Families belong together. Take the Open Door challenge

HuffPost writer Juan Escalante claims Diane Guerrero is the Immigrant Advocate young people need right now. Probably because she’s a selfish, Me, Me, Me bitch! Her parents snuck into America illegally. She disowned them.

About ten years ago when Diane was 14 years of age, her parents were deported from the U.S. and returned to Colombia. This appears to have occurred during the compassionate conservative Bush administration. Diane claims to believe Families Belong Together. Yet she refused to depart with her family.

I had a girlfriend from Medellín, Colombia for years. I visited many times. It’s a beautiful place. I would feel blessed to live there.

Colombia is an amazing country. Colombia has effective border control and strict immigration laws. They wouldn’t allow me to be there illegally. Colombia is currently assisting millions of Venezuelans, as their neighbor to the north has collapsed financially.

Diane was born in America, yet cared more about her comfort than being with her family. This is the message the political Left is sending to young people — it’s all about you! Not country, not family … but you!


Be With Your Family

“Why don’t you come to Colombia with me?” Guerrero’s mother asked. Like so many young American women, Diane didn’t know what to do when confronting a difficult situation. “I froze,” she stated.

She was fourteen, but had “never considered the idea of a life away from Boston. Away from America, the only country I’d ever lived in. I’d grown up hearing about my parents’ homeland. But it was a world far, far away.”

There are millions of Americans like Diane. They stay at Hilton hotels when they travel abroad. They eat at McDonalds. They go to Disney theme parks while in Paris. They have no interest in language or different culture. The only world they know that is “far, far away” is Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine. Hollywood shapes their worldview, not world experience.

Pobrecita Diane

Poor little girl, Diane! “You know what, Mami? I don’t want to hear another thing about how hard things were for you!” she shouted at her mother during a reunion after their separation. “You don’t even know how hard things were for me! You abandoned me! You destroyed our family! I hate you!”

Diane wasn’t a pobrecita. She chose to remain in America away from her family. They didn’t abandon her. She disavowed them. Colombia is nested deep in the Andes mountains. It’s known for tropical plants, gentle rains, unlimited fruits and vegetables, and some of the best beef in the world. To some, it is paradise.

Americans Love Immigrants

Let’s be clear about American intention for immigrants. We love immigrants — as most of us descent from immigrants. We believe there are some 15 million illegal immigrants in our nation today. They live in a shadow world. Diane wrote about her ever-present insecurity, “the impact of immigration law, the fear of having your loved ones taken from you, and the constant struggle to thrive in the United States.”

Relocating to a new country is challenging. The U.S. admits millions of immigrants each year. My family came from Denmark and entered legally through Ellis island. America wants to help each and every new resident find a path to success. The transition is difficult for legal immigrant families. The process is 1,000 times more onerous for those hiding in shadows.

Yes, Americans love immigrants. We simply ask they enter legally through the front door.

Mr. Escalante hopes to reach young people, as they are emotional. They see struggling people and want to help — yet with someone else’s money. They don’t pay the taxes. They don’t build the shelters needed for these families. They don’t hire new immigrant workers.

For those who oppose legal immigration and effective borders, Facebook friend Susie Mac asks you to take the Open Border challenge. Leave your home or apartment open; leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition; leave your smart phone or computer unlocked at Starbucks or your favorite hang out.


Illegal immigration has led to the Second Wave of Slavery in America. Lax immigration policies allow young “illegal” women to be raped or sold into prostitution; young “illegal” males are exploited and cheated. Only PHO-compassionate Democrats encourage such heinous activity.

Just as Southern Democrats demanded slavery and threatened to break up the union, California Democrats drive illegal immigration and may trigger a second civil war. Democrats are the true racists in America. They enslaved Black Americans; they cheat Brown human beings today — “do the work we refuse to do!” they demand. As I pointed out this 4th of July, Americans are assholes.

There is ONLY one solution: we must lift all boats in the global harbor. As Diane said accurately, “immigration carries a heavy toll on immigrants and their families.” Better to fix problems in other nations than bring millions here. Diane wants action to reform our nation’s broken immigration system. I agree. I wrote how our system Drains the Brains of struggling societies.

Are you willing to take the Open Border challenge? What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below and be sure to FOLLOW ClearHeath Life Strategies. We provide News of the News You Wish You Knew.

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