” When did either Ms. Emba or Ms. Luther speak nicely about White men? Toxic; privileged; abusive; dominant; aggressive. Some say this is how society raised men to act. Now you say they are killing you. I’m an AWM. I’m not killing you. Truth is, I’ve always fought for you.

I’m an Angry White Male. I’m not killing you. Truth is, I’ve always fought for you.

Death By The Numbers

Ask yourself, in the past ten years, how many White men “mass shooters” (defined as killing four or more) can you remember? 10, 100, 1000? Let’s pick 1,000. There are about 320 million Americans in the country. About half are men — 160 million — and about 63 percent are Non-Hispanic White males — so there are over 100 million White men in America. In the past ten years, 1,000 White males out of 100,000,000 White males have engaged in mass shootings. One in 100,000 White Males commit mass murder.

As I pointed out in my post, Racism in Reactions to School Shootings, the nation on average suffers 3.6 gun murders per 100,000 — nearly four times higher than deaths by Angry White Male Mass Shooters. St. Lewis has the highest murder rate, 29.1 per 100,000 residents. Baltimore is second at 27.3 per 100,000. New Orleans third at 24.5 per 100,000. Fourth is Detroit with a murder rate of 20.2 per 100,000. Most of these murders are committed by Black men. Angry? Probably. Frustrated? Likely. Most live in “shithole” communities. Factories left for overseas markets. Their homes are economic dead zones. Is the American Dream available for them?

The USA leads the world — in only FIVE cities

Day.after.day.after.day and year.after.year, primarily Black and minority Americans are murdered at unacceptable rates in our major inner cities. African American female Christine Emba doesn’t speak about this. White female Jessica Luther doesn’t either. They focus on the threat from Angry White Males. Why is this, I wonder?

Expectations and Aggrieved Entitlement

I’m frustrated; I’m angry occasionally. Hell, I’m furious at times! Frequently, I can’t sleep at night. I believe I suffer from PTSD. Over and over and over I have been cheated. I have done what society asked of me, yet I lost the Good Fight. I believed in the promise of the American Dream. I expected to work hard and succeed. This didn’t happen. I believe I’m “entitled” to a good job. I’m competent. Yet I remain jobless. In one of the hottest economic markets in years, I’ve been unemployed for over five months. This makes me an AWM along with millions of my brothers.

I spent about three years in the US military. I handled weapons competently. I believe I earned a marksmanship ribbon in live fire exercises with the M16. I was superior with the 105mm howitzer. Due to my strong math and physics background, I was Best in Class destroying targets. This earned me assignment to Fort Sill, OK, for artillery Officer Candidate School.

I didn’t further a military career. I received an offer to play professional basketball. President Reagan was interested in strengthening our nuclear defenses, not artillery. He granted my request to compete overseas and Honorably Discharged me. I was about 25 at the time. I haven’t handled a firearm in some 35 years. Although I get angry, I don’t pick up a weapon and shoot someone. I don’t set off bombs. Still, Ms. Emba and Ms. Luther criticize Angry White Males like me.

What’s Wrong With Women and PoC in America?

Ms. Luther ends her article saying, “Austin, and especially my fellow White citizens, needs to get brave and open its eyes to the realities of this city that made this bomber.” She blames residents of Austin for “making this bomber.” She wants to access the bomber’s personal video so she can examine his motives. She adds, “Forgive me if I don’t trust the interpretation of his words by an Older White Male police officer.”

Both Emba and Luther claim White authorities are soft on White male murderers. They criticize comments, such as, “He was a good boy. We didn’t expect this from him.” Or he was “a very kind person who was frustrated.” What do women and People of Color (PoC) expect? Do they prefer to hear, “The young man was born a murderer. He acted like a murderer all his life. We should have seen this coming.” The fact is most of these Mass Murderers were “good boys.” What changed in their lives?

