Never Forget Native Hawaiians Want to Kill You

I originate from the Hawai’i island of Kaua’i. Educated on the westside around Native Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) villages. Always had warm, loving relations — as the Kanaka on Kaua’i were never defeated in battle by the Tahitian warlord, Kamehameha, who had been raised on Big Island. Kamehameha descendants are mean and rude:

Guy why are you even in Hawai'i?

UPDATE 2.20.23: J Roselani Baricuatro-Kanīnaus responded. He’s locally educated where he studied Hawaiian Studies and ‘Õlelo Hawai’i at UH Maui College. Worked at Lanai High and Elementary School. The Kanaka teach young Hawaiian keiki to blame, hate and spread a false narrative about America and White people:

SEE Polynesian Cain vs Abel: Native Hawaiians Teach their Keiki to Hate

In daughter Kumu Ku'ikahi's classroom at Kula Kaiapuni o Ānuenue on Lā Kūpuna 2020. They teach false narrative about Hawai'i history
In daughter Kumu Ku’ikahi’s classroom at Kula Kaiapuni o Ānuenue on Lā Kūpuna 2020. They teach false narrative about Hawai’i history

He went to Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus. They further a false, distorted and perverted history that divides people, and causes much anger and hatred. He actually demands to stop the genocide in Hawai’i:

Here’s what schools don’t teach keiki in Hawai’i. In 1700, there were 800,000+ Kanaka. By 1900, only 40,000 remained. Disease and Kamehameha killed hundreds of thousands !!! Kamehameha turned British long guns and canons on the Polynesian people. He’s the only one to use weapons of mass destruction on the Kanaka. That was genocide.

SEE King Kamehameha Was a Murderer, not a Uniter

Today, due to USA protection, there are over 650,000+ Kanaka. You’re welcome !!! Now please end your hate !!!

US Congress 1898 Newlands Resolution annexed Puerto Rico (still territory today); Philippines (Filipinos declared war; earned independence in 1946); and Hawai’i (Kanaka Prince Jonah Kuhio called for statehood in 1920; became state in 1959).

Local leader Sanford Dole and supporters ended Hawaiian Kingdom in 1894; created Republic of Hawai’i. USA ended Republic of Hawai’i in 1898, which Dole and supporters applauded. They wanted to end tariffs on sugar cane. The Kanaka lost Hawai’i to local people (Dole & supporters) … not USA.

According to oral traditions, the second migration of Polynesians to the Hawaiian islands came from a place to the south called Kahiki, which is often identified as Tahiti. This second migration allegedly replaced some of the older Marquesan settlers and formed the new aliʻi social class. [source]

Communication between the two regions ceased for more than 500 years before the arrival of Captain James Cook, who was already famous for exploring the Pacific islands, including Tahiti. Cook and his crew noted the similarity between the Tahitian and Hawaiian languages; many of his crewmen were able to communicate with the Hawaiians.

On February 14, 1779, the Kanaka killed Captain Cook. Last week, while the world sent flowers, chocolates and romantic gifts to loved ones, modern day Kanaka celebrated the death of “douchebag English explorer” Cook.

Valentine’s Day is boring. Instead, let’s celebrate the anniversary of Native Hawaiian killing the fuck outta douchebad English explorer Captain James Cook, on February 14, 1779.

Honestly we used to worship cap cook in primary school, after I found out he was killed by natives I was like extremely happy lmao -Iozza

Outrageously, the Kanaka are “extremely happy” English explorer Captain James Cook was murdered February 14, 1779. From my conversations with members, it appears they would be happy if someone murdered you as well. The Kanaka are passive aggressive. They won’t kill you intentionally. If someone else does, they will be delighted.

If you come to Hawai’i and get injured, hurt or die, they will be happy. Never forget the Native Hawaiians want to kill you. They blame Americans, White people and the US military for the loss of their kingdom. The Kanaka call this behavior aloha.

Native Hawaiian Elton Freitas

Elton Freitas was a social media friend of mine — until last week. He terminated our relationship during a conversation with local residents over the observation of the death of Captain Cook. Elton didn’t simply unfriend me; he blocked me so there could be no further connection. Elton killed me on social media.

Elton posted a copy of Herb Kane’s Death of Cook painting. There is no dispute that Cook was killed trying to get one of the ship’s long boats returned. Kanaka had stolen the boat. When Cook attempted to secure the boat, the violent, unethical and thieving savages killed many crew members, including Cook.

Elton wrote, “On this day in 1779, English explorer Captain James Cook attempted to kidnap Kalani’opu’u, the ruling chief on the island of Hawai’i.” Elton didn’t mention the theft of the long boat.

Elton continued, “Cook’s decision to order his men to lay hands on our ali’i and to attempt to kidnap him was the fatal error of the English explorer’s final voyage, and led to his death at Kealakekua Bay.” Elton again didn’t mention the theft of the long boat. The Kanaka don’t tell their keiki the truth, the whole truth.

