Racist White Women and Black Lives That Don’t Matter

Serving as a union vice president for about ten years, I had the privilege of working with many strong, competent and powerful women. Most recognized the political action we were pursuing was a “long game.” Hard work in the trenches with little public support. All of us served due to our commitment to social justice. As heroic John Lewis taught all of us, “See something. Say something.” We did.

Outside our small handful of volunteers, we struggled to convince others to join our efforts. Our agency was mostly women and People of Color. Apathy, fear of employer reprisal, and busy family lives kept most from engaging in the political process.

Maybe due to Hillary Clinton’s run for president, millions of liberal women now take to the streets and social media to bring change to America. They’ve called Donald Trump a racist for four years. They call him lots of names. Their drumbeat of anger, frustration and nastiness is so loud it seems nobody pays attention anymore.

E.D. Mondainé, president Portland, OR, branch of the NAACP, recently recanted a story how early in his career, Malcolm X was asked by a young White woman what she could do to help the cause of civil rights. He replied, “Nothing.”

Mondainé claims the civil rights leader regretted dismissing her so abruptly years later, as he realized there was much she could have done to advance the cause of justice for Black Americans. Yet Mondainé says he’s quite certain “striking yoga poses nude on the streets of Portland was not on Malcolm’s list of actionable items.”

“Naked Athena” in downtown Portland. Photo by Dave Killen

The female’s action infuriated Mondainé. Didn’t see this as useful for the #BlackLivesMatter cause. He believes “Naked Athena” is an egotistical beneficiary of White privilege “dancing vainly on a stage that was originally created to raise up the voices of my oppressed brothers and sisters.” [source]

In this, Naked Athena is not alone. Demonstrations in Portland and across the nation have continued for some two months. Different groups with their own agendas are co-opting, and distracting attention from, what Mondainé believes should be the central concern: the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

White Females and Antifa Take Over #BLM

Antifa anarchists are mostly young White males. They formed years ago to stand up to what they consider corporate corruption combined with government fascism. They occupied areas of Portland and other U.S. cities for periods of time. Now, White suburban moms are clamoring for a fight. They have self-anointed their groups to be Protectors of Black Folks.


As a life-long progressive, we preached tolerance, openness to differing opinions, cultures, as well as beliefs. We expressed our commitment to a Big Tent within the liberal movement. Something changed!


The contemporary liberal female maintains the position others will agree with her or else they’re a “racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, inbred, redneck, Bible-thumping, NASCAR-loving, gun toting, American-loving bigot!” OUCH!!! 

Here’s a real life example. Amber is a social media connection. We have chatted about various issues for some time. I challenge friends to think — a habit from my years serving as a high school teacher and university professor. I force people to “connect dots” and expand their thinking. For engaging in similar behavior, society made Socrates drink poison. Careful!!! 


My social media friend initiated a conversation about AOC’s comments on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives last week. She wrote, “To my conservative family and friends, listen up, this is a real issue for the women in your lives. This is not new, and that is the problem.”


Amber alerted me to the dispute between Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Congressman Ted Yoho. Follow her link and researched the issue. Certainly don’t support calling women a “Fucking Dick,” as AOC claims Mr. Yoho had done. On this uncivil remark, I agree with Amber and the Congresswoman.

On the other hand, Congressman Yoho offered another version. He claims he said, “bullshit.” Wasn’t there. Don’t know who is telling the truth. Seems two passionate elected officials are airing their dirty laundry. Pointed out the only one who said the words to the American people was AOC. She could have left out the phase, and just stated Mr. Yoho used a vulgar expression.


Do Black People Really Matter to White Women?

If we’re talking about improving lives of Black people, I’ve been highly critical of Black entertainers for routinely referring to women as “bitches” and “hoes.” If Fucking Bitch is degrading to women, which I believe, calling them bitches and hoes is degrading as well. Amber and AOC seem only to care if a White male uses disparaging words. This is racism.

Amber responded kindly and civilly to me, as you can see below. She called me a “piece of shit,” and instructed me to “get off her page.” This is a fairly common female response in social media.


Generally, I remind the person I’m not on “their page.” Their comment came to MY Newsfeed. I’m not sure what happened to our democracy. Historically, if a person stepped up to their soapbox and commented in the public, they expected people might comment, engage in discussion or even rebut their remarks. Society didn’t discourage discourse. We simply asked American citizens to be respectful of one another.

Few would claim my original comments were uncivil. Doubt none would say Amber Saylor was respectful. What has happened to women on the Political Left? There’s an insecurity in opinion, a lack of tolerance for disagreement. It’s kind of like the Salem Witch Trials or Red-Scare in the 1950s. Agree or die!

Today, another of Amber’s posts appeared on my Newsfeed. She commented pointing out disparities in birth complications many Black, Brown and Indigenous women suffer. Much of this relates to poverty. Women of Color are also less likely to have quality pre-natal care and decent healthcare insurance. Amber claimed the problem is racism. The movement calls for “accountability, birth justice and legal guarantees for safe, respectful anti-racist care.”


As the meme mentioned “accountability,” I responded saying “Black men do not hang around when their Black women are pregnant. This leads to poverty and many complications. Focus on the Family and much of this goes away. Please see this video


I encourage all of you to watch the brief presentation by Larry Elder regarding #BlackFathersMatter. How did Amber respond to my comment? “Holy hell. I thought I blocked you. Why? Why do you need to be such a sick, uneducated, trolling monster? Get the hell off my page. Take your bullshit elsewhere.”


I’m a sick person, she says. The video highlights five Black men who collectively have 87 children with 50 different women — a total of 137 people affected. Nathaniel has 28 children by 16 women. Terrance has four children with two different women. Ryan has almost five children (another baby expected in November) with four different women. John has 11 children with six different women. Jumani has six children with four different women. How is this acceptable?

Here are the facts. Children who come from Fatherless Homes are:

  • 5 times more likely to commit suicide
  • 32 times more likely to run away
  • 20 times more likely to have a behavior disorder
  • 14 times more likely to become sexually aggressive or commit rape
  • 10 times more likely to engage in drug abuse

No heat; no judgment says the moderator. Please see the video.

Amber successfully blocked me. Refuses to engage in civil discourse. Simply claims RACISM is the problem and all others are Fucking Bitches or Dicks. This is how White liberal women engage in American politics. I didn’t agree with her. Therefore, I’m a sick, uneducated, trolling monster who needs to get the hell off her page and take my bullshit elsewhere. This intolerant behavior is polarizing America.

Crazy, isn’t it? I can see why president E.D. Mondainé and the NAACP are highly concerned about opportunistic groups highjacking the #BlackLivesMovement.

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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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