I’ve pointed out society, particularly women, expects me to be a toxic male. If there is a war, I’m expected to go, not my sisters. If the ship is sinking, I’m expected to go down with the ship, not my sisters. As a boy, my family, friends and society taught me, “Never hit a girl.” Why didn’t they say, “Never hit a boy”? Why didn’t they say, “Never hit anyone”? Women are protected from birth. Men are thrust into the cold and harsh unknown. Now, women blame men (me) for the failures of society. This makes me angry. Ms. Luther blames residents of Austin for “making this bomber.” America made me. America made all the White males. America also made us angry. PoC now blame me for Institutional Racism or micro-aggressions. I am not responsible for the first and don’t do the second. I do not apologize for the failure of others.

She’s Just a Little Girl

I lost my job October 19, 2017. I loved my job. I had worked all my life for such a position. I fit the engineering and manufacturing culture at SolAero Technologies. I added tremendous value to the company and earned my salary. I hoped to retire from the company. The company hired a new manager. Over objections, he moved my female Hispanic supervisor from her office to a cubicle in a crowded area surrounded by males. He didn’t care about her professional needs. She became an Angry Hispanic Female.

Rosario Gonzalez, Angry Hispanic Female, blamed and punished me

She blamed and punished me. She refused my efforts to end her frustration and harassment. I spoke with HR to seek help. The director reassured me my position was secure. Two weeks later, they fired me. She’s Just a Little Girl. Nobody requires a woman to be kind or compassionate or professional. A woman can abuse a man with impunity. This makes men angry. Why the double standard?

I write to release my frustration. This is what psychologists say to do, yet this led police to my home. AWB cannot blog. We can’t talk about our feelings. We are alone and isolated. For some men, their anger, aggression and frustration bottles up. They hold these negative emotions inside — until they snap. I’ve spoken with seven police officers now. All were concerned I was an Angry White Male and might nuke the world. Not one public official has offered to help me land a new job. Did anyone reach out to those who ended up shooting?

Earlier this week, I was nearly rear-ended by a large pickup truck. It approached rapidly on my six and I thought I was going to be hit. The vehicle tailgated for a couple minutes. In this time, the driver continually flashed the vehicle’s high-beam lights. I had cars in front of me. There was no way to go faster. There was an open lane to the right. The driver wanted my lane. Clearly the driver felt I was a problem for driving safely. The driver didn’t know me, so this wasn’t personal. This is how the driver would treat any and all drivers. It could have been a mother and her kids. It could have been your grandfather. It could have been a disaster.

CNM student assaulted and harassed me with vehicle

The driver pulled back, raced the engine, cut aggressively into the right lane, nearly clipping the rear of my vehicle, and almost slammed into a smaller SUV. The driver tailgated that vehicle and possibly flashed high-beams. I couldn’t tell. I was only able to witness erratic brake lights and tailgating. We stopped at an intersection. Two cars were in front and I was side-by-side the aggressive driver. I leaned over and pointed, “Knock it off!” My window was up. The driver’s window, which was tinted, was up. I couldn’t see who was in the vehicle — only a ball cap, a middle finger and angry teeth. I returned a finger.

This driver wasn’t remorseful. The driver appeared to feel entitled to drive this way. It didn’t appear to be a first-time occurrence. Over 2,000 pounds of steel bearing down on others. As the driver was willing to abuse the second driver, the driver fit the model of a predator. Was this a DUI? Texting? I decided to follow the vehicle to gather more information.

New Mexico is lax on traffic regulation. It’s the “dangerous” wild, wild west.

The vehicle pulled in and parked at a police substation. Perfect! I would love to file a complaint. I followed into the parking lot. As I drove in, the driver started to pull out. We crossed paths. The driver rolled down their window. Female — it was “just a little girl.” She told me her father was a firefighter and EMT. I responded, “Great! Call your dad. Better yet, let’s go talk to the police. Park and let’s go inside together.” She yelled, “Stop following me!” I reiterated I wanted us to go inside and talk with police. She sped off.

She drove fast, aggressively, and had a head start. I followed. I was able to close the gap at a nearby gas station and convenience store. She rolled down her window and yelled, “Stop following me. You’re harassing me!” I told her to call the police. I wasn’t moving until the police arrived. She hadn’t been concerned about harassing me or others.

