Cannabis THC Detection: HoundLabs Breathalyzer Release

OPEN LETTER: June 10, 2020
Cc: U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard
Lt. Governor Josh Green, MD
State Senator Roz Baker
State Senator Mike Gabbard
State Senator Laura Thielen
State Representative Amy Perruso
Candidate for State Representative Doni Chong (District 51)
Kymberly Pine, Honolulu City Council District 1
Tommy Waters, Honolulu City Council District 4
Stephen Chang, Hawai’i Civil Rights Commission
HI DOH Medical Cannabis Registry Program
Me Fuimaono-Poe, FNP-BC, Malie Cannabis Clinic
John Fielding, AltRes Director

Mr. Joseph A. Ernst, attorney for Hawaiian Electric

Aloha e Mr. Ernst,
Hawai’i and our nation are tragically behind scientific research in public health. We’ve tolerated racist policies on cannabis (marijuana) since the 1930s. Alcohol prohibition was a disaster. I consider the prohibition of cannabis to be the greatest failure in public leadership behind slavery. Why is it so difficult for our nation to end our cruelty toward each other and subsequent rejection of science?

On March 19, 2020, I called for face masks or our population — two weeks before Hawaii’s Lt. Gov Josh Green, MD. Appears I was first in the nation. Public health “experts” laughed and scolded me. Example of Group Think?

Now, we’re all in agreement the paradigm has shifted, as face masks reduce transmission of deadly viral pathogens. How many Americans died as a result of incompetence? How could America have been so wrong?

Scientists at Britain’s Cambridge and Greenwich Universities today announced a plan to prevent a second wave of SARS-CoV-2 today. #MaskUp


Beginning in February 2019, pleaded with Senator Roz Baker and local officials to “get tough” on vaping policies. Ignored. We suffered a vaping crisis months later. Just weeks after this, Hawaiian Electric fired me due to my prescribed medical cannabis use, although Corporate Code of Conduct suggested the medication was permitted, and the HR rep I specifically asked said I “would be fine.”

Medical cannabis is an alternative to opioid pain analgesic. Over 500,000 Americans have now died due to opioid-related OD. Is this ‘imi pono, as the company promises?

What is wrong with local and national “experts”? More Group Think? We claim to be an “evidence-based” society, but there is ZERO evidence to support terminating an employee who uses medical cannabis the night before work for possible impairment or intoxication 8-12 hours later when arriving for work.

There are over 30,000+ medical cannabis patients in the Aloha state. We aren’t treated with aloha … but with fear and contempt similar to how lepers were treated generations ago. “Marijuana” polices are examples of Institutional Racism. They punish People of Color more harshly than White citizens. It’s time to reform our thinking and behavior. Don’t you agree?

Hope you had an opportunity to follow Nina French’s presentation from HoundLabs today regarding the release of their THC breathalyzer device. Employers want to ensure workplace safety for workers and the public. Employees have medical — and recreational — interests in fair and safe testing protocols and policy.

Hawaiian Electric is considered the most prestigious and leading company in our islands. Not only was Hawaiian Electric substance use policy outdated and confusing, as you warned (9.2018), HoundLab’s scientific research shows the primary concern is possible impairment or intoxication in the 2-3 hours post-use. There is ZERO concern from experts about an employee who uses cannabis — medicinally or recreationally — the previous night before bed.

Mr. Chang, Hawai’i Civil Rights Commission, reported to us they are unable to move forward with our dispute, due to COVID19 limitations. I’m asking Hawaiian Electric to be good corporate citizens. Can we get this settled between us and continue with all our lives?

Also asked Nina and the HoundLabs team to drop their continued use of the term “marijuana.” Our nation burns today due to generations of Institutional Racism. The term “marijuana” was coined by White Harry Anslinger (1937) specifically to demonize Black and Brown people in our nation. President Nixon scheduled cannabis in the top classification to target anti-war protesters and People of Color. These inhumane policies reverberate across America today.

The substance is cannabis — indica or sativa. Those who refuse to evolve will not be treated respectfully by society. It’s time to end the RACIST War on Drugs and stop punishing qualified, loyal employees for making smarter choices about their health.

Thank you for your time. Please advise your clients to return to negotiations.

Hound Labs, Inc.


Safety & Fairness


America’s New Normal


Simple Sampling


Measuring Delta9 THC Levels Accurately


Impairment & Intoxication


Window of Detection


2020 Decade of Change


National Media Coverage


Thank you, Nina French, and Hound Labs


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Ko’olau of Kaua’i. I am the Defiant One
“I Believe We Can”

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