The Racism of Weed

CNN appears to be an opponent of President Trump, as are many media groups today. Political debate and discussion is good. CNN writers also claim the president is racist in many of his words, actions and national policy. Again, political discourse and criticism is good. Yet if CNN opposes racism -- which is a good … Continue reading The Racism of Weed

Institutional Racism of Marijuana

You've heard the term "marijuana." You may have even tried this complex and controversial drug on occasion. Or with some 33 U.S. states authorizing legal Medical Cannabis or some 11 U.S. states legalizing the use of Recreational Cannabis, you might be a seasoned user. Good for you! We fully support Medical Cannabis. Yet if you … Continue reading Institutional Racism of Marijuana

Pedestrian Unfriendly Hawai’i 2019

Forty-three (43) pedestrians were killed in Hawai'i in 2018 — 27 in O’ahu. Only 38 people were killed in a vehicle accident. Motorists have air bags, steel frames, seat belts and safety glass. Pedestrians have nothing. A 53-year-old Kailua woman died after she was struck by a pickup truck while crossing a street in Kaneohe … Continue reading Pedestrian Unfriendly Hawai’i 2019