Police Protect Little Girl

Police arrived about ten minutes later. They asked me why I didn’t call. I don’t use my phone while driving but that wasn’t the only reason. Had I called and said, “This driver is harassing me,” police would have laughed. “Nothing we can do. We didn’t see anything.” By following the driver and forcing her to call, “This guy is harassing me,” police responded immediately. I know how it works to be a White male. Nobody gives a shit about us. Maybe this is another reason why we’re angry! Maybe this is why some White males lash out.

Officer W. Velasquez, #3498, responded. He was aggressive toward me. He told me my name was flagged in the police database and he would be informing the Crisis Intervention team. Sounds like I’m on a watch list. I’m a White male who lost a job, remember? His partner took a position behind me and kept his hands near his service weapon. One false or fast move and I could be shot. It’s an eery feeling. The officer suggested I was looking for trouble and had a motive behind my behavior.

The officer referred to me as a “stalker.” I asked why he called me that. I didn’t know the woman’s name or where she lived. Had she acted civilly, we never would have met. We only intersected due to her harassing behavior. Officer Velasquez scolded, “Why are you messing with this little girl?” I responded, “She assaulted me with her vehicle. She harassed me by tailgating and harassed me further by repeatedly flashing high-beam lights. You won’t do anything.” Terrorists use vehicles to hurt people. This woman put my life at risk, as well as the lives of others. Yet the officer demanded I explain my behavior.

The officer added, “90% of people drive like this.” Let’s assume he’s correct. Police still do nothing! I can’t blame police though. Politicians and taxpayers decide the size of the force. Police are understaffed. They can only respond. Citizens are on our own. Imagine if 90% of coeds at CNM were raped. Police would do more. Women wouldn’t allow this neglect. What if 90% of banks were robbed?  Would the rich tolerate a lack of enforcement? LOL Why then are our streets a free-fire zone?

Yet Officer Velasquez is incorrect. Ninety-percent of drivers do not behave this way. If so, society would demand protection. Not even 10 percent misbehave. It’s more like one in a hundred. Because it’s relatively rare, society doesn’t allocate many resources. You’re on your own to drive defensively and hope for the best. Sending you thoughts and prayers, as the privileged say. Students march across the country. They’re sick of hearing “thoughts and prayers.” They’re tired of feeling frightened every day. Women can be scared; students can be scared. White males are not privileged. We do not have the right to be scared. Maybe this is a reason why White males are angry.

Three weeks ago, I entered Montgomery Blvd next to a crew of landscapers. An old, beat up truck was overloaded with gravel and pulled a large trailer full of rock. The rig looked about to break. I was in the right lane. The truck/trailer was in the far left (third) lane. I stopped first at the light at Juan Tabo. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the rig coming toward me — at a 45 degree angle. It was going to be a direct hit. I pulled up quickly and the truck slammed into the curb. The brakes apparently failed. I would have been toast had I not had room to pull forward.

A couple days later, I was heading east on Montgomery Blvd in the center lane. Four rocket motorcycles were coming up fast. Two were directly behind me. They got close and exploded around me — one right, one left. They were racing. I was their start point. They roared around me and cut in front of me immediately. I had become their slalom course. I honked as they sped by. It appeared they might hit 100mph. A third cyclist came by on my left. He gave me the finger, “Fuck you!”

I ended up at the light next to them. I rolled down my window, “I am not a toy for your game. You do not have a right to put me at risk.” “Fuck you,” and more fingers from the boys. I responded in their language. One male removed his helmet and got off his bike. I got out of my vehicle. I motioned to a driver behind me to call the police. I stood my ground and locked my hands behind my back as the man approached. “Do you want to hurt me now?” I asked. “You tried to hurt me with your bikes. Go ahead.” He responded with a number of “fuck you” statements. “Come on, big bro, hit me!” I said. He was mad and getting more upset. I could see the anger swelling in his eyes. “I know you want to hurt me. Just do it!” I taunted. He was going to hit me. I could feel it coming. I said, “Please do it. All the people are watching. Likely they’re recording this. Everyone has a camera today. Do it! Hit me!”

He looked at the drivers. His friends were trying to coax him to walk away. He backed down and returned to his bike. The fourth cyclist had arrived a few moments earlier. He had a female passenger and was fiddling with his pocket. A glass marijuana pipe fell out and landed near my feet. I picked it up. I walked up to the two and spoke sincerely to the young woman, “These guys are going to get you killed. I care about you. They don’t! Be smart!” I handed the pipe to the guy. “Go home. Stop hurting others!”

Later in the week, I was returning from a dinner party with my mother-in-law and wife. It was dark, about 8:30pm. A large pickup truck, one with a diesel engine, roared up behind us. It was close and vibrated our car. The intense light from the halogen headlamps filled our cabin. My mother-in-law was driving and she was blinded by the light. It was a difficult situation, as traffic was heavy. This is legal, but it’s not courteous. There is no reason to pull so close at high speeds. This behavior pressures others needlessly and leads to accidents.

Welcome to My World

Police will protect a woman; they don’t protect me. My company will protect a female; they don’t care about me. If I lose a job, police stop by to ensure I’m not a mass shooter. Nobody stops by to help me find employment. Nobody holds aggressive drivers accountable. I know the reality — America doesn’t help White males today. We’re despised by all. Black people blame me for the racism they experience. Women blame me for the inequality or abuse they suffer. Nobody has time for us. Maybe this is why some Young White Males explode in frustration. Why don’t I and millions of others explode?

Maybe I’m different. I’m efficacious. I believe in government and authorities. I trust the system — at least I did. I’ve had some success. Do these young males? I doubt it. Nobody has time for me; nobody has time for them. Nobody really cares about them. Luckily, I have a wife who is my best friend. She’s a strong partner. We suffer and win together. We cry and love together. Do these young males have any support? The City of Austin made the bomber. America made the rest. When do Americans take care of their own? Why do we leave so many behind?

It was 1996. My wife, fiancée at the time, and I took an apartment on Adams Street near Central Avenue. This is the edge of the war zone. A few days after the 4th of July, we were preparing dinner in our kitchen with the window open. Pop. Pop. Pop. My wife looked at me. “That wasn’t fireworks. Those were gun shots,” I said, “Let’s go!” I instructed her to bring the cordless phone and follow from a safe distance. I took off in the direction of the shots. As I crossed the street to the back alley, I saw two men leaving in a hurry. I got a good description. I continued around the back of the house where I heard noises. Through a side screen door, I saw a male working at a sink. He appeared to be flushing something down the drain.

A Black male appeared in the doorway. Something was wrong. He fell into the screen door and flung it open. He was holding his shoulder and lower back. I could see blood. He stumbled onto the landing. There was no railing and it was elevated about three to four steps. He tried one step and started to collapse. I rushed over and caught him. I was able to cushion his fall on the steps. I had to sit on a step, while cradling him on my lap. He had two bullet wounds — one in the right back of his shoulder, the other in his lower back near his spine. The first didn’t look fatal. The second was bad. My wife came around the corner. The phone wouldn’t connect at this range. “Go back and call 911. I’ll stay with him,” I instructed.

The male at the sink finished. Couldn’t see but could hear. He shut off the water, opened the screen door, jumped off the landing and ran away. I was providing first aid to the Black man’s wounds. He was in pain. He wanted to shift, as he was angled downhill and face down. I didn’t want to move him, but was able to stabilize his position. Ten minutes waiting for first responders is a long time. I asked him not to talk. “Just rest,” I said. “Help is on the way.”

An officer in blue arrived. He was different, as he wasn’t weighted down like most patrol officers. He seemed to be management. It was the Albuquerque Chief of Police. I worked  in criminal justice and community policing. He had given a talk recently and I remembered him. I was stunned he was the first to arrive. He asked what happened and I provided a detailed account. EMTs arrived and moved the man. I was cramped and covered with blood. The Chief thanked me, “You did a heroic thing today. Appreciate your help.” His words surprised me. I didn’t consider my action heroic. I was just doing what society expects of me. Yet I’ve never forgotten his words.

