Someone Should Pay for Me

I’m a White male. Millions on the political Left rage that Americans like me have privilege. I’ve writen how this makes White dudes angry. I remember interviewing for my first job — a minimum wage summer position. There were twelve applicants in a crowded room — all young White males. It’s illogical to claim we have privilege when only one [White Male] was selected, while eleven [White Males] went home deflated and defeated. At the same time, some six humanoids control over half the world’s wealth. I’m not in that privileged group. Just like you — I’m battling for crumbs. This negative energy divides us and weakens our ability to build a better world for all.

Shanita Hubbard wrote in Huffington Post that Black women are expected to show love in ways that are killing them. She refers to females who support their partner unconditionally as “ride-or-die women.” In all her years following hip-hop, Shanita cannot give an example of a ride-or die man. She longs for a man to love her so hard that he will risk personal safety, freedom and unredeemable years of his life. Shanita, these are the expectations placed on White males.

RIP: Matthew John Bonney — 3.21.54 – 2.1.18. A ride-or-die man.

My wife lost her father, Matthew John Bonney, to an unexpected heart attack in February of this year. It was too soon. Too young was he. Matt, a blue collar worker and life-long railroader, suffered the challenges in his job, yet loved his wife and family so hard he risked personal safety, freedom and unredeemable years of his life. My wife courageously and inspirationally expressed the family’s frustration at his memorial:

Oh God … Oh My Dear God. I am SO ANGRY with you! It was not Matthew John Bonney’s time. And life … what do YOU have to say for yourself? Why did you steal this phenomenal daddy — and papa; a devoted and loving husband; our most compassionate friend — from us at this time? A friend who, whether day or night, rain or shine, would always be there for us? It’s simply too soon. [LONG PAUSE] It’s simply too soon.

At the same time, millions more criticize male behavior due to alleged toxic masculinity, although I’ve pointed out America needs toxic guys. Man Disease is so prevalent and ostensibly dangerous to American society that institutions of higher learning, such as Brown University, now offer “safe spaces for men” to help us “unlearn toxic masculinity” and combat traditional notions of “what it means to be a man.” The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin recently instituted a new program to help male students “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.” I’ve written previously how confusing it is to be a bro today.

“Modern society is quick to bestow unearned privilege on men … there is nothing in place to teach men — young men especially — how to avoid abusing that privilege or how to leverage it for good.” ~ Brown University Health Services

Growing Anti-Male Movement

Erica Pearson, writing in The Week, touted the rise of women-only coworking spaces. She believes the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements “shine a light on some of the hazards of working while female.” Erica can’t wait to get away from men. She may be upset about stories of women who were groped in an elevator, but Erica has no understanding of the hazards men endure to create the privileged world in which she now thrives. Men died while working in hot, dangerous mines — groped by black lung disease — to provide the raw materials other men used to build her air-conditioned office building.

White Males walked through hell to build a safe, strong America

Men suffered debilitating workplace injuries in factories where Erica’s car or other consumer products were assembled. They were blinded, maimed, poisoned, smashed and had bones snapped, hands crushed or necks broken. Yet men tamed a dangerous world — for weaker, more fragile people like Erica.

White Males conquered danger to build a safe, strong America

Co-working hubs in climatized, OSHA-protected, government-regulated, safe spaces equipped with ergonomic workstations and chairs, designer coffee, bagels and brunch now open around the country for women and people who identify as non-binary. One of the newest anti-male facilities is Minnesota’s The Coven, which has signed more than 200 members from a wide range of industries, such as finance to law to real estate to art or nonprofits. These groups don’t need a man — because men have already given them the world.

Women enjoying the fruits derived from the sacrifice of men

Interestingly, as odious as society claims men are, the Boy Scouts of America surrendered to public pressure and announced last October they would begin admitting girls into Cub Scouts starting this year and establish a new program next year for older girls based on the Boy Scout curriculum.

No room for boys today in the Boy Scouts of America

Ironically, it was a female, Effie Delimarkos, who made the public address on behalf of the boys.

We heard from our families, “OK, you’ve made the decision, can you please give us a way to do this right now because we’ve got families and daughters that are just really excited about it?” ~ Effie Delimarkos, Boy Scouts spokeswoman

Society shuns us; women say they loath us; yet America’s daughters, sisters, mothers and non-binary creatures invade our private and safe spaces to enjoy the benefits of our labor. Talk about a bi-polar, selfish and ungrateful nation!

White Male America Is The Place To Be

America, built by White males, allegedly for the privilege of White males, is one of the prized destinations in the world. I’ve commented how all cultures are not created equal. People seek “Anglo-Protestant” life around the globe. White people do not claim their success implies the White Race is superior. We let human behavior speak for us.

CNN featured Gabriela Hernandez. She and her two boys joined a “migrant caravan” of travelers across Mexico toward the U.S. hoping to cross the border. With all the intimidating and ghastly White males here, why would she want to come? As they say, “Money talks and bullshit walks.” Gabriela needs someone to support her family.

