Lamar Odom Cheated. Give Back Olympic Medal

Aloha USA Basketball,
How disappointed in USA Basketball I am today. Lamar Odom cheated on his drug screen? You allowed him on the 2004 Olympic team? USA Basketball Olympians DO NOT cheat. You need to strip him of his bronze. You hear me?


He tarnishes all for what we worked. We played for our nation; for our families; for the pride of the Red, White and Blue. None of us cheated! You hear me? There are some things that are still sacred. Strip him of his medal !!!

The 2004 team was noted for being one of the most disappointing Olympic teams, losing three games against their opponents (most ever lost by a USA Olympic basketball team) as well as the biggest loss in a game in their history.

Here’s the summary of that 2004 squad: The team was noted for being one of the most disappointing Olympic teams, losing three games against their opponents (most ever lost by a USA Olympic basketball team) as well as the biggest loss in a game in their history.

With Coach

Because you had at least one cheater on that team; he disgraced us. The team disgraced America and all of us who participated in that glorious line. Take away his medal. Shame on him! Shame on you! We didn’t cheat. We had character. All of us!

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
John Wooden

My rookie year with the NBA, 1984, I was a free agent with Cleveland. Coached by George Carl and Gene Littles. Roy Hinson, Ron Anderson, Paul Thompson, Stuart Granger … John Paxson were with us. We were the practice team that prepared USA Basketball for the L.A. Games. My opponent was Mike Jordan. He wouldn’t be called Michael for a few more months.

I had seen Mike on TV. All American guy. Seemed good on TV. I outscored him. Didn’t think he was that “great.” Learned a couple weeks later when he lit up the world on the biggest stage that Coach Knight had put breaks on him. He wanted to focus on the big fellas during preps. What a laugh I had. For a minute, I thought I had bested Mike! LOL


They started calling him Michael after that. Never forgot those days. Best memories of my life. Now Odom brags to the world he cheated! Used a whizinator with his trainer’s urine to cheat. Strip him of his medal, Gdamit!!! Not acceptable.

Bobby Knight coached the team, assisted by Coach K. They had Ewing, Sam Perkins, Tisdale, Leon Wood, Alvin Robertson … many greats. They won gold. Not an easy task. Only college players that year. USA Basketball lost gold in 1988. Dream Team was 1992 with pros.

They were the last collegiate team in USA history to win gold. I helped prepare them. What a memory! Now Odom says he cheated. You allowed him to cheat. That’s like allowing all the talented gymnastics athletes to be sexually assaulted. Odom just assaulted me!!! Take away his medal.

I was trained by Coach Wooden. Never missed a session with the Wizard. Coach taught me so many important life lessons. For example, if practice was at 3:00p, he would lock the door at 3:01p. If you really wanted to play, you had to be disciplined. We didn’t “work to live.” We lived to work.

We lived to play for Coach. Always there about 10 hours early. Couldn’t wait to practice with Coach. Still come early to work. I love to work. I love to be the best I can be! Coach taught us that.

The harshest punishment Coach ever doled out was to NOT let us practice. Mess around — he would kick us out of the gym, lock the door, tell us to come back when we were ready to play. Nobody left. We would sit there all night to get back in. He didn’t have to do this twice.

We ALL wanted to Be the Best We Could Be.

Odom is a sick man. I feel sorry for him. He truly needs help. But he represents USA Basketball. Kids look up to this program. Now do the RIGHT thing and strip him of that disappointing medal.

I want you to know I was fired February 25, 2019 for using LEGAL medical cannabis. Due to my years of training, my body is broken. I didn’t know I would get in trouble. Used only before bed. Never before or during work. Never intoxicated or impaired at work.

Company, Hawaiian Electric, has a CEO who is a cheater. Constance Hee Lau … she didn’t tell us. She makes $5.7 Million a year. Can’t write policy.


Doesn’t train her people adequately. She’s a mess like Odom. Too much ego to make it right. Punishes me now for her mistake!

HEI CEO Constance Hee Lau. Cheats Hard Working Men

Had a great team. All working to be the best we could be. Amazing manager! Everyone striving for excellence, while having fun being champions. Knucklehead executive in fancy office blew it all apart. This is the world today. Hubris at the top. Families getting crushed.

I could have cheated. Nurse friend knows how. I DON’T CHEAT. I played against Mike. I trained with Coach. I have character. Sure don’t have any good reputation now … Connie Lau destroyed that. To them I’m some drug thug criminal. But I have the “peace of mind that comes from knowing I’ve always done my best to be the best I can be.” Coach taught me that.

Odom can have his millions and brag about the 2,000+ women he laid. Loser Lau can be the highest paid in the islands. What’s that? She can’t lead. She hurts people. Odom hurts people. She denies 25,000+ people from working due to her bigotry and ignorance. She’s 67 and the world’s past her by.

I sit many nights, isolated, terribly alone, wondering why I don’t jump from this 25th floor. How can one incompetent dinosaur hurt so many? Now Odom brags to young kids he cheated. Laughs about it! He’s proud he fooled the agent. How can he hurt so many? Don’t let him. Strip him of that medal.

“He stuck a thermometer in the cup to gauge the temperature … satisfied that the pee was mine, said ‘Welcome to Team USA,’” Odom recalled. Nice standards you have! So easy to cheat. You cheat America and our love of USA Basketball. Strip him!!!

And, Odom crushed USA Basketball today. Admitted cheating to make the team. That’s why karma punished that team!

Strip him of that disappointing medal.

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