Racism Explodes in Florida. Too Many Black People in Miami Beach

My wife and I were somewhat surprised initially by media concerns about spring break in Florida. Governor DeSantis has been resistant to lockdowns, forced face mask wearing and many public health recommendations. He has encouraged gathering and an open economy. Let's take a moment to remember history. Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. led … Continue reading Racism Explodes in Florida. Too Many Black People in Miami Beach

Time to Safely DEFUND the Police

UPDATE 7.7.20: What's behind the violent shootings in Chicago? Law enforcement experts say the gang issue is further growing and splintering. "The root causes of gangs globally are grounded in the same concepts — fractured society, disenfranchisement with all of societies resources and infrastructures, such as education, jobs, family structure, single-parent homes, cyclical crime, … Continue reading Time to Safely DEFUND the Police

Women FAIL To Set Sexual Boundaries

The #MeToo movement has created an unprecedented confusion across America. On the one hand, those speaking up revealed systemic sexual predatorily behavior that none of us support. On the other, we discovered many women (and men) knew about the sexual predators and did nothing, said nothing, to warn other women and society about this unacceptable … Continue reading Women FAIL To Set Sexual Boundaries

Kaua’i Chief of Police Darryl Perry Fails American Dream

Today, we honor and recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the path he forged for all people around the world. His most noted speech, "I Have a Dream," is topical today as millions of citizens perceive the promise of America to be slipping away. I document here how the corrupt and incompetent leadership of Kauai's police chief, Darryl Perry, destroys the promise of America.