Aloha Challenge: Come to Hawaii and Kill a Local

What are you doing with your family for the holiday? Bored? Tired of lockdown? Sick of the cold, harsh weather? Mufi Hannemann, former mayor, and current President & CEO of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, has something special in mind for all of you. Bring your virus -- COVID-19 or the common flu -- … Continue reading Aloha Challenge: Come to Hawaii and Kill a Local

Hawaii Officials are CoVidiots

Let's acknowledge the heroic efforts of our front line troops — all the essential workers. Everywhere I go I see strong, courageous action by residents. Life punched us all in the face. Knocked us down; left us dazed, confused, and somewhat terrified. However, sista, although our lives have changed forever — it's time to get … Continue reading Hawaii Officials are CoVidiots