President Biden: Help us end Asian American Racist Attitudes toward Cannabis in Hawai’i

Excellent article in Waikiki Today summarizing the policy challenges. SEE:
Cannabis Legalization Distinguishes Comfortable Cowards from the Bold and Courageous

President Joe Biden:

Hawai’i State Representative Mark Nakashima:

Not all observe the Christian holiday of Good Friday, but hope we can take a moment to reflect how to increase kindness, respect and love in this world.

All major religions have a Golden Rule in some form: do to others as we want others to do to us. I extend aloha to each of you today.

Jesus died for all of us. Love one another
Regardless your religion or personal beliefs, Love One Another

States of New York and New Mexico legalized cannabis for recreational purposes this week. Hawai’i still says no! Progressive leaders want to increase jobs, diversity their economies, spur small business development and innovation, and add revenues to state coffers. 

Most importantly, they want to further the Golden Rule. Society cannot accept alcohol and tobacco, profit from these products, suffer collectively the associated harms, yet imprison or punish those who choose cannabis. This is illogical and immoral.

Two female nurses, about 50ish, approached our small group at the beach last week. “Anywhere we can get some weed?” one asked boldly. Half a dozen volunteers stepped forward. While they worked out the transaction, I asked the other about her journey. From Oklahoma. Had been assigned to a COVID19 ward. She was exhausted and emotionally drained by the hardship and death she witnessed this past year. 

Told me she needed a break … wanted to forget for just a few days the horror she and colleagues lived. “Alcohol don’t work for me,” she said. “I work too much, don’t get enough exercise. Some of my coworkers smoke or vape. Many drink [alcohol] hard. I don’t want a sugary drink that makes me fat and leaves me with a headache.”

She said weed calms her, deeply relaxes her. She simply wanted some quiet time enjoying the sun, sand and laughter in Hawai’i. She would soon return to the front lines. Sounds like a war veteran.

Some officials in Hawai’i claim they want cannabis to remain illegal so youngsters don’t get the impression it’s good behavior. None of us want our keiki to engage in drinking of alcohol, smoking or vaping tobacco/nicotine or initiating use of illicit substances.

Our hypocritical policies serve only to destroy our credibility. They see through the “smoke screen.” We tell them to trust a regulated, market economy. We must as well.

Let’s do the right, as well as smart thing. Join us to legalize!

Aloha nui loa

Cannabis Legalization Distinguishes Comfortable Cowards from the Bold and Courageous

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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