Hawai’i Cannabis Cup Attendees Beware

I received an invitation to the First Annual Hawai’i Cannabis Cup a couple days ago from the Malie Cannabis Clinic. This opportunity is a new three-day event with music, camping, food, education and vendors. Tickets for all three days run $60.

For more information, visit Hawai’i Islands Cannabis Cup

Sounded like something from a 1960’s Woodstock festival. Could be fun. However, Hawaii’s Office of Medical Cannabis Control and Regulation seems to have a different view about the legality of the event.

Received their patient communication today, February 2, 2023. As we like to say in da islands, “If you don’t know, don’t go!”

The Department of Health, Office of Medical Cannabis Control & Regulation (OMCCR) has received inquiries raising concerns about the “First Annual Hawaii Islands Cannabis Cup” event being held on February 2- 4, 2023, at Care Waialua Farm.

This is to give notice to registered 329 medical cannabis patients that the OMCCR has determined that receiving and using cannabis products distributed at this event is outside of the scope of lawful medical use and may not be safe to consume.

Please be advised that Care Waialua Farm is not a licensed cannabis dispensary and cannot lawfully provide medical cannabis to patients, whether for free or for a fee.

No cannabis product distributed at this event is legally regulated or subject to testing for solvents, pesticides, heavy metals or other contamination. The potency and serving sizes of the products have also not been tested or approved by the OMCCR.

This raises significant consumer health and safety concerns, and the OMCCR warns against attending the event or using cannabis distributed at the event.

Out-of-state patients are reminded that they must register with the OMCCR to consume cannabis in Hawaii. State law does not permit an out-of-state patient to obtain cannabis from any source other than a licensed dispensary.

Out-of-state patients are warned that not registering with the OMCCR, and obtaining cannabis products from Care Waialua farms, are violations of law and not afforded protection under Hawaii’s medical cannabis law.

Hawaii patients are reminded that medical cannabis may only be purchased from a licensed dispensary or grown by the registered patient or registered primary caregiver.

Receiving cannabis products from Care Waialua or other patients at the Cannabis Cup event is outside of the scope of permitted medical use and will not be afforded protections under Hawaii state law.

If you have questions, email medicalcannabis@doh.hawaii.gov or call 808-733-2177.

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