Interested in Property in Hawai’i? Avoid Adrian Alfonso Morales

Hawai’i has always been a place of Paradise in the middle of the Pacific — until human beings arrived. Since that time, the beauty has been overshadowed by fighting, theft and wars over land rights.

The battles intensified once a young and ambitious Polynesian named Kamehameha acquired long guns and canons from the British. He launched 30 years of war to form his kingdom and force the Polynesians from many different islands and culture under his rule.

The kingdom needed money to operate. The monarchs invited plantation and business owners from the U.S. and Europe to teach them how to profit from the lands. They recruited slaves, indentured servants, from Asia. Fighting continued, as the business community began to rebel against high taxation and regulation.

The first shot over the bow of the royal family occurred in 1887. King David Kalākaua was a lavish spender who ran up massive debt — paid for by heavy taxes on business leaders and wealthy landowners. They demanded a new constitution to limit the extravagance of the king, family and court.

After Kalākaua’s death in 1891, his sister Lydia assumed the throne. She made it her mission to undo the Bayonet Constitution and return full power to the royalists. The local business community staged an overthrow in January 1893 and booted the greedy queen from power.

They sought to join the U.S. to secure protection as well as economic and political stability. Kanaka Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole called for statehood in 1920; Hawai’i became the 50th state in the union in 1959.

Today, the fight over land rights continues. While only 1.4+ million people actually live in the islands, another ten million visit each year. The competition for housing is intense. Prices are high; options are limited. There are outrageous profits to be made in real estate.

This overheated market attracts many unscrupulous agents and brokers. Be careful. If you don’t know, don’t go … and I’m warning you about an unethical and dishonest mortgage lender, Adrian Alfonso Morales.

Adrian Alfonso Morales, NMLS-1472836, is a mortgage advisor for EPM: Equity Prime Mortgage LLC, NMLS #21116. Parent company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Doesn’t appear that the corporation has a local office.

Adrian Alfonso Morales might work from a home office. After considerable searching, may have found the local corporate office:

1164 Bishop St, Suite 1209, FL 12
Honolulu, HI 96813

Requested multiple times to submit a review on his website (URL). The promised link to the app never arrives.

Adrian Alfonso Morales promises you can submit a review. False, deceptive promise. This guy reminds me of George Santos, controversial new U.S. representative that lies to everyone.
Adrian Alfonso Morales promises you can submit a review. False, deceptive promise. This guy reminds me of George Santos, controversial new U.S. representative that lies to everyone.
Adrian Alfonso Morales, Vice President of Sales, for EPM - Equity Prime Mortgage LLC
Adrian Alfonso Morales, Vice President of Sales, NMLS-1472836, EPM
EPM: Equity Prime Mortgage LLC: NMLS# 21116

Met Adrian Alfonso Morale online thorough Facebook a couple days ago. He was selling a chair and ottoman ensemble on their marketplace (below). We consented to a valid, enforceable written contract. Morales agreed to drop off the items later in the day, payment on delivery using cash app Venmo.

Recliner chair and ottoman advertised for purchase by Adrian Alfonso Morales
Recliner chair and ottoman advertised for purchase by Adrian Alfonso Morales

Adrian Alfonso Morale sent me his Venmo account. We connected as “friends” for the upcoming payment. I logged off the social media platform to make arrangements for delivery.

Adrian Alfonso Morales wanted to be friends with me on Venmo
Adrian Alfonso Morales wanted to be friends with me on Venmo

I am disabled, recently injured, and had surgery in mid-December. I’ve been locked inside, trapped to a chair for some two months, and must use crutches to get around. My current chair is old and hurts my back. The furniture set that Morales was offering would help me.

I returned to Facebook around 3:30pm. Morales had demanded a change in the means of payment. He now required the $800 payment in cash; rather than transfer the funds through the Venmo app. 

As I’m disabled, injured and on crutches, I had no way to get to the bank and don’t keep that much cash in our home. Morales gave no explanation for demanding the change. As Morales has a Venmo account, the only reason would be to avoid paying state and federal taxes.

When I explained I couldn’t get to the bank, and even an ATM would limit me to $300 per day withdrawal, Morales terminated our contract. He claimed he had another cash buyer. His behavior clarified that he breached our agreement simply to avoid reporting the sale on his tax filings.

For this reason, I am filing a complaint and posting this story. Morales cheated me — for the purpose of cheating state and federal government. While many Americans use cash to avoid paying taxes, Morales is a professional mortgage advisor. He states on his website:

“As a mortgage advisor, it is my job to make the mortgage experience all about you—your time, finances, life, and, more importantly, your goals. Your mortgage needs are unique to you, which is why I focus on creating a customized experience for your situation. Lives Not Loans is not just a tagline but the foundation of how I and EPM serve your needs. If you have any questions or are ready to start your concierge mortgage experience, please contact me using the information below.”

Adrian Alfonso Morales, unscrupulous EPM mortgage advisor

As the record shows, Morales entered freely into a legal, written financial agreement with me. Then, he breached our written contract for the sole purpose of breaking the law — intending to hide this income from tax liability.

This behavior is unethical and illegal. Such action should not be tolerated in the Aloha state. When I informed Morales that I would file a complaint, he laughed and taunted me by writing, “Go for it lmao”


I’m interested in this item. How about $800? I’m in Waikiki without car.

Aloha Adrian, did you receive my previous message?

Hello yes I did. Im comfortable with $800.

Thanks! Guess I didn’t receive your previous response.

Do you come Waikiki way often? Would be willing to pay you to deliver. Sorry! I don’t have a car. We ride da bus.

I come like once or twice a week. I think I might be going to Kapolei later today. I might be able to drop it off. I just want to make sure you forsure want it before I load it and drive over there. Wanna video chat to see it or something?

I’m confident due to the pictures you provided; one never really knows until they sit and experience. That’s always tricky. Do you accept cash apps, such as Venmo?

Ok. Sounds good. It’s a beautiful chair in excellent condition. I’m comfortable with Venmo.

Let’s do it then!!! Whenever you can come this way, I’ll be available. Had surgery couple weeks ago … doing well, but still wearing therapeutic boot. Will be able to help unload. Just wanted you to know

Ok. You got it. I’ll be in Kapolei around 3-4:30. I am free after to head that way. I’ll load it up and reach out when I’m done.

Perfect! I’m in XXXXXX. Ala Moana & Hobron

Ok. Sounds good. 👍🏼 I’ll keep you posted.

My Venmo Acct: @XXXXXX. What is yours? I’ll get us connected

Is this you?


Venmo sent email

Adrian Alfonso Morale wants to be friends with you on Venmo

Connected as “friends” on Venmo


I apologize for the inconvenience but I’d like to do cash only since I’m bringing it. 👍🏼

[NOTE: I had offered to pay for delivery. Morales wasn’t interested]

I need to know if that’s ok or not before packing it up. 👍🏼

Yes, that’s me. I don’t have $800 cash on me. Can only get $300 per day from my bank ATM. Is there reason you don’t like Venmo?

No sorry. I’ll only accept cash. Please let me know if it’ll work or not.

Hmmm … you wrote, “I’m comfortable with Venmo.”

No worries sorry for the change have another cash buys. Best wishes

Adrian Morales Home Loans???

Yes. I’m a mortgage lender 👍🏼

You made a WRITTEN contract with me. You agreed to price, delivery today, and payment by Venmo. You connected with me on Venmo. I have your email requesting to connect.

The chair is NOW my property. As I know your place of business, I can take legal action. 

Each day is $25 fee for failure to deliver. I will grant you ONE day grace period. You can deliver tomorrow to avoid conflict. 

If I need to hire an attorney, I will demand legal feels. If I need a private investigator, I will ask for reimbursement. 

If you sell the chair to anyone else, you have sold “stolen property.” You will get them in trouble as well.

I’m injured, disabled. That’s why I can’t get to bank.

You are now harming me. I got rid of the other chair to make room.  

I prefer not to have conflict with people. Yet I take written contracts and a person’s word seriously. 

Not sure why you want to change on Venmo. Likely you’re concerned about paying taxes. Thus, you broke our contract, breached our contract, to avoid paying taxes — breaking the law. 

Ball is now in your court. I’m a legal professional. We can part amicably or fight in court. Your choice.

Go for it lmao

Morales then blocked the conversation and removed the link to the product.

Adrian Alfonso Morales

Facebook page:

Claims to live in Honolulu, Hawai’i; from Detroit, Michigan.

Adrian Alfonso Morales Facebook page. Lives in Honolulu, Hawaii; from Detroit, Michigan

This photos appears to show Adrian Alfonso Morales’ vehicle. Hawai’i license TTB 696.

Photo of chair posted by Adrian Alfonso Morales on Facebook Marketplace: February 2, 2023

Photo of chair posted by Morales on Facebook Marketplace: February 2, 2023

Two photos of Adrian Alfonso Morales

Adrian Alfonso Morales posts on social media that he’s a WOKE dude who stands #WithDreamers and supports DACA, but is unethical and dishonest.

Adrian Alfonso Morales posts on social media that he's a WOKE dude who stands with #WithDreamers and supports DACA, but is unethical and dishonest.

Most locals would prefer unethical, unscrupulous and cheaters like Adrian Alfonso Morale to return to mainland. Life is beautiful in Paradise; it’s also hard. People like Adrian Alfonso Morale make it more difficult for everyone. Be careful with your money!

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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