Racism Explodes in Florida. Too Many Black People in Miami Beach

My wife and I were somewhat surprised initially by media concerns about spring break in Florida. Governor DeSantis has been resistant to lockdowns, forced face mask wearing and many public health recommendations. He has encouraged gathering and an open economy.

Let’s take a moment to remember history. Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. led thousands of people in the third Selma Civil Rights March on March 21, 1965 — 56 years ago.

Martin Luther King, Jr — fourth from right — waves as marchers walk from Selma, AL, over the Pettus Bridge toward the state capital of Montgomery to demonstrate the desire of African American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Florida’s governor seems to be more in line with Sweden and their “herd immunity” strategy than that of states like California. Looking at statistics today, Florida and California are nearly equal battling COVID19 deaths: 152 per 100,000 in Florida: 146 per 100,000 in California.

California governor Gavin Newsom faces possible recall due to the frustration residents express due to the strict lockdowns and other restrictions. Florida has been more welcoming. As a result, tens of thousands of youngsters have trekked to the state’s beach communities to celebrate spring break.

Thousands of Young People Gather in Miami Beach. Photograph: Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich/EPA

Miami Beach Extends Curfews and Emergency Action

This onslaught of visitors has frightened local officials. They voted Sunday to extend an 8pm curfew and emergency powers for an additional three weeks to help control unruly and mostly maskless crowds.

Some White residents referred to the crowd of predominantly Black tourists as “animals” or “thugs” on social media. “We have to realize that we are definitely fighting an undertone of racism,” DeAnne Connolly Graham, a member of Miami Beach’s Black Affairs Advisory Committee, told the Miami Herald.

Mayor Dan Gelber told the city commission that all manner of out-of-town and out-of-state visitors, not just college students, were filling the streets since Governor DeSantis called the state an “oasis of freedom” from coronavirus restrictions in late February.

“It looked like a rock concert. All you could see was wall to wall people.”

Interim City Manager Raul Aguila

This was to be expected. Miami’s tourism arm spent $5 million on its biggest national advertising campaign in 20 years. The region was hoping to see an economic rebound after billions of dollars were lost during the pandemic, which forced closure of last year’s spring break and many beaches across the Sunshine State.

Interim City Manager Raul Aguila claimed in fear, “This is not a typical spring break crowd. … These are individuals coming into the city … to engage in lawlessness and anything goes party attitude.” Anything goes seems to be a common theme during spring break festivals.

There have been reports of “multiple fights, brawls, melees, and other public displays and disturbances of the peace.” Police said they arrested more than 50 people and confiscated eight firearms since Friday.

In contrast, video clips and photos posted on social media highlighted thousands of spring breakers, many eager to simply let off steam after a year of COVID19 lockdowns, packed together and dancing in the streets.

Dancing in the streets? Why the emergency?

Miami Beach locals complained, “Don’t blame us!” They pointed the finger at out-of-towners for the chaos. Many locals joined in agreement.

“Don’t blame Miami for those crowds on South Beach. Nobody who’s from Miami goes to South Beach.”

Silas P. Silas, Twitter

Concerns over public safety prompted businesses to close their doors voluntarily during what would normally be among their most profitable days of the year and after months of hardship caused by the pandemic.

Police Chief Richard Clements said the trouble intensified Monday, when an unusually large crowd blocked Ocean Drive “and basically had an impromptu street party.” Oh, no … a street party!

Manager Aguila explained the real concern: crowds aren’t eating at restaurants or patronizing businesses generating badly needed tourism dollars. People are merely congregating by the thousands in the street.

They’re mostly Black Americans. White and Hispanic Americans seem to have a problem with this.

Too Many Black Folks Dancing in Miami Beach
Too Many Black Folks Walking in Miami Beach
To Many Black Folks Congregating in Miami Beach
Too Many Black Folks Having Fun in Miami Beach
Penalty for Partying While Black in Miami Beach
Miami Beach Does Not Want Black Folks Here
Scared Political Officials Demand Strong Police Presence
White College Kids Welcomed. Black Males Arrested
Why Does This Black Woman Scare Miami Beach?

Photo Source: AP

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40 thoughts on “Racism Explodes in Florida. Too Many Black People in Miami Beach

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. Sadly, you’re probably correct. Black folks have enriched America so greatly! Wish we could move past this lingering racism. To all our followers who are African American, Asian America, people of color … thank you! America does appreciate you. Hand-in-hand, we’ll continue our efforts to build a more equal and equitable nation for all.

      1. this will be the realist thing you will read in this comment section. sorry in advanced this will piss a lot of you off.
        this writer is so full of crap. I was born in 2000 and grew up in Knoxville tn. nice area. not rich not poor. for 14 years life was good. nothing ever happened you could go outside and play Lasor tag at 3 am and not have a issue. majority whites with some blacks. we never had any problems period unless one of the black fathers beat the crap out of his wife. never once was cops called on any other homes than blacks. but dammit if you heard sirens they were going to one of three houses. then the next day all the kids would get together and they would brag about it. saying things like bitch had it coming. or she should have gave it up and quit playin. still at this point i was not a racist. I love my black friends even though they were really stupid. doing shit like stealing from anyone they could get their hands on. lying and generally doing crap in school. the only hope they had was a scholarship from sports. and even the 2 that got them lost them due to drugs. don’t sit there and lie to everyone who reads this crap man. so lets keep going with just my neighborhood. a lot of the families leave and sell their homes because of property damage and crime caused by black neighbors. then in 2012 they started renting these homes out to people who claimed assistance for housing. well those people brought in the worst type of human being I have ever seen. within 3 months of this happening we have over 11 family’s move in. we had our first rape in the neighborhood. then 2 months later our first murder. and it was consistent after that. our house had a drive by even though we didn’t know anyone. we no longer even went out to catch the bus because my sister was spat on by them for not fucking one of these kids. we moved shortly after. but not before our house was broken into 3 times. so lets just look at the time frame. 14 years with low black population. 0 crime – 7 months with majority black. rape murders drive byes break and entering and pedophilia. you can say what ever the fuck you want I’ve lived this life you want so badly and if it ever happens ill kill myself. YOU the blacks of America have made me hate to even look at you. and I don’t know if you realize it yet but because of the actions over the past 3 years most of America and the world hate you. your fucking nasty and ruin entire countries. Africa. the birth place of civilization never even invented the wheel. you wanna see what a mostly black run world looks like? look at south Africa. within 7 months they were starving and a once thriving country fell into a third world shit hole. so fuck you for trying to push this shit. your people are a plague on this earth. and I hope one day your change what makes you so shitty. oh now i am truly a racist i hate everything about black culture. there is not a single thing worth saving. yes white were responsible for war the likes the planet has never seen. but you know what funny? we invited everything from those wars blacks use and abuse every day. and to clarify I will not step down to their level and purposely attack one of them that’s dumb. I don’t want to have these feelings toward them. but you cause this by burning down cities over a drug addict who just help a gun to a pregnant BLACK woman’s stomach. you caused this by never allowing us to go farther in business because if you don’t get the job someone literally goes to prison. you can even compete at university without affirmative action. and even with that you stage bs race riot’s to get who ever is on your bad side that day removed or you just kill them. i understand there is good and bad in every race. but blacks are the only race that makes excuses for fucking everything. literally everything and all of its a bull shit lie they tell them selves.
        your culture is nasty and vile. everything that comes out of you is filth. why are you so violent, nasty, and all your culture does is take. you give nothing except horrible music that perpetuates this cycle. don’t blame me for your failures. and don’t blame me for being a blatant racist. blacks caused this and there are millions more who are like me but to afraid to say anything because again. we can actually loose are job over some jessie fake hate crime bs. you culture is a failed on your people a failed one and the only reason your race is still around is because whites keep feeding you. and before you throw 1 or two stories about black succeeding or some study just know there are a million others proving you different. I didn’t come to this conclusion for any other reason than personal experience and looking at statistics.
        and about America becoming majority black. you may want to look again. its becoming majority Hispanic which I’m cool with because they hate you more than we do.
        and don’t come for my grammar or spelling I honestly don’t give a fuck. this is from pure raw emotion. and honest thought you will never be able to get out of anyone else from fear.

      2. Aloha brother … you wrote, “this is from pure raw emotion.” That is clear. You are being honest. You also admit you are racist. What you see is real. That’s not racist. However, you are blaming ALL Black folks for the failure of the few. This is what makes your comments racist. Black culture has provided many wonderful advances in America. Black culture has also failed — as has White, Hispanic, Asian and other cultures. We are all sinners; we have all failed; yet we ALL have the power to contribute to a Great America.

        I commend you for being honest — as you see the world. I caution you not to blame ALL Black folks for the failure of some. Thank you for being real.

  1. People don’t fear a black planet. They fear black thuggery. Raping, robbing, beating, murdering. All of these rise dramatically with a surge in the black population in a way that an NRA convention, Art Basel, Anti-Defamation League, or just about any non-black event doesn’t. Fearing Miami Beach black spring breakers is not racism on the part of business owners and residents… it’s just survival instinct.

    1. Aloha Lilith,
      Apologies for our late response. Thank you for commenting. We appreciate that you pointed out “people do not fear a black planet.” We believe people are basically good as well. And we acknowledge your statement people “fear black thuggery.” We would like to add people fear thuggery that comes from those of ALL colors. We would like to elevate discussions so color of skin is not relevant … People fear thuggery!

      Your statement, “Fearing Miami Beach black spring breakers is not racism …” in our opinion, is racist. You have grouped ALL spring breakers who might have dark skin. Surely, you don’t mean that. You seem better informed and educated than this.

      We believe there were good spring breakers in Miami Beach who were Black; just as there were bad spring breakers who where White, Brown or Asian. In all groups, we find both good and bad.

      We all have an instinct to survive. The sooner we recognize color of skin, sexual orientation, gender, age or other demographic characteristic do not determine our behavior — our heart and character does — we’ll increase our chances for survival. Thanks for commenting and we appreciate the discussion.

      1. It’s not the Black Crowd of Professionals I fear (happens to me a lot) , it is the crowd of uneducated N word group that is disgusting…..

      2. Aloha Byron, appreciate your feedback. Many young Black males have been captivated by rap culture, where guns, drugs and gansta lifestyle is promoted and idolized. They refer to each other as N-words, call women B-words, glorify violence and illegal activity. The Black Crowd of Professionals has failed these disenchanted and misdirected youth. These youngsters need leadership. Sad they are being manipulated by the music and entertainment industries.

      3. Blacks and illegal immigrants, but mainly blacks, are the main perpetrators of crime. This appears to be a fact. As a white male, I’ve been attacked more than once, for no reasons, by blacks. One time, sucker-punched in the face. Another time, car-jacked. I avoid blacks as do most people with common sense. Why? Because it appears that blacks lack sympathy, empathy, work ethic, and also lack intellectual curiosity to rise above their low level status. It is the jews who promote race-mixing and put blacks in unrealistic positions of power, since the jews control Hollywood, and portray a black archetype that does not exist in the real world, maybe in only very small instances.

  2. I’m not going to waste time writing out a well thought out comment and just say that black people down in Florida especially are disgusting thugs for the most part and they should hang. You retards have no idea how bad it is. Go to Riviera Beach and walk around for a few hours. You won’t be sucking black dick after that. Keep defending people who DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. They would rob you and leave you for dead in a heart beat. White college kids do not equal Haitian thugs. You white people siding with all this BLM bull shit are an embarrassment to our race and you’ll hang with the rest of them when the time comes. Fuck you all

    1. Aloha Kyle,
      We have approved your comments to be posted, as you clearly are upset, frustrated and angry. We believe you need a safe place to vent. Unequivocally, we disagree 100%. However, we believe Americans must be free to speak out at this time. We do not agree “Black people down in Florida especially are disgusting thugs” or that “they should hang.” We consider these to be racist and unfounded charges.

      To refer to others as “r*tards” is uncivil language. To discuss “sucking … … … after that” shows considerable immaturity.

      Why then did we allow your post? You are full of anger and hatred. Shutting the door on you does not lead to resolution. We are here to discuss with you in a polite, civil and compassionate manner. Although you end, “F*ck you all,” we send love and aloha your way.

      We do not side with BLM; we side with All Lives Matter — including our Black brothers and sisters, Asians, Europeans, Latins, LGBTQ community and all groups not mentioned. You matter!

      We hear your pain. What can we do to help you see the GOOD in all people? Ultimately, we’re all sinners looking for a righteous path.

  3. My native North Miami was a wonderful place to grow up in. Decades ago.The entire area was predominantly white.
    It is no no more “ Diverse”….. white flight.
    I will spare you the details on events that lead up to white people saying…… enough of the blacks, a minority population responsible for majority gun crime… etc

  4. One of the most racist as far as anti Black police in Florida is the Miami-dade Cuban police but being ” Hispanic ” when convenient for ”them” as they prefer European Spaniard gives them a free pass .

    I say this being Cuban relocating to Miami some years ago and shocked at how Blacks are treated by the Cuban police with the blessing of Cuban politicians .

    White Hispanos are treated with kid gloves and given a free pass for what Blacks are treated like trash for.

  5. Trash is trash. Black, White, Brown, Yellow. It’s the trash’s savage behavior that appalls proper society of all color.

    1. Blacks appear to be the scourge of humanity. Everyplace that blacks congregate, the crime rates rise and the house values drops. Blacks need their own country, without the assistance of whites. The jews promote blacks and race-mixing in their attempt to destroy the white race, weaken the white race, and in a grab for control.

  6. All spring break crowds are wild. The black spring breakers in South Beach are more violent than those in other gatherings. Black people are more aggressive than white people – that’s an observation, not racism.

  7. Black people ruin everything and everyone knows it. Not all of them but most are uncivilized and racist. Just look at the black led cities and democrat led cities. Violent crime is skyrocketing like never before and the majority of the perps are all black people. Crazy, Blacks are Only 13% of the population but 90% of the problems. I know, truth hurts. We are all now armed and will defend against this trash, we are forced to or die. Just look at all the senseless crimes and CARJACKING by these thugs.

    1. Aloha Uncle Jerome, Yes, just look at inner cities. They collapsed with globalization beginning in the 1980s. We didn’t reinvest. We built prisons — rather than schools or new job programs. Black men have suffered the brunt of this failed policy. Between 1920-1933, the US prohibited alcohol. This policy created a war. Beginning in 1970, the US prohibited cannabis and other recreational drugs. CSA 1970 created a war against Americans. We spent trillions policing, arresting, incarcerating millions of human beings — primarily Black males — for smoking pakalolo (weed, cannabis).

      This policy is uncivilized and racist. We agree with you there are too many “senseless crimes.” Let’s use our resources to educate, rehabilitate — not incarcerate!

    2. Blacks pretty much do ruin everything and NO amount of education or coddling from jewish interest or liberal crybabies is gonna change that. Blacks need their own country, their own island, where they stay. Let me destroy each other out of existence.

  8. White people are not the problem in the black community, BLACK MEN are the problem in the black community. Until blacks take responsibility for their own problems it will not change no matter how much free stuff you get. BLACK SEX IS OUT OF CONTROL, BLACK ABORTIONS MAKE UP 71% of all abortions. Black kids that are born 72% ARE BOEN OUT OF WEDLOCK, RAISED BY ONE PARENT OR GRANDPARENT. THIS IS A NEVER ENDING CYCLE. Education and working an honest job is considered BEING WHITE and NOT COOL. There IS ZERO home parenting and oversight of the children. VIOLENT CRIME BY BLACKS MAKE UP 60% of all violent crimes.. BLACKS LIVES MATTER MY ASS, they kill each other left and right. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN GD PROBLEMS BLACK PEOPLE. While you all bitch and moan crying racism snd victimhood CONSTANTLY, your self-absorbed narcissists asses are being left behind by us hispanics. The world has black fatigue. ADIOS LOCOS.

    1. Aloha Reynaldo Escobar, the war on drugs targeted Black males. Our inner cities collapsed due to globalization in the 1980s. We build prisons rather than schools or new job programs. White society criminalized a plant, cannabis, and then used this policy to put millions of Black men under the control the the US and state justice system.

      Consider this: Americans can consume alcohol, smoke tobacco, vape nicotine, take thousands of prescription drugs, many such as opioids that lead to addiction, overdose and death, yet smoke some pakalolo (weed, cannabis) and the US and many states put the individual in prison.

      Black men have been unfairly targeted. Millions have felony drug crimes — thus, can’t get good jobs. This breaks up families and creates a never-ending cycle of crime and poverty.

      American THANKS the Latin, Hispanic communities in America. What great contributions they are making to our nation.


