Do Not Support Fern Ānuenue Holland for Kaua’i Council. Vote for a Leader – Not a Deleter

We are in some of the darkest and most difficult times in recent memory. Some even claim we are witnessing events of Biblical proportion. We are dividing rapidly and the glue that generally binds us seems to have evaporated.

UPDATE November 9, 2022: Election results are in. Fern Ānuenue Holland did not make the cut. Fern has tremendous potential. Hopefully, this election taught her to be more inclusive. Dividing our community, excluding those with different opinions, will not lead to a stronger Kaua’i or Hawai’i. Mahalo Ke Akua!

Final seven council members for the County of Kauai

UPDATE 10.23.22: Fern claims to have solutions for Kaua’i. I asked her to share some details … she refused. Fern doesn’t have solutions for Kaua’i. She talks; doesn’t walk the walk.

Over and over, I’ve asked Fern to share details of her proposed solutions. She refuses. Leaders inspire other to get involved and collaborate. Fern makes excuses.

Former Hawai’i U.S. representative and presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, fled the Democratic Party this week:

“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-White racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

Hawai’i Leader, Tulsi Gabbard

Part of the behavior Tulsi criticizes is the CANCEL CULTURE found commonly on the political Left. Wonderful, notorious, and former SCOTUS justice RBG — Ruth Bader Ginsberg — pleaded with Americans to disagree if necessary, but without being disagreeable.

The political Left shames, blames and then cancels those who do not join with them. This is a form of social violence! This behavior is not MY Democratic Party; no longer Tulsi’s either.

We were raised as political liberals to encourage a Big Tent attitude — all were welcome; tolerance was demanded; respect and admiration of diversity were championed.

Fern Anuenue Holland Official Campaign Photo for the 2022 run for Kauaʻi County Council
Fern Ānuenue Holland Official Campaign Photo for the 2022 run for Kauaʻi County Council. [source]

Over five years ago, worked politically with Fern Ānuenue Holland. She’s a kind person, passionate, and hard-working. We were challenging GMO companies on Kaua’i — Monsanto, DOW, Syngenta and Pioneer.

However, Fern soon cancelled me because she didn’t agree with my political position. Fern isn’t tolerant of the opinion of others that is different from her worldview. She isn’t respectful or courteous.

Vote for 7 of 14 Candidates. Let's select leaders!
Vote for 7 of 14 Candidates. Let’s select leaders!

Fern does not follow the advice of RBG. She is disagreeable with those she disagrees. Fern’s behavior isn’t good leadership. And, lacking quality leadership skills, Fern should not serve on Kauai’s council.

Fern worked against me when I tried to alert residents on the north shore of criminal behavior. She assisted hiding this information. She discredited my reports to local families. She put friendship and personal loyalties before the public’s safety.

I had agreed with Fern and followers that human safety and malama ‘aina are top concerns for island residents when we collaborated on the GMO issue. However, extremists in their coalition wanted to boot the agriculture research companies from the islands. Disagreed with this position.

Good-paying jobs are also important for island residents. The ag companies offer decent wages and excellent benefits. Their parking lots on the west side of Kaua’i were filled with new and local favorite TRDs. Families were working. They were making a living. Smart leaders seek a balance between growth and environmental protections.

At this time, we are interviewing people who want to be our next slate of political leaders. We hear their promises, campaign slogans, agendas and accomplishments. However, we must also remember not only the talk they talk, but how they walked in the past.

Although having a professional and respectful relationship with Fern, our connection disintegrated rapidly with the death of a dear mutual friend, Darcel Koehne. She was truly an angel here on earth.

Remembering the wishes of Darcel led Fern to cancel me. She told others I was a horrible guy. She unfriended and blocked me. Darcel wanted action to save her family. Fern shut the door.

Hanalei Community was shattered February 2015 with the unexpected death of Darcel Koehne: our angel
Hanalei Community was shattered February 2015 with the unexpected death of Darcel Koehne: our angel

Darcel was a mother, grandmother, caregiver, and a rock to many in the turbulent storms of small-town, country-living culture on Kaua’i. Her presence was larger than life. Her aloha stronger than tsunami waves of negativity, hatred or frustration. She was the most powerful light of goodness on the island.

A common social media meme reports the U.S. Department of Labor estimates a mother works 2.5 full time jobs. If accurate, Darcel added two more full times jobs to this ledger — one selling timeshare with me, and another tending bar at Tahiti Nui.

She would finish working at Nui around 2am; required to be at Wyndham by 7am; finish her sales job around 3:30p or 4p; and then tend to family needs until needing to return to Nui.

Darcel had little time for proper rest or sleep; no time for healthy exercise; no time to decompress from the stress of her frantic and busy days; and not much help with family drama that surrounded the Koehne clan.

Darcel Koehne loved her family more than life itself
Darcel Koehne loved her family more than life itself

Her only relief was a couple brief outings each week at Lumahai beach with one young granddaughter she totally adored. Darcel wanted so much for her to succeed where other family members had failed. Darcel prayed for the petty drama, squabbling and fighting to end.

Darcel was also desperate to assist her young grandson. He was about 14 years of age at the time. Neal Milner, Civil Beat reports there is a boy crisis in the islands. Politically the winds favor assisting girls and women. Those who champion boys and men are ridiculed. Nobody was standing up for her grandson.

Darcel and I connected collaborating as a sales team. She respected my history working with troubled boys, teens and young men. Few people on Kaua’i have counseled men in jails and prison. Few have experience working with behavioral-disadvantaged youngsters.

