Aloha Challenge: Come to Hawaii and Kill a Local

What are you doing with your family for the holiday? Bored? Tired of lockdown? Sick of the cold, harsh weather? Mufi Hannemann, former mayor, and current President & CEO of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, has something special in mind for all of you. Bring your virus — COVID-19 or the common flu — to Hawai’i this season and receive a special gift.

“Everyone recognizes that it won’t be a Hawai’i dream vacation with all the trimmings (at the start). But let’s not compound the problem by being too restrictive. We can’t open for people to come here and basically have them holed up in their rooms.”
Mufi Hannemann, CEO, Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association

The Hawai’i Lodging & Tourism Association has a statewide membership of 170 hotels, condominiums, timeshares and other lodging entities representing more than 48,000 guest rooms, and also has an allied membership of more than 280 companies. Around 100,000 local residents of Hawai’i service these facilities. Most are poor; many hold 2-3 jobs in one of these privileged properties. Wealthy Hawai’i officials welcome your germs and bacteria now from their sanitized, Zoom-connected offices.

Tahiti, a destination much like Hawai’i, declared itself “COVID free” when it reopened on July 15 to great fanfare with a pre-flight test within 72 hours of departure, no quarantine and a second self-administered test on Day 4. It failed miserably. The spike began three weeks after it reopened, with more than 1,300 new cases in the last month. A local union threatened to strike if the 14-day quarantine wasn’t reinstated. Tahiti’s population is under 280,000 and much easier to manage. [source]
Chad Taniguchi and Dr. Lee Evslin

More points are awarded for subpopulations with the lowest percent of state population. Infecting a White person or Native Hawaiian earns the visitor 2 or 3 points, respectively (below). Get the most reward by infecting a Black local resident (20 points) or ten (10) points for any Chinese, other Asian or Pacific Islander. Pacific Islands are highly prized, as they’re known to spread the infection throughout their large, multi-generational households.


Two hundred (200) points earns the visitor and traveling companions an upgrade to first class on the return flight. One hundred (100) points can be redeemed locally for a helicopter ride or catamaran sailing adventure around the island. Check with your hotel desk clerk for a list of participating vendors. More important, there’s no charge to play. Just show your airline ticket to your DOH representative.

Name of the Game is Murder

StarAd reported today the pre-travel tests under a tourism reopening program devised by Governor Ige and Lt Governor Josh Green, set to begin Oct. 15th, likely would correctly identify only about 80% of travelers who carry C19.

There’s a lag between the time a test is administered and when someone contracts the virus or when the virus can be detected by tests that typically averages five (5) days (incubation period), according to Ray Vara, president and CEO of local hospital operator Hawai’i Pacific Health (below).


That means around 20% of any visitors with COVID-19 could arrive in Hawai’i without the virus being detected.
Ray Vara, president and CEO, Hawai’i Pacific Health

United Airlines will offer a Rapid Test at the airport. Early reports said the test will cost $250 per person. A traveler could be exposed to C19 on Monday, arrive at an airport on Tuesday, pass a UA rapid test, board a plane, and arrive in Hawai’i later that evening. The traveler would believe she is healthy.

Visitors who obtain negative C19 test results from an approved provider 72 hours before their plane takes off for Hawai’i can also avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t get a test. You’ve got to be out of your mind to not get a test and come here and be in 14-day quarantine. As a guy, who just lived 14-day quarantine in my boy’s room, don’t do it to yourself because it is terrible.”
Lt. Governor Josh Green

Staff at the airport, car rental agency, hotel and restaurants would all trust the arriving woman is healthy, as she passed the screen. Yet by Thursday, the woman has now infected her husband and two kids. All are in the process of spreading the infection to those they meet. Just the cost of doing business in Hawai’i says Republican state legislator, Bob McDermott.

“When we welcome the visitors back, and whatever that number is — 25,000 travelers a week, or 30,000, I don’t know — despite our best efforts we may see an uptick in cases even though we’re pre-testing … we may see a little spike but that’s a cost of doing business as we return to normalcy.”
Rep. Bob McDermott (R- Ewa, Ewa Beach, Ewa By Gentry, Iroquois Point)

Hawai’i is Prepped for Rapid Spread

The key to large rewards is to infect as many locals as possible. The state and county governments have worked hard these past six months to make targets easy to find. Beaches are crowded now. Many convenient and easy targets! Don’t bring a face mask! Salt air and sunshine are excellent disinfectants.


Special Bonus for those who book their flights and hotel accommodations before October 15, 2020. Hawaii’s Lt. Gov. Josh Green just announced a modification to the state’s pre-arrivals testing program that will make it even easier for families to travel to the Aloha state. The governor’s team is offering families with younger children, under the age of five (5), to bypass the quarantine without C19 testing.

Wait! Another opportunity! Kids are somewhat resistant to serious C19 infection, but known to be rapid spreaders. They naturally and routinely play with kids from other families outside your bubble. Kids have a high probability of contracting the disease as silent, asymptomatic spreaders. You’ll quickly add up points using your children to meet & greet as often as possible. What local can deny your child a hug?

“It might not be quite as easy as we would like for those individuals to get tests for kids. We’re working on that and we’re working on our partners bringing down their ages. It looks like one of them will get down to age seven at least.”
Lt. Governor Josh Green, MD

Poor contact tracing results forced the state Department of Health to expand the number of contact tracers. Lt Governor Green, a medical doctor, said around 500 tracers were needed for the local population. Ray Vara claims the number of tracers is up to 286, which exceeds a current goal by 25%. With half the needed tracers, your changes are awesomely improved.

“We do have to communicate with the public that they have to cooperate with the contact tracers”
Mark Mugiishi, president and CEO, Hawaii Medical Service Association

In addition, Mark Mugiishi, president and CEO, Hawaii Medical Service Association, pointed out the cooperation rate with DOH tracers is under 50%, due to factors such as lack of understanding and caring about C19 and its spread, as well as the unwillingness of taking unsolicited calls from an unknown caller.

Apparently phone numbers of DOH tracers display UNKNOWN in caller ID. If you see UNKNOWN and play this rewards game, don’t respond. You’ll likely earn more points for you and your family.

“We’ve got travelers who are trying to book their trips. The 15th is the opening date. It’s an urgent situation.”
Wendy Laros, executive director, Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce

Exciting! Starting October 15th. Book your trip now. It’s urgent for corporate hotels and restaurant owners. Workers are expendable. Hawai’i will recruit more as needed. Millionaires and billionaires are struggling here. Do you part for America. Committee members promise not to require additional post-arrival tests for visitors statewide because of availability issues, costs and application of quick-response tests.

There’s no time like the present to book your next vacation to Hawai’i. The state’s testing travel partners include: Quest Labs, Kaiser, Walgreens, CVS, United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Other airlines are expected to join. Palm trees, bomb waves, sunshine and reggae. Wow! Today’s the day!

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

4 thoughts on “Aloha Challenge: Come to Hawaii and Kill a Local

  1. How about you open up the schools first, then think about opening up to tourists. This is ass backwards, thanks to our stupid Governor. By the way, how’s the header? Come to Hawaii and Kill a local?Hmm that’s hilarious. Come lets see…

    1. Aloha e Kimmy … you willing to run for governor? That’s the wisest, smartest comment I’ve heard in a long time. Sure, we need tourism, but as you say, how can we open our doors before it’s safe for our keiki? Governor Kimmy … has a nice ring to it! Let me know. I’ll donate to your campaign. Much mahalos and aloha for commenting.

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