The Racism of Weed

CNN appears to be an opponent of President Trump, as are many media groups today. Political debate and discussion is good. CNN writers also claim the president is racist in many of his words, actions and national policy. Again, political discourse and criticism is good. Yet if CNN opposes racism — which is a good thing — why does CNN continue racist language and culture?

Hawaiian Electric CEO Connie Lau fired me for using medical cannabis. Learn more about this racist corporate policy (see story).

Writing today on CNN Health, Sandee LaMotte, claimed, “Weed is not good for your heart, studies say.”


Her statement is scientifically and medically inaccurate at best. Specifically, it’s a distorted and racist lie. The first line of her article states, “You may love smoking weed, but it does not love your heart, according to the American Heart Association’s new scientific statement on marijuana.”

First, the label “marijuana” is a racist nickname for the plant. Millions of Americans still do not know racist White men created the name “marijuana” because it made the cannabis/hemp plant sound more Mexican and allowed them to demonize immigrants. Isn’t this what CNN claims and criticizes Trump for doing? CNN certainly continues this discrimination.


Second, the actual American Heart Association (AHA) statement was:

“The AHA recommends people not smoke or vape any substance, including cannabis products, because of the potential harm to the heart, lungs and blood vessels.” said Dr. Rose Marie Robertson, deputy chief science and medical officer.

Not simply to avoid smoking weed. The AHA recommends people not smoke or vape anything. This includes tobacco cigarettes, cigars, tobacco in pipes, as well as nicotine or THC vaping products.

Tobacco kills over 450,000 Americans each year. Our entire nation is upended due to C19, which has now killed less than 160,000. We shut down our country to protect tens of thousands of lives. Yet people walk into any drug or grocery store and buy a pack of cigs. Why this hypocrisy?

Chest pain, heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances and other serious heart conditions are associated with both tobacco and marijuana carbon monoxide intoxication.

What AHA said was SMOKING and VAPING is not good for your health. Yet we can legally buy both smoking and vaping products if they’re tobacco- or nicotine-based. Some states now allow consumers to purchase cannabis products, yet for decades this led to a prison sentence.

Racist CNN writer Sandee LaMotte decided to focus on weed for an unknown reason. Why not address smoking? Is she a racist? CNN is likely to stand with #BlackLivesMatter, but furthers racism in their healthcare commentary. Cannabis in only illegal for the purpose of harming Black folks and People of Color.


Kind of like the Pot calling the kettle Black. Or would CNN consider that to be a racist statement?

Non-Smokeable Products

If weed is bad for our heart, what about weed from an edible product, such as a cookie or gummy bear; or infused in a drink or liquid. This would be bad also, correct? No.

Some studies analyzed by medical groups found heart rhythm abnormalities, such as tachycardia and atrial fibrillation, could occur within the hour after weed containing THC is smoked. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive substance within marijuana that creates a “high.”

Yet the same thing occurs when people smoke tobacco. It’s possible the same thing would occur if people smoked oregano or any plant-based product. It’s the smoking!

Clinical pharmacologist Robert Page II pointed out if people choose to use cannabis for medicinal or recreational effects in oral and topical forms, for which doses can be measured, some potential harms may be reduced.

He wasn’t concerned about heart health for non-smoking users, only possible interaction with other medications. Using weed has “the potential to interfere with prescribed medications.” This is true. As a medical cannabis patient, I always disclose use to my doctor if she is recommending other medications.

In over ten years, I’ve never suffered interference or confounding complications. In fact, as a medical cannabis patient, I don’t use any other medications. Use only cannabis. I’ve had four major surgeries, nearly died in a horrific car accident, and suffered numerous injuries, which cause issues with sleep and depression. I use one and only one medication — cannabis.

In the late 1800s, early 1900s, and through the 1930s, many Americans relied on cannabis-infused products for medication. My wife is Mexican American. Her grandmother grew cannabis in her backyard. She would crush the leaves and bud in a small sauce pan with oil and heat the mixture. She would spread her homemade salve on painful arthritic joints.

Grandma Growing Cannabis

BigPhRMA and our trillion dollar medical industry doesn’t like home remedies. There’s no profit if grandmas around the country grow their own medication.

White society tolerates and promotes alcohol and tobacco — both killing some 80,000+ and 450,000+ Americans annually respectively. White people, the dominant group in America, outlaws weed, although nobody ever died from using cannabis. How does CNN explain this contrary evidence?


Although many are concerned about THC, the chemical that gives the “high” in cannabis, CBD, or cannabidiol, which is one of the other 80 chemicals in cannabis, does not make users “high.” Nor does it appear to cause harm to the heart.

Studies reviewed by medical groups showed possible links to lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate and less inflammation, which is an underlying culprit of the narrowing of the arteries that can lead to heart disease and strokes. There is also current research suggesting low-THC, high-CBD weed might help C19 patients.

Clinical pharmacologist Robert Page II points out there is an “urgent” need for “carefully designed, prospective short- and long-term studies regarding cannabis use and cardiovascular safety.”

Due to the federal government, this is difficult to do, because cannabis is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance by the US Drug Enforcement Agency. That limits research. Page demands the DEA remove those restrictions so scientists can better study the effects of cannabis.

Our national politicians and officials claim to be “evidence-based” in policy making. There is NO evidence to support keeping cannabis illegal, while allowing cigarettes and alcohol to be sold over the counter. This is an illogical system that furthers Institutional Racism in our nation.

Don’t be a racist. Stop using the nickname “marijuana.” This M-word is no different than the N-word. #JustDon’tSayIt — evolve!

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