We could have hid in our home. Instead, we are people who are involved in our community. Police can’t do everything. Most of the time, they can only respond. Citizens must be vigilant and active. The Chief walked away and everyone else was busy. I was standing alone. It was a strange feeling. My adrenaline had been raging. Now there was calmness in what had been chaos. I walked slowly back to my house where my wife helped clean me up. I never again heard from the Chief or the man who had been shot.

In January 2001, I expressed a public position in opposition to Mayor Martin Chavez. He had instructed Albuquerque police to follow and harass David Siebers. I spoke with Connie Chung, CNN anchor, about the matter. I used my White Privilege — ownership of our home — after an angry mob beat Mr. Siebers. My wife and I offered this embattled man safe harbor until he could work out his challenging logistical issues. We could have hid in our home. Instead, we spoke up when our government failed citizens.

David was residing in a rural area near Verguita, New Mexico. Due the public controversy, I climbed in my car one day and drove south. I had no idea if I would find Mr. Siebers. As I got close to the area, I noticed warning signs directing me to the home where he was located temporarily. There was a crowd of local people and their kids stationed across the street from the home. They were blasting loud, obnoxious music and banging on drums. I walked up to the group and introduced myself. They knew of me, as I had spoken many times on local news programs. I asked what they were doing. “We want David Siebers to leave. We are going to drive him crazy until he goes,” one organizer said.

I walked back across the street where Mr. Siebers was waiting. He knew who I was as well, due to my public discussions. We shook hands and talked. He introduced me to the owner of the home, an elderly woman named Daisy. She was a widow and proudly showed me her husband’s military memorabilia. He had been a decorated war hero. Typical of many rural American families, they were conservative and gun owners. After talking with the family for a couple hours, suffering the incessant noise harassment, I bid the group good-bye. I walked across the street and spoke with the demonstrators a second time.

“I respect your right to protest. I realize this is a complex and emotional issue. I have one question though. After speaking with David and Daisy, it’s clear this is a family of a decorated veteran. You told me your strategy to drive Mr. Siebers crazy and force him to leave. What if you’re successful driving him crazy? There are many guns in the home and you have your children on the front line. Is that a wise decision?”

Iliana Limon, Albuquerque Tribune reporter, wrote: Scott Goold stood at the edge of his lawn with a subtle smile while his neighbors hurled a barrage of insults. They held signs that read: “Go away and take Siebers with you,” “Protect the children,” and “Goold are you crazy or sick?” They chanted, “Not here, not ever.”

About 100 New Holiday Park residents on Sunday protested Goold’s decision to invite convicted sex offender David Siebers to move into his home in the Northeast Albuquerque neighborhood. “He has nowhere else to go,” said Goold, president of the New Holiday Park Neighborhood Association. “People are threatening to firebomb the place he is staying in now. We aren’t solving the problem by passing it on to someone else.”

Albuquerque City Councilor Greg Payne, who represents the Northeast Heights district, joined the crowd at the Goold protest. “I have talked with Mayor Chavez, and he has assured me that if David Siebers moves here, he will again deal with the full force of the Albuquerque police, who will make his life miserable.”

The group sought Goold’s resignation as president of the neighborhood association, and Payne asked him to rescind his invitation to Siebers. “No, I will not be that selfish and pass this problem off to someone else,” Goold said in response. “This neighborhood is great because we all look out for each other. I think this is the best place for him because he can be watched and allowed to try to live a normal life.”

Goold said he would reconsider if law enforcement or community leaders found a better solution that kept Siebers safe. The crowd responded by demanding Goold, his wife and Siebers leave the state.

Welcome to my world. People do not think through their actions. Police are not around. We must be involved and take responsibility for our safety. Whether it’s a drug deal gone bad, hooligans on our streets or aggressive drivers, government does not protect us. The students in Parkland, Florida know this today. They consider their generation to be “marked by gun violence.” Someone had promised they would be safe. My friends, check your expectations. You are not safe.

Honor the Sacrifice of All Americans

In honor of all the hard working, calm and courageous White males in America, I share the video below. Nobody keeps us safe. We must work together to do that. Dividing and blaming does not seem to be a wise decision.


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