    1. Aloha Frank The Tank, hate of any kind saddens me. At ClearHealthLife, we do not HATE anyone or any group of people. There are good and bad apples in any barrel. Black folks, White folks, Brown, Asian or Native American … all have made significant and positive contributions to America and the world.

      Appreciate that you joined the conversation. Sending you love from the islands. Let’s end hatred toward each other.

      1. I can appreciate what your trying to do in defending black people but Miami Beach city officials and business are not being illogical. Why would businesses that were severly harmed by Covid shutdowns just decide to close up shop instead of being open to black patrons? They must have access to some sort of data that shows the reward isnt worth the risk.

        I dont believe a whole sector of commerce decided to just shut down based on irrational fear and ignore throngs of people who supposedly are bringing money with them. They know when young black people congregate they are generally bringing their own liqour and are not putting a whole lot of money back into the area they are partying. And new kinds of alteracations happen. Frat boys can start fights too but waaay less often and i cant think of any stereotypical white frat boys brawling in places like Miami beach or Bourbon Street and it escalates to gun fire.

        Here in detroit we have had many shootings at the downtown fireworks. One thing a lot of events have to do that used to be free is to charge a small nominal fee of 10 to 20 bucks. That suddenly brings the brawls and shootings down exponentially.

        I feel bad for the good decent black folks who have to endure the animosity that the worst of their kind bring upon them. I know them. Ive dated them. Im friends with them. I know the reason they act the way they act is like 75% because of past injustices by white people in power. The problem is its not the powerful who deal with the ramifications of their decisions. Its low class/working class people who are the ones who are getting assualted, raped, schools annihilated, gangs, daughters turned out and other problems.

        My highschool was around 75 white 25 percent black. Its now close to 90 to 95 percent just looking at my younger cousins yearbook. Theres all types of new issues at the school. Needing metal detectors, gang activity. My neice dates a rotation of gang members.

        Since the advent of social media a lot of non-black parents are seeing what a majority black highschool looks and acts like. Its akin to a prison yard. With chow hall brawls. There always brawls and many in the same day. Usually gang retaliation for the earlier brawl. No wonder a decent parent wouldnt want to have their school invaded by that.

      2. Thanks Chris! Agree 100% with you: “I feel bad for the good decent Black folks …” Maybe rap culture and music videos are creating this gun / gang culture. Dangerous for young Black males; dangerous for society.

    2. Your Key word “ALL” I think only applies to those who have no respect for others property or life,,, the black Professionals I know typically want to enjoy life without all the drama

  10. The racist black moderators on here delete all the posts because they do not want you all to see just how fed up people are of out of control UNCIVILIZED BLACK PEOPLE AND VIOLENT CRIME BEING COMMITTED BY BLACK PEOPLE.


    1. Aloha Uncle Sam, no comments or posts have been deleted here. You are correct crime and killing has increased with the pandemic — by all groups of people. It’s a difficult, challenging time. The solution is to reach out and help each other. Together, we will pull through. We are AmeriCANS !!!

      1. no. we are not. a black man killed a old white man who was simply sitting in his truck. the jury being all black said he was not guilty. he was on camera shooting the man multiple times in the face because he said no. and if i ever get on a jury and its a black man. it will be pay back. i will not allow him to walk anywhere but a prison.

      2. Aloha why bother … you wrote, “if i ever get on a jury and its a black man. it will be pay back.” I understand your frustration. The old White male was wrongly murdered. However, is it fair to blame the next Black man? Two wrongs won’t make it right. You want fairness. We all want fairness. Otherwise we go around in circles as we rush to the bottom. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Good! Keep their ilk out of here! These thugs are like viruses: spreading their criminal (and poor credit) ways around the places hard working people live!

  12. I’m a white guy, and if I saw crowds of black people like that, there’s not a chance in hell I would go anywhere near it!

    1. I hear you! A couple weeks ago, NBA held their annual All-Star game. Mac McClung, White guy, won the dunk contest. Amazing athlete. What I loved most was the enthusiasm Black players showed McClung. They cheered the loudest; showed him the most respect. That’s why I love sports. We put aside skin color and focus on talent. Hope our society reaches that level of maturity and grace one day. I love Black, White, Brown, Asian and native people. Hope we can find commonality soon. Thanks for your comments.

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