Nike Fumbles the Flag

As we approach our July 4th national Celebration of Independence, our torn and divided nation has an opportunity to pause for a moment to consider what it means to be an American. I wrote yesterday about the cultural appropriation of Memorial Day here in Hawai'i. Freedom Does Not Mean Doing Whatever You Want. It Means … Continue reading Nike Fumbles the Flag

Serena embarrasses nation. Naomi Osaka is a True Champion

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Naomi Osaka. She's 20 years of age, and on Sunday, September 9th, she became the US Open champion. She received no coaching during the match, broke zero rackets, and treated the umpire and her opponent with respect throughout the competition. Unfortunately nobody is talking about her — pundits … Continue reading Serena embarrasses nation. Naomi Osaka is a True Champion

NFL does the Right Thing and bans protests

Let me be clear — Black Americans suffer discrimination in many ways. My family, such as Robert A. Lower, has been fighting for their human rights for generations. Yesterday, NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio, directed police to stop arresting people for using cannabis in public. The city nabbed 17,880 people last year for "low-level" marijuana … Continue reading NFL does the Right Thing and bans protests

Understanding the 2nd Amendment

Last week, in response to the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, high school students across the nation staged Walk Out protests urging legislators to "do something" about gun violence. I pointed out the Racism in Reactions to School Shooting, as few say anything about the thousands of children who … Continue reading Understanding the 2nd Amendment