“The Death of Cook, February 14, 1779” by Herb Kawainui Kāne [source: Elton Freitas]

Young Kamehameha fought well during the skirmish. His skills earned him the praise of ali’i nui Kalaniʻōpuʻu-a-Kaiamamao. Kamehameha also got a taste of human blood and liked it. Kamehameha soon acquired modern weapons from the British, and spent the rest of his life furthering war and killing Polynesians to secure his kingdom.

This incident occurred about 244 years ago. Exactly what happened isn’t clear. What is known is the Kanaka stole the boat; Cook attempted to retrieve his legal property; and the natives killed him in Kealakekua Bay on Big Island.

Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Remember the adage: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression? Let’s apply that rule here. What do you think the English explorers reported to the outside world about the incident? “Violent, thieving savages stole our long boat and killed the captain.” Right?

This incident would set perceptions about Native Hawaiians around the globe. Savages! Uneducated. Couldn’t read or write. Worshipped mythological gods, like Lono, rather than the Christian god and Jesus Christ. Explorers would urge missionaries to return to Hawai’i to “save” the native people.

Imagine instead a more humane, enlightened and diplomatic response by the Kanaka. I posted this recommendation in the discussion with the Kanaka Facebook group, which earned me the lifetime ban:

What if the Kanaka had simply returned the long boat?

What if supreme leader Kalaniʻōpuʻu-a-Kaiamamao had demanded from his subjects to return the long boat? There would have been no skirmish. Cook would not have been killed. The English explorers would have left Hawai’i to tell about the remarkable people they met in the Sandwich islands, as Cook initially named the archipelago.

The world would not have rushed to “save” the Kanaka, but instead would have respected and learned from this advanced and civilized culture. Rather than being characterized as a people who cheat, thieve and murder, they would have demonstrated their commitment to honesty, ethical behavior and respect for life.

Yep! We never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Block the Troll

One would think standing for peaceful relations between human beings would be applauded in the aloha state. As I said, the Kanaka aren’t peaceful. They claim they are victims; they’re angry and mean. They would enjoy seeing all White people, light-skinned Europeans, maimed, killed or murdered.

Lex Higashi seems to be the leader of the Kanaka Cancel Culture. She wrote to Luwella Leonardi, “Yep think Elton needs to block this troll he brings no substance and just enjoys spewing his opinions and causing arguments.” You’ve heard my opinion. I believe the Kanaka king should have simply returned the long boat. Radical position, isn’t it?

Elton Freitas responded to Lex Higashi, “I just blocked him. I’m sorry. I should have done that years ago. I try to keep the flat Earth believers, anti mask/vax, and other odd people on the friends list. But yeah. He sure is stirring the pot.” Elton blocked me and disparaged me behind my back.

As I’m not a “flat Earth believer, an anti-mask or vax advocate,” guess I’m just another “odd person” to Elton. Odd? I recommended peace rather than violence and Elton logs me into his “odd person’s list.”

Elton is military. That’s a paradox in Hawai’i. The Kanaka claim the US military led the overthrow of the queen in 1893, have occupied Hawai’i, and committed genocide. Elton served in the military and received a check from the military each month. Hawaiian !!!

Elton Freitas former 94A tech at Hawai'i National Guard

Talk about an “odd person.” Guess hypocrite would be more appropriate. I remember our first conversation when Elton disparaged USA teachers. Appears to hate America, but takes money from America. Welcome to the Native Hawaiian or Kanaka Maoli worldview.

Elton Freitas showing his public smiling faces. Be sure to watch your back.
Elton Freitas showing his public smiling faces. Be sure to watch your back.

That’s why you’re not safe around the Kanaka. Similarly as they feel about Captain Cook, they would enjoy seeing harm come to you. Keep your distance from the natives when you visit. They smile in your face … remember the O’Jays?

All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
(They smilin’ in your face)
All the time, they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)

Back stabbers! This dangerous precedent is growing. Two Kanaka males were recently prosecuted and convicted for hate crimes against a White man on Maui.

After a two-week jury trial, a federal jury in Honolulu, Hawaii, found defendants Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi, 32, and Levi Aki Jr., 33, guilty of a hate crime for their racially motivated attacks on C.K., a White man who was attempting to move into their Native Hawaiian neighborhood of Kahakuloa on Maui.

At trial, the evidence showed that C.K. purchased a house in Kahakuloa and decided to move there with his wife and three daughters after his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to retire. When C.K. arrived in Kahakuloa, he was harassed and threatened by various Kahakuloa residents who told him things like, “This is a Hawaiian village. The only thing coming from the outside is the electricity,” and “You don’t even belong in Hawaii.”

On Feb. 13, 2014, when C.K. was unpacking his belongings with his elderly uncle, the defendants, who had never met C.K. before, stormed onto his property and demanded that he pack his things and leave, threatening to “tie [him] up and drag [him]” and make him “go missing” if he did not comply. When C.K. replied that he owned the house, defendant Alo-Kaonohi dragged his index finger along C.K.’s jaw and told him, “Your skin is the wrong fucking color.”

Defendant Aki then picked up a roofing shovel and handed it to defendant Alo-Kaonohi, who struck C.K. in the head with it, opening up a bloody wound on the back of C.K.’s head. Later on, after C.K. had already begun packing up his possessions, the defendants attacked him a second time. During that attack, defendant Aki head butted C.K. and struck him in the face with the shovel a second time, giving C.K. a concussion and causing him to lose consciousness. When he came to, the defendants were kicking him in the side—kicks that broke two of his ribs. During the second attack, one of the defendants said, “no White man is ever going to live here.”

“This verdict brings justice and vindication to the victim, a man who was assaulted and nearly killed simply based on the color of his skin,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “The jury’s verdict – and in fact this whole prosecution – reflects the Department of Justice’s commitment to protecting every person in this country from race-based violence, regardless of the race of the perpetrator or the victim. The law applies equally to everyone.”

Below I have attached an additional distorted Kanaka version of the murder of Captain James Cook posted by Alexis Kapualani Lono. Honorable people would have returned the long boat. The Kanaka Maoli aren’t honorable. That’s why they lost the kingdom. The author, Kalani Kalima, claims Captain Cook impersonated the Hawaiian god, Lono. Likely false! Cook had no knowledge of Lono or the Kanaka oral traditions. This encounter was novel.

SEE Happy Birthday Queen Lydia and How She Lost the Hawaiian Kingdom

Distorted Kanaka version of the murder of Captain James Cook posted by Alexis Kapualani Lono

Hau’oli Lā Māhele Kākou!

by Kalani Kalima

Māhele means to aportion like the so-called “Great Māhele” where the ʻāina was split between the King, konohiki, and kamaʻāina but this māhele is in reference to some of our most skilled surgeons operating on the first White male cadaver. These kahuna divided the carcass amongst the few whose esoteric knowledge of anatomy and Hawaiian ritual allowed them access to a once in a lifetime event.

Captain James Cook left the United Kingdom of Britain to observe the passing of Venus from Tahiti. He then went on to search for a southern continent and after failing to do so he turned northward “discovering” Hawaiʻi. He arrives at Kauaʻi and starts to impersonate one of Hawaiʻi’s four male gods, Lono.

Cook receives tribute in the form of foodstuff, supplies, and its most sought after booty….uh booty. Even with the knowledge that his crew harbored some of the worst sexual diseases known to Europeans like syphillis and gonorrhea. Cook forbids the crew to intermingle with the beautiful women but they do get together. Cook also takes a young girl of chiefly lineage even though he was married with 6 children back at home. When Cook leaves Kauaʻi he sees the effects on the people, the diseases spread quickly.

Cook comes to Hawaiʻi and continues the facade. He continues to consume the hospitality, generosity, and natural resources of the aliʻi there. He is mistakenly lauded as the second coming of Lono and lives it up with more treasures from our aliʻi like ahuʻula. Cook fills his ship with more supplies and his coffers also. This is during the Makahiki season, the time of Lono, so many of the coincidences influenced the masses as divine signs like the time of arrival, large sails like the lepa of the Akualoa, circuit around the islands, and the prophesy of returning to Hawaiʻi again.

When Cook leaves Hawaiʻi, his absence is definitely appreciated since his arrival consumed so much of the people’s food and resources. Cook encounters a storm and returns back to Kealakekua but it’s no longer the Makahiki but the time of Kū, God of consuming resources. Cook foolishly leaves a cutter unattended and it falls into the hands of Palea (Waimānalo, we know a few.) Palea graciously accepts the skip as he did the second coming of Lono as a devine blessing and skillfully dismantles it like a child does his gift on Christmas morning. Cook finds out that his cutter is missing and accuses one of our own of thievery. He decides to do what he did in Tahiti and that is to kidnap the current head of state, Kalaniʻōpuʻu, and to hold him captive until a ransom was received.

Cook orders his men to launch their diabolical plan. They land and Cook feigns friendship while trying to lure Kalaniʻōpuʻu onboard. As they walk through the people, some of the aliʻiwahine start to wail. Our king, His Hawaiian Majesty, Kalaniʻōpuʻu stops and sits. Cook, sensing that his plan is unravelling forgets himself and tries to place his hand on our aliʻinui.

This is where, as the youth of today would say, “shit just got real.” As the sergeant of arms and the secret service would spring into action to protect the POTUS, our warriors entrusted to the safety and wellbeing of our aliʻinui did the exact same thing. The attempted kidnapping and ransom ended in many of our people dead and injured, they are the ones that we should remember on this day. Let us all remember the ultimate sacrifice that they paid in defense of our aliʻinui.

Cook died because he couldn’t swim. Had he been able to swim he would’ve jumped into the ocean like some of the other seamen. Cook died because his plan didn’t work out as planned like it did in Tahiti. Cook died over the loss of a small boat. Had he known that this was his last moment on earth he would’ve let that skip go. But this incident allowed our very skilled to dissect his corpse, to divide it with the same honorary rituals afforded our chiefs. We stopped the spread of disease, we were the antidote to the scourge that ravaged our maoli people.

So to everyone out there in FB repeat after me,

“Captain Cook, wasn’t Lono, wasn’t Pono, wasn’t ʻOno!”

“ʻO ke aka kā ʻoukou e nā akua! ʻO kona ʻiʻo kā mākou! Manuia!”

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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