Darcel claimed I was a god-send, as she wanted desperately to reach this young man who was teetering on the edge of society. Women do not naturally understand the needs of boys; similarly as men likely do not understand how best to communicate and reach out to young ladies. We need to work together — as Hillary said, “It takes a village.”

Me and my father, Paul Bin Chong Say (years ago). I hope the everything works out for him in court. He’s a good man and the system is only looking at the negatives and not a positive solution to rehabilitate people's minds and give them a second chance in life. Alika Say
Me and my father, Paul Bin Chong Say, years ago. I hope the everything works out for him in court. He’s a good man and the system is only looking at the negatives and not a positive solution to rehabilitate people’s minds and give them a second chance in life. Alika Say

Darcel and I were in agreement that a cancer was growing in the family and Hanalei area in the name of Paul Bin Chong Say. Paul had been in and out of trouble most of his life. Served years in prison for drug dealing.

His mother told me she wanted him dead, as his illegal exploits killed one of his brothers. At this time, he was ripping off another brother.

Paul taught his son how to break into cars at Ke’e beach. Showed him many tricks of the criminal mind. Darcel was doing her best to be a positive influence in this young man’s life. She pleaded with me to help her.

Felt we were making progress. Takes time to develop rapport with teens — especially those who have been abused. Paul routinely abused all his children. He nearly killed his girlfriend. Paul was angry, mean, violent and unpredictable. He screamed at his son; belittled and demeaned him.

After one episode, I heard Paul explain that he was “going to kill that motherfucker!” He soon brandished a long gun. I called police. Despicable child abusive behavior.

Some people said Paul had “fried his brain” using drugs. I speculated that Paul might be bipolar. Needed mental health counseling. Resources on Kaua’i were limited and I never felt he had access to services he needed. His boat was adrift in the ocean.

Darcel and I were focused on saving her grandchildren. There was so much negativity in their lives.

Paul Bin Chong Say (left) and partner Ronald Wildassin. Barbara Say, Paul's mother, told us she wanted her son dead.
Paul Bin Chong Say (left) and partner Ronald Wildassin. Barbara Say, Paul’s mother, told us she wanted her son dead.

Darcel never complained about her insane life. She spoke highly and lovingly about her family. Although she was frightened how Paul treated his children, she didn’t complain about him. Darcel was aloha spirit in the human body. She sought love for all around her.

Darcel simply wanted Paul out of the lives of her children. She didn’t know how to accomplish this task. We believed he was dealing drugs, but also serving KPD as a CI — confidential informant. They overlooked his illicit activities: Boys will be boys, one officer told me.

Unexpectedly, Darcel died from exhaustion while working at Wyndham. Dropped dead in the middle of a tour from a heart attack, I believe. Wyndham scooped her up — told staff to get back to work. Darcel and all of us were simply commodities to this cruel corporation.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, killing 314,186 women in 2020—or about 1 in every 5 female deaths.

While Tulsi criticized the NFL for their treatment of her “friend” Tua Tagovailoa, she and others don’t say much about the corporate abuse of ordinary employees — especially here in Hawai’i.

Tulsi says NFL players are human beings; needs to protect ordinary workers as well.
Tulsi says NFL players are human beings; needs to protect ordinary workers as well.

Darcel stood up for everyone she knew. Most of the people in her life took her for granted; few supported her in return. She died for her family.

Daughter Aquila K Ecolono ripped me recently. She’s the former wife of Paul Bin Chong Say: “Stop talking about my mother darcel on social media you piece of shit.”

Here’s an example of the cultural trash Darcel dealt with during her short life:

“Fuck off you freak keep my moms name out of your sick mouth you have no idea how relentlessly I dealt with Paul and his bullshit for 20 years of my life and a dysfunctional marriage trying to raise 4kids and only for him to corrupt my children’s lives with his sick behavior you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. When it comes to my mother, she had health conditions underlying health conditions that are hereditary the same health conditions I have that her father had, and that’s why she had a fucking heart attack so stay the fuck out of my family business because it is none of your concern. You’re a fucking freak leave people alone you’re not helping her memory fucking weirdo.”

the eloquence of Aquila K Ecolono

Nobody speaks poorly of Darcel. However, many Kaua’i locals want to cover up and hide the truth about the dangerous and criminal behavior of Paul Bin Chong Say. He’s in prison at this time. They defended Paul in 2015 when he was harming Darcel’s grandchildren and others.

And, similar to Fern, Aquila’s response is to verbally assault the other party and then BLOCK in a passive aggressive pattern.

“And now I will fucking block you, because you are a freak my mother never spoke of you I don’t even know who the fuck you are just some fucking weird Haoule that thinks he knows people’s and there lives you have shit completely misconstrued about my mother and all kinds of things that you are slandering all over social media. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

the eloquence of Aquila K Ecolono

This behavior is protected by Fern Ānuenue Holland. She doesn’t stand up to uncivil people who are friends or relatives. This local group furthers hostility, aggression and the cancel culture of the political Left.

Still today, my wife suffers PTSD from the wretched treatment we suffered from the people who worked to hide the truth about Paul Bin Chong Say and allow such deadly behavior to continue.

Fern Ānuenue Holland is a good person. I ask her to be a leader — not a deleter. Have the courage to stand up to friends and demand a culture on Kaua’i that would make Darcel Koehne proud. Let’s not allow this beautiful angel to have died in vain.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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