Why is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Cruel to the Peasants?

First voted for Tulsi Gabbard to represent our island in 2014. Supported her since. Youthful, dynamic, moderate and with a honorable history serving our nation — she offered much promise. She won’t continue to represent the people from Hawai’i in Congress. Tulsi has sights focused on the Hawai’i governor’s mansion in 2022.


Life is hard for most in the Aloha state. A handful of powerful people control most wealth. They provide for their families, friends or ethnic group (The Us) while leaving others (The Them) to claw for crumbs. Those in The Them groups work 2-3 jobs, crowd 20 people in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and pray for salvation. The Them represent the peasants in Hawai’i.

Tanya Kamaliiwahine Kapuy (below) is a single mother, who goes to school full-time and works part-time. She says she returned to school later in her years, as she has a “burning desire to help families that are or have been effected by domestic violence.”

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Tanya suffers lupus and is a medical cannabis patient. She feels overwhelmed at times, but focusing on helping others renews her motivation. She can’t wait to do more to help those in her local community. This is the real Aloha spirit in the islands: people reaching out to help people.


Tulsi’s parents, Mike and Carol Gabbard, are deeply compassionate and spiritual people — career educators and teachers. The family honors many traditional and conservative values, although Tulsi has advocated more progressive positions. In this regard, Tulsi reminds me of a young John Kennedy, who sought not the Democrat way or the Republican way, but the way best forward for America.

When Tulsi announced her run for 2020 president, I donated to her campaign and volunteered my time. In a less chaotic and confused America, Tulsi’s message and leadership would be prized. There’s simply too much shouting, division and animosity for an Aloha Candidate. The first debate between Trump and Biden captured the state of our nation — a shit show!

Like many of you, I heard last night President Trump and the First Lady contracted C19. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. I realize the president needs to downplay fear and keep the American economy running, but he hasn’t displayed much respect for the virus or disease. Due to his age and obesity, he could face serious heath challenges. Our family sends prayers to the Trumps, and all who are suffering this illness in America and around the world.

Woke up this morning to see Congresswoman Tulsi had extended wishes to the president as well. On behalf of her and husband, Abraham, she wished the family a speedy recovery. Graciously, Tulsi sent her “best wishes to Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Trump Jr, Eric, and Barron during this difficult time.”


Isn’t that marvelous? The rich, powerful and privileged stand by each other in time of struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice if they cared about The Peasants just a bit?

Promises, Promises, Promises

Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, and spirited supporter of Joe Biden, recently pledged $150 million to assist Biden’s campaign in Florida. Bloomberg will hire expensive marketing and advertising consultants in NYC and buy premium commercial time in the Florida market from wealthy telecom corporations. Bloomberg plans to tell Floridians what Biden will do for them if elected.

I have an idea. Rather than fatten the wallets and bank accounts of the privileged, why not spread $150 million around Florida to help struggling local businesses or families?

Likewise, Tulsi made many promises to constituents and potential supporters of her campaign. She claimed she would sit down with anyone, anywhere to discuss political or social concerns.


That’s right. Tulsi promised to sit down with anyone, anywhere to help address the threats and challenges facing our nation. That’s right, anyone — including Fox News.

Well, not anyone. Right, Tulsi? I asked to sit down with my congresswoman many times, anywhere … I offered to pay my way to meet with her anywhere, anytime, anyplace, as I had a proposal to address the healthcare challenge facing our nation.

Medicare For Anybody

Amid historic levels of unemployment, as many as 12 million Americans may have lost their health insurance since February.
Economic Policy Institute

Due to C19, an estimated 12 million Americans have lost their health insurance since February. Had tried to connect with my congresswoman a year earlier. Bernie Sanders has advocated Medicate For All for over five years. Most advanced nations have a national program similar to his proposal. Yet he has been unable to gain traction.

The U.S. private health insurer market simply wields too much power. They sunk Hillary in 1993. President Obama successfully negotiated with industry leaders when passing ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act), which Joe Biden labeled a “big fucking deal.” Yet prices soon exploded leaving most families unable to afford premiums.

As a healthcare professional with speciality in insurance, I devised a proposal different from Bernie’s Medicare For All. I call this Medicare for Anybody. It’s a public option, as Joe Biden noted in the recent debate. Nobody is forced to buy, as ObamaCare demanded. The private insurer market isn’t wiped out, as both Hillary’s and Bernie’s plans would require. Medicare for Anybody offers anyone, anywhere the option to buy in to the program.

This proposal allows any individual or family to subscribe to Medicare. Due to the large number of participants, Medicare is efficient and cost-effective. One is not required to have employment to enroll. And, costs would be far lower than traditional COBRA plans that employers offer if a worker leaves the company or is laid off. The estimated 12 million Americans who lost coverage due to COVID-19 could be covered under Medicare; nobody had to be left fearful in the cold. (See Medicare For Anybody)

Although I emailed, called, wrote letters and tried to reach my congresswoman through her family, Tulsi Gabbard refused her promise to meet me — anyone, anywhere — to address the threats and challenges facing our nation. Asked for only 30 minutes. Would pay all my expenses. Nope! Nada! Not even two minutes for you, motherfucker! 


Follow The Money

Imagine had Tulsi taken a few minutes to speak with me. When I contacted her February 2019, we were a year away from the C19 pandemic. Healthcare wasn’t a top issue at the time. Bernie was talking about it, yet Tulsi focused more on ending “regime change” wars. Tulsi could have been out front with a viable healthcare proposal.

Tulsi rightly objects to American taxpayers footing the bill to police the world. Currently there are calls to “defund the police.” Nationally, we allocate around $115 billion annually to police our communities. We spend around $750 billion annually on the war and defense industry. It’s absurd.

For what nations have spent defending Israel in the Middle East, the world could have built a deluxe condo for every inhabitant in the region. We are blowing up our money rather than building. It’s collective insanity.

Once C19 hit the nation and world, public health became the primary focus. Nuclear weapons, state-of-the-art aircraft and super carriers, or stealth fighters are meaningless combatting an invisible virus that can devastate a family in a matter of days. We have invented a million ways to kill each other. We forgot nature remains our most deadly adversary.

I begged, pleaded, whined, cried and persisted in every manner I could imagine to get an audience with my esteemed congresswoman. Nope! Nada! Not even two minutes for you, motherfucker! 

Why? Tayna and I are classified as drug criminals. We’re considered sick and diseased in Hawai’i. Due to injuries and disability, I’m a legal medical cannabis patient in the State of Hawai’i. John Fielding, Director of Risk Management at AltRes, told local media people like us have a vise. We’re despicable, filthy and subhuman. Slaves in the deep south were more valued and respected. Lepers on the isle of Molaka’i were considered more human. Father Damien fought for them. Nobody fights for us. Nobody, nowhere.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard pledged when running for president she supported legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Promises. Yet she refuses to meet with me. House Democrats promised to pass the MORE Act. Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, HR 3884, continued to gain traction with an increase in Republican commitments and Democratic cosponsors. Yet Democrats (again) dropped the ball. Didn’t even vote in September as promised. Donald Trump can be quite despicable. Yet he fulfills campaign promises to supporters.

Nope! Not Tulsi Gabbard. She won’t take or answer our family’s desperate pleas for help, because she won’t challenge her sister in the island, Hawaiian Electric CEO Constance Hee Lau (left below). Connie fired me for my disability and won’t allow Tanya to work for the many companies. Chairman Lau holds political and financial purse strings to Tulsi’s gubernatorial campaign. Tulsi needs Connie’s support to be governor. Promises to me and 30,000+ suffering patients and peasants are meaningless. Money is power in America; not Hearts & Minds of Americans.


Tulsi champions cannabis legalization on the campaign trail. Couldn’t get it done in U.S. House chambers. She claims she truly cares about Americans. Promises to meet anytime, anywhere with anyone. The reality is she doesn’t really care about peasants; and unless one is a millionaire or billionaire, she wasn’t serious about her pledge to meet.

Tulsi devoted more time to wish her political adversary, Donald Trump, and his family a speedy recovery than she did for a family who supports her financially in our challenging times and volunteered with passion and energy to assist her political ambitions. It’s creepy!

This is the state of politics in America. Billionaire ex-mayor Mike Bloomberg offers millions to his political friend, Joe Biden, and pads bank accounts of wealthy friends and colleagues, as Americans in Florida collapse. Tulsi makes a living offering hollow promises to families in need, while stroking the egos of the most powerful in Hawai’i.

So I ask: why is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard cruel to the Peasants?

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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