Pregnant, single mother Gabriela Hernandez with her two sons, Jonathan and Omar

Ms. Hernandez, 27, told CNN she had no idea what she was getting into when she saw more than 1,000 migrants, including many Hondurans, uniting for the annual pilgrimage to the U.S. In her quest for safety, White-Male-Dominated America looked like the best option for her.

“Excuse me, do you think you could help me with something for my kids?”

Gabriela can see the United States. She doesn’t plan to enter illegally and prepares to present herself to officials to claim asylum, given the danger to her life — and the lives of her children — in Honduras. A single woman with no professional skills and a soon-to-be family of three young children, who pays? Erica Pearson is dedicated to creating safe spaces for herself and her privileged sisters. She doesn’t give a shit about this struggling woman. She likely hopes some White guy will do something — we always have!

My Facebook friend, Keith Clark, posted a meme from the Black Hat Conservative. “So I was looking through some pictures of the Caravans and I saw this. Can someone explain to me why we need to Grant Asylum and a lifetime of financial support to someone who has a new model iPhone than me?”


If Gabriela was the sole migrant-in-need standing at the U.S. border, there would be thousands of helping hands reaching out to assist her. Yet there are billions of people in the world who are starving, needing medical treatment or in search of safety. As I pointed out previously, Americans drain brains in many shithole countries. We accept the best and leave the rest to suffer in filth and fear. Maybe the U.S. will allow Gabriela and her kids to enter the nation, while leaving 1,000,000s standing in the cold.

International v. National Concerns

Gabriela’s story is heart-wrenching. CNN cleverly features an attractive, desperate women and her cute young boys. How many tears would readers drop if the story highlighted a 27-year-old male named Juan? Don’t women in such situations have more privilege than men?

While millions knock on our door to gain entry, American citizens are screaming for help as well. Eric Levitz, writing in New York Magazine, reminded readers that late last year, Republicans passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut, which delivered the lion’s share of benefits to the wealthy and corporations. This revenue would fund a lot of families like Gabriela’s. Mr. Levitz isn’t focused on immigration though. He noted there are some 44 million current and former college students collectively carrying $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. Compared to desperate Gabriela Hernandez, aren’t these struggling, debt-laden individuals privileged?

Levitz believes this “giant pile of financial obligations isn’t just a burden on individual borrowers, but on the nation’s entire economy.” His solution — debt forgiveness. Write it off! Mr. Levitz points out many of these young workers fight to keep their heads above water, while about 11 percent of aggregate student loan debt is now more than 90 days past due or delinquent. This prevents many families from investing in a home, buying a car or starting a family. Essentially, Levitz and supporters want taxpayers to pay off the outstanding college loans so these individuals can add more debt in their lives.

Mr. Levitz claims the explosion of student debt in America was orchestrated by deliberate government policies. I’m not aware of any government program that requires or encourages students to incur student loan debt. How about you? My Facebook friend, Santana Avila, posted a photo of students supporting master’s degree and PhD programs in Chicano Studies. How many job openings are there in this field? How much can an individual with an advanced degree expect to make? Fifty students may take out $100,000 in student loans to pursue an advanced degree that offers two openings at an annual salary of $45,000. They will then demand taxpayers repay the loans. Isn’t this privilege — expecting others to pay for them?


Levitz believes the government encouraged young Americans to view high student-debt loans as a safe investment in their own futures, on the grounds the economy was suffering from a “skills gap” — an abundance of high wage, white-collar jobs to be created or filled, if only the supply of highly educated workers would rise to meet demand. Mr. Levitz must be privileged. I’ve discussed previously how males are not needed in society. Where are these jobs?

Levitz promises this student loan amnesty will be an one-off event. Once completed, he says the government should focus on ensuring no future college students are burdened by such massive debt loads ever again. I don’t believe that. How does the U.S. help one generation of students without assisting others? What do other readers say?


johngray0 responded:
Hey, you want to get those bloated colleges to give refunds? Hey cool, sounds like a plan. Oh no, that’s not it. It’s the “government” aka, you and me, that have to fork up.
1. So these bloated education institutions bear NO responsibility for the cost drive up?
2. I just finished paying my students loans. Which I had to pay. Now you are saying on top of paying for myself, I (cause as a taxpayer I am the government) I have to pay for others. Pay twice in effect, while the others pay nothing. Uh, how about NO. Or better yet: You pay the ones who paid their loans back FIRST (plus interest 🙂 ). And then for the others, they can get in the back of the line. Sounds fair to me, yo?
3. Why should a plumber bear the cost for an Amherst art history degree?
4. Reform: you only plan for changing the cost structure is to make colleges “free.” Basically doubling down on the subsidies that created all this mess in the first place. Yeah right. No thanks.


sarahzim responded:
What about those of us who saved through high school and worked through college and scraped by and went without so I didn’t have to take out loans? Do I get a refund on tuition paid or is my education going to cost me more just because I didn’t borrow?

In a world of ever-rising tuition rates and stagnant wages for college graduates, Mr. Levitz argues we need a new model of financing for higher education. He wants something simple and remarkably affordable — make public universities free. Who pays and who are the privileged souls in America?

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