Why Guy Hagi gotta stand in front of CaneLane?

Hey Guy Hagi, why you always gotta stand in front of #CaneLane? Why you gotta tell me the swells is coming? Me I don’t see nothin’ …

Sitting in front of my computer screen wondering why? Why Guy Hagi?


Hurricane Warning for O’ahu 8.22 at 5p HST

Me? I’m in Honolulu on the south shore. We’ll meet #CaneLane shortly. The welcome will be epic. Mother Nature’s Death Star will hit our tiny planet in a few hours. We live in a time of extreme weather. #CaneLane is not looking to disappoint.

Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State University, said Hurricane Lane was an “unusual” storm for the Central Pacific region because storms rarely strengthen in that area.

“What makes Lane unusual is that it became a Category 5 in the North Central Pacific,” Klotzbach told HuffPost in an email. “That region typically isn’t very conducive for hurricanes. There have only been five Category 5 hurricanes there on record prior to Lane.”

HuffPost copied my name for Hurricane Lane. #CaneLane

Thank you nui loa and mahalo very much, for your love, because it’s all time.

I’ll be coming over and taking you to lunch, or maybe brunch, the fancy kind.

Can you take me to the airps cuz I gotta fly away, and maybe we can stop and eat Hamuras on the way. But they only take cash. Can you hook me up again?

I’ve been looking for love … been looking near and far

But I can’t fall in love with only half a heart.

One from the mountain, one from the beach. Put them together, make the flower complete.

Naupaka. I’ll find you some day.

We’re Bam Bamboo


Dedicated to

Kepa and AnnMarie



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