This 4th of July stop being an asshole

As a nation, as individuals, we have demonstrated our character for some 242 years. Americans are assholes. We have been assholes for so long we don’t even recognize our bad behavior.


I wrote about the growing trend of uncivil behavior by women who call the police on others over minor concerns. We must demand these people step down from positions of power.

Facebook friend Chanda AvillaBerdon on O’ahu posted a common complaint from native Hawaiians. Yes, Americans in 1893 stole the kingdom. Of course, Hawaiians were not pacifists and saints!


Let me provide an example HOW to be courteous and mindful of others in the 21st century. Facebook friend David Carrillo shared a post about Japan’s World Cup mens soccer team. They lost in the Round of 16 knockout match after a breath-taking goal by Belgium in the final seconds.

Broken-hearted, they cleaned their dressing room, washed the floor spotless, and left a “Thank You” note written in Russia. Show me ONE example of Americans behaving this way in 242 years. You can’t. We are assholes!


My parents urged me to participate in politics as I was growing up. I worked with local and state officials, generally liberal Democrats. I received an appointment to Air Force Academy from the late, great Senator Frank Church. In my first presidential election, I voted for Jimmy Carter. He promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

President Carter was a “nice guy.” His humanitarian efforts post-presidency are unmatched. Yet he was no match for the swamp. They drowned him. Jimmy Carter was never an asshole.

In Election 2016, I tore up my Democratic voter card and crossed the isle. Hillary and the DNC had cheated Bernie. Assholes! Democrats continue to blame Russians for meddling, but they are guilty of election interference as well. Hillary and her constant “I, I, I … have a plan” condescended the WE of the political Left. Selfishly, she declared “Me, me, me … my turn to be president.”

She called men on the Right deplorable; those on the Left basement dwellers. She had referred to Black teens as “super predators” and lambasted millions of conservative women by claiming they weren’t smart or strong enough to vote differently from their husbands.

Anuhea is PROUD of our diversity. Aloha Always!

Bernie is a nice guy who inspired millions. Hillary Clinton is an asshole! The asshole won the Democratic primary. Had she made peace with Bernie and built a coalition together, Hillary would have been president. She and followers wanted to win “their way.” They were not interested in working with others.

As Election 2016 came down to two highly disliked candidates, I voted for the Biggest Asshole. Donald Trump has been an asshole all his life. He was born rich and privileged. He wasn’t handsome like John Kennedy. He wasn’t charismatic like Barack Obama. He survived being tough: hit him and he’ll hit you back ten times harder. He’s proud to be an asshole. I voted for The Asshole because he represents America best at this time. Don’t agree? Look in the mirror.

“What’s her secret?” they ask.

Last week the rudderless Democratic party found a leader. She’s not an asshole. She’s a 28-year-old college graduate who’s been working as a bartender in the Bronx. She’s neither Republican nor Democrat. She’s a social democrat like Bernie Sanders. Politicians on both the Right and Left drool and gush and envy her meteoric success. “What’s her secret?” they ask.


What is her secret? This is the important question. Pundits haven’t discovered the answer. It’s too fundamental and simple for the isolated Beltway regulars. She’s a bartender. She buys people a beer and listens to them. 

Politicians traditionally do not listen. They all say they do — but they’re just waiting for their turn to speak. Bill Clinton was a good listener. So was George W. Bush. This quality made them popular with Americans across the political spectrum. Yet once in Washington, The Swamp turned them into assholes.

Collectively Americans Are Assholes

Americans — collectively are assholes! We formed this nation because we murdered and stole land from the native people. Facebook friend Richard Whitehead shared a post that bluntly captures The Truth of our history. Millennial activists want to tear down statues and rip up our history, but they won’t return the stolen land. They are assholes!


In foreign policy, we murdered millions in southeast Asia in a mostly forgotten war. We were assholes! We “shock & awed” Iraq and turned the Levant bloody red. Saddam had never attacked us; he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. Joseph Mullaney explains why he said, “Hell no!” Collectively, we’re assholes!


Barack Obama made it to the White House in 2008 partially for his opposition to the Iraq invasion. Barack appeared to be a “nice guy.” He received the Nobel Peace prize in 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Then, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and more. Facebook friend David Eubanks captures the irony of President Nice Guy turned war monger.


Lack of Patriotism

A Gallup opinion poll released today shows less than a third of Democrats are “extremely proud” to be Americans compared to 75 percent of Republicans. We have one of the highest standards of living in world history. Of course, the political Left despises President Trump and this drives much of their anger.


Democrats are assholes as much as Trump. President Trump wants to build a wall. Hillary voted for a wall. President Obama built some 700 miles of fencing on our southern border. Both presidents Obama and Trump put illegal immigrant families and their children in cages. Liberal Facebook friend Robert Chase says he doesn’t feel very patriotic this year. He doesn’t remember our history, as we’re a nation of assholes.


Mr. Chase added a second meme. He says Democrats are “not for Open Borders,” but they do have “Open Hearts, Open Arms and Open Minds.” I pointed out our current immigration policy represents the Second Wave of Slavery in America.


Americans do not want to pick fruit or vegetables in the hot sun. “Too hard,” we say. Thus, we encourage poor, desperate people to “sneak” across our border, live in the shadows of legal society, and do the work we refuse to do at compensation below minimum wage. This is slavery and we are assholes!

Our immigration policy Drains the Brains of talented and skilled workers in foreign nations. Our “lottery” system rewards the “best & brightest” with a slot in America, and cheats the remaining millions by forcing them to starve and suffer in their “shithole” countries. Facebook friend Keith Clark asked some tough questions.


A Nation At Arms

Facebook friend Terry Kanekaiahi Manaiakalani Ridge shared a post highlighting the Fear Factor in the nation. President Franklin Roosevelt reminded us famously, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”


We’re fearful they’ll take our guns; we’re fearful guns will hurt us. Tim Kennedy’s post captures one side of the debate. We’re fearful of just about everything … because we are assholes.


The political Left calls for a ban on assault rifles and demands what they consider Common Sense gun control. At the same time, I pointed out how frightened they are about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.  Facebook friend Susie Mac played on their panic by suggesting conservatives aren’t interested in banning abortion — just seeking Common Sense abortion control.


Is Civil War Brewing?

We hear many experts warn that the nation is increasingly dividing, polarizing and moving toward what could be our second civil war. I wrote previously the battle over the border might lead to war. Cities and states, primarily Democratic strongholds, refuse the dictates and control from the federal government, as they declare their locations to be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and undocumented workers. The rule of law is collapsing.

If the assholes in America are headed toward violent, physical conflict, do they understand the realities of war? My great, great grandfather Robert A. Lower fought heroically as a union soldier at Vicksburg during the Civil War. He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, but it came with a price. He was one of only 18 survivors from his regiment of 120. Facebook friend Susie Mac asked whether the political Left is ready for war?


Rightwing extremist Alex Jones seems to be having fun with metrosexual Millennial freeloaders. Facebook friend Thomas Cheney II posted a couple humorous memes. Bonnie Trachtenberg promises to “bring the arugula salad.”


A second one. What will you be wearing?


A third. Any plans for the weekend?


What Really Makes America Great?

I connected with a basketball friend last week. Brett Vroman was a star athlete at prestigious UCLA. I was a lesser star at unknown Idaho State. We teamed up to teach young athletes at BYU. If I remember correctly, we smoked quite a bit of weed while on the conservative campus. Deep down, we’re both a couple hippies who want a better world.


Happy Birthday America! What do you say fellow citizens … isn’t it time to stop being assholes to each other and people around the world? Love makes America great!

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5 thoