Young Liberals No Understand Our History

Clueless, spoiled, unwilling to work hard, selfish … the negative monikers are seemingly endless. Conservatives warned for years that raising children to expect “participation trophies” would backfire on society.

So easily offended; unable to do for themselves; dependent upon their parents and demanding government provide for all — Me, Me, Me … gimme, gimme, gimme. This is the character of the young people who make up the political Left.

Fox Business reported survey results today suggesting Millennials feel they face more financial woes than other generations — even their grandparents, i.e., the Silent Generation, who grew up during the Great Depression. [1] How is this possible?

Unemployment was over 25 percent. No food stamps; no child welfare; no educational loans; no minimum wage; no guarantee of healthcare. Young members of the Silent Generation labored in fields, performed back-breaking work, wore older sibling hand-me-downs; faced in many cases zero economic mobility at all. Millennials simply do not know our shared history. Shame on us — the kapuna or elders!

Survey Question: Which of the following generations do you think has faced (or is currently facing) the worst economic environment in the U.S.? 

  • Millennials (ages 23-38) 49.2%
  • Silent Generation (ages 74-91) 29.3%
  • Baby boomers (ages 55-73) 13.7%
  • Generation X (ages 39-54) 7.7%

Youngster Corey Haas complained today on social media. He wants to start a conversation. I agree. Let’s collectively begin the process of truly educating our younger generations.

I’ve never met Corey. Just a friend on social media. Seems to be a good guy, but like most Millennials, he loves to post pictures of himself. Growing up, I never wanted to do this. I considered it narcissistic and arrogant. Others should post your picture, not yourself. Different generation; different values. Current younger generations are obsessed with self-promotion. Our generation was taught to do, to accomplish, and others would recognize and reward the effort. Interesting, isn’t it?


One area where they they champion all other generations is their belief they know it all. Corey incorrectly thinks a “bunch of white [sic] slave owners from the 1700s did not come up with the best government ever.”

Corey and friends can point fingers better than any other generation. They revel to find some action, comment, historical or social event where they can claim their self-righteous superiority. In this example, Corey furthers Max Berger’s meme showing the “inherent unfairness” in our political system — because 46 senators in America’s heartland represent approximately 40 million citizens, while just two represent some 40 million in California.

Is Corey justified in his criticism?


If you answered “yes,” you’re either a Millennial or part of the problem. Senators do not represent people. The House of Representatives has this task. Senators represent each of the fifty states. All are equal in standing, as all have two senators. This arrangement is the result of the Connecticut Compromise. Corey et al likely never heard of this.

Conversely, the number of representatives per state is unequal. They vary based on the population of the state. Representatives are tasked in our political system to champion the people!

Corey also believes “white slave owners” in 1776 came up with the blueprint for our government. Less than one percent of the residents in the original thirteen colonies owned slaves. Most were located in the rural south. Southern Democrats demanded the continuation of slavery. They held the nation ransom of ensure its continuation.

Corey and chumps lump all “white” people in this racist, slave-owning cohort. And today, they want the U.S. federal government to extent reparation payments to “black” people. The U.S. federal government led the efforts to end slavery. It was the southern Confederacy, the loser in our great Civil War, that demanded the immoral practice continue.

Corey and pals should sue the southern states, their large rural land holders, and historical big money interests. Of course, this is hard to do when his generation lumps all people with light skin in a racist category of “white,” while failing to understand the pale faces are a diverse group.

My “white” great, great grandfather earned the Congressional Medal of Honor at Vicksburg as a union soldier fighting against the Confederates.

Unfortunately, his generation has forgotten northern states did not support slavery; southern states warned they would not join the union of 13 colonies if slavery was prohibited.

In addition, his generation has forgotten any form of democracy requires compromise. You get some; you lose some; but overall we are the most blessed people on the planet to live in this nation.

ps: My “white” great, great grandfather earned the Congressional Medal of Honor at Vicksburg as a union soldier fighting against the Confederates. I keep putting “white” in quotations because my grandfather was not a color. He originated from Europe, but Europeans were never a homogenous group.

Our society is lazy and racist today. The “white” label does not differentiate between supremacists who wanted to enslave others — primary dark-skinned humans from Africa, but also light-skinned people from Ireland, for example, and those who put their lives on the line to ensure all people would live freely.

My grandfather was one of 19 survivors from a regiment of 110. Ninety-one union soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice in that battle — for people they had never met and did not know. Sadly, Corey and his privileged friends shame their heroic effort, although none have ever put on the uniform or done anything of much significance for others.

Their recognition of this void in character leaves them highly insecure. They push keys on expensive phones claiming to be virtual warriors of justice. It’s easy to shame others in this environment, but they never learn the important moral lessons that come with signing that commitment in blood.

Unfortunately for all of us today, the 1% still cheat the remaining 99% and laugh how the 99% divides itself by infighting, calling each other names, and pretending they are in some way superior to each other.

This division keeps the 99% poor while the 1% runs off with all the money!

Remember, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat the failures. Please leave your comments below and be sure to FOLLOW ClearHeath Life Strategies. We provide News of the News You Wish You Knew.


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