At 4PM HST the sirens went off

We’ve all heard civil defense sirens from World War II movies. Air raids triggered alarms nightly. I had just boarded an early E bus when Honolulu’s warning system fired.


The screeching was deafening. Sound bounced between massive concrete and glass structures. Scary, creepy … apocalyptic. No can. Not our style.


#CaneLane is coming. Governor Ige said the day is over. Pau hana with family, friends or others in safe shelters. Get off the streets, but enough doom and gloom. It’s time for Hawaiian-style hurricane relief. Put a little aloha in the journey. We got this!

We Hawaiians is ready for #CaneLane 

We shared a beautiful sunset. The day had been close to perfect. I awoke to gentle rains that kissed streets and grounds. We enjoyed majestic shifts between misty skies and intermittent sunshine. Winds were calm, almost eerily quiet.


Surfers has a blast. Mid-day offered waist-high to shoulder playgrounds. The evening sesh finished with daunting double-overhead bombs.


The breeze is deliberant now. Solid 15-20 knots with gusts that make one feel uncomfortable. A couple times the air pressure changed rapidly — causing my ears to pop slightly and setting off a mini-sonic boom outside my window here on the 25th floor. Mother Nature had just cracked her wind whip.

Just in from Big Island. No matta what. We can handle it. Bring it on! 


Streets are quiet. People have hunkered down. Buses stopped running hours ago. Cars and foot traffic is rare.

I hear the breeze. I love listening to the ocean breezes. They’ve come so far and have amazing stories to tell. Here in Hawai’i, they bring the cleanest air on the planet. It doesn’t get any betta than this.


That’s why scientists study the stars and heavens here. Hawai’i Nei is the most remote spot on earth. #CaneLane wants to play. In only a few hours, the game begins here on O’ahu.

UPDATE 8.24.18: Love Guy Hagi, as I wrote yesterday. He keeps the forecast light.


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