Serena embarrasses nation. Naomi Osaka is a True Champion

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Naomi Osaka. She’s 20 years of age, and on Sunday, September 9th, she became the US Open champion. She received no coaching during the match, broke zero rackets, and treated the umpire and her opponent with respect throughout the competition.


Unfortunately nobody is talking about her — pundits stated. Actually, the entire world is talking about this phenomenal athlete. She’s a class act champion.


On the other hand, long-time champion Serena Williams embarrassed herself, America and the US Open. For the record, she and her coach were cheating. He admitted it. He was signaling her from the stands. His excuse, “Well, everybody does it.” Hmmm … Ms. Osaka wasn’t cheating!


The Herald Sun was criticized by the American Left for being racist. Serena cheated. She broke her racket. She harassed, intimidated and acted like a child on the court. She repeatedly called the center line judge a “thief.” She should be banned from tennis.

Nike sponsors Serena along with CK, Colin Kapernick. I’ve written how he failed politically, as he mixed up his message. This rendered his action divisive, rather than effective. Now he blames the league. The NFL did not collude to ban him from play. My  lifelong friend, Dirk Koetter, head coach at Tampa Bay, would never hire a second string QB who brought such political baggage to the field. No coach wants the distraction.


Both Serena and CK have disrespected sport. They make millions to play a kid’s game and live fame and fortune. We used to demand character from our athletes. Shame on both for letting down America!

Never Forget the TRUE heroes in America. Naomi Osaka is one. CK and Serena are not.

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