Three Days til CaneLane … front row

Coconut wireless and corporate media stay consumed by approaching Hurricane Lane, which I dub #CaneLane. Winds shifted tonight. Normal gentle offshore breezes turned inward — with authority. The chop of the small, but growing, onslaught of wind waves warns something ferocious lies behind.


To my longtime BFF, I wrote:

#CaneLane will be insane!

Here come da rain.

Screaming winds with no refrain.

Ain’t no place for Dick and Jane.

Much pain.

Destruction will reign.

Ground the planes;

Millions of dollars down the drain.

‘Iniki 92 fears remain.

Only seasoned locals should remain.

Get this into your brain.

Is it too hard to ascertain?

Watch out fo #CaneLane!

jus sayin … XO

The Weather Channel puts #CaneLane in perspective. The countdown entertains.


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