Countdown to Third Wave. Hawaii Gov Deadly Dave and Lt Gov Dr Doom Green Open our Bubble to COVID19

There is a vast divide in our world today. Asian nations are doing well to squash the spread of C19; the U.S. and most European nations are not. SEE Comparing USA COVID19 Deaths to World Performance

One of the most respected European leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, warns residents in the country this is the start of a “very big second wave.” Yet Hawai’i allowed over 10,000 poorly-tested arrivals into our island bubble yesterday. In ten days, there will be a community of over 100,000 thrill seekers with countless potentially-infectious members. Deadly and Dangerous to all.

The NBA just completed their season with the Los Angeles Lakers taking home the 2020 trophy. The league was successful keeping players and staff in a tight bubble. Athletes are valuable and expensive assets. The onslaught of potentially-infected visitors will bring a Third Wave of Death to the Aloha state. Governor Dave Ige and Lt Governor Josh Green send a message to locals that ordinary people are expendable. Politicians pop our bubble! Wealth above health.


British Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, Matt Hancock, acknowledges new restrictions aren’t easy, but urges residents in Great Britain to hunker down — as the measures are vital to contain a second wave.


Closer to home, C19 Infections are exploding across the U.S. at this time. Yet Hawai’i opens.


The U.S. has now confirmed over 8 million cases. Research suggests there are an estimated five to ten unconfirmed cases for every known and confirmed case. Thus, somewhere between 8 million to 80 million Americans have suffered C19 at this time. This comes to about 3% to 20% of our population. We have a long way to go.


Further, new infections are rising at an alarming rate. This trend suggests a Third Wave is beginning across the nation. Hawai’i opens its doors. Upside Down World.


Hawai’i in Focus

Hawaiian government and tourism officials put Wealth Above Health. The state is overly-dependent on tourism and the Golden Goose of Waikiki is not producing enough Fabergé eggs. Although world and national leaders are sounding alarms to tighten restrictions, Governor Deadly Dave Ige and Lt Governor Dr. Doom Josh Green are doing the opposite — loosening restrictions.

Beginning October 15th, the state offered relief to travelers. If arriving passengers produce a negative C19 test up to 72-hours prior to landing in the Aloha state, they can avoid the more rigorous and safe 14-day self-quarantine protocol. C19 incubation period runs 2-14 days with five days being most common. Three days (72 hours) simply isn’t sufficient or safe. Many positive cases will be missed.


Hawai’i has been unable to stamp out C19. There were another 91 known and confirmed infections yesterday, October 15th. Locals on O’ahu remain locked down in Tier 1 restrictions. Most experts would remain cautious until the local population achieved success and moved to the most relaxed level, Tier 4.

“One test is inadequate. It’s not acceptable. Experts will tell you a single test is high risk.”
Harry Kim, Hawai’i island mayor

Hawai’i doesn’t rely on experts in infectious disease to make policy. Officials here specialize in maximizing resort and hotel profits. Damn the health and safety of locals. More visitors will bring more infection. It’s not a question if — but only when and how much. SEE Hawaii Officials Lockdown Locals: Open Door Wide to Dangerous Deadly Tourists

Coronavirus Cases by Island illustration (above) shows Hawai’i hit a peak of about 34 daily infections in the First Wave about April 3rd. The Second Wave was ten times more powerful. The state hit a peak of about 339 daily infections around September 2nd. The Third Wave could also be ten times more evasive — possibly reaching over 3,000 new infections per day. How many will die for hotel and tourism profits?

Government Expectations Are Low

Day 1 of the new opening exposed many flaws and failures in the process. There is simply too much confusion about rules and protocols. Government in Hawai’i is generally quite inept. Of all the incoming travelers, about 800 didn’t get a test or have any other exemption.

That means they should complete the full 14-day quarantine in the islands. Your family arrived with 10,000 visitors. You’re supposed to sit in your room for two weeks. Doubtful many will.


“But anyone who’s coming into Hawai’i on the first day of reopening, if we’re being honest, would expect to have a bit of bumpiness.”
Lt. Gov. Josh Green

Lt. Gov. Josh Green, who oversees the re-opening, also said it appeared some passengers didn’t read up on the program before getting on a plane. He also asked for patience as the state works kinks out of the system.

“We do expect some people only read part of the instructions. Some people will think they don’t need to get any test of at all. That’s not approved. We’re trying to be extremely safe because we don’t want to have an outbreak.”
Lt. Gov. Josh Green

There’s a local rule here: If you don’t know, don’t go. Dr. Doom Green doesn’t expect visitors to be prepared. He’s more interested in their money than their adherence to local safety protocols.

Tim Sakahara, DOT spokesman, said arriving passengers at the airport will be guided to one of four lines: Travelers who tested negative, travelers awaiting test results, travelers who have chosen not to test, and one line for flight crews and active military personnel, who are exempt from testing or quarantine.


Lt. Governor Green reported a final Thursday passenger count that included 6,918 visitors and 3,184 residents. That’s a 68% visitors to 32% residents split. Some 8,496 — or 84% of the 10,102 arriving passengers cleared the quarantine. About 16% or some 1,606 of Oct. 15 arriving passengers should  quarantine.

Let me be clear: No nation that is successfully squashing the spread of C19 allows such lax safety protocols for arriving visitors. NONE

There is NO evidence-based science to support this program. Only greedy, self-serving officials would propose and implement such a flawed and feckless plan. Although we begged Lt. Governor Green for weeks to #MaskUp residents, he failed to take prudent, responsible and timely action.

We suggested creating special hotels for arrivals so they could comfortably and safety quarantine, and protect locals in the process. Ignored. Now, the Lt Governor continues to allow many exemptions for visitors and returning locals. Government and business officials simply care more about their wealth than the health and safety of local residents.

The Pacific Islander and Filipino populations continue to suffer most severely, as they provide many of the services to the tourist industry. This is Institutional Racism in Hawai’i. A wealthy, White government official is careless with the lives of poor, Brown people. This is shameful and despicable!


Residents remain partially locked down at Tier 1, while over 10,000 new arrivals flood our islands daily relying on proven-inaccurate testing protocols. Locals can’t go to a gym, yet tourists can overrun our streets, stores and service industry personnel. Madness! Utter madness!

Wealth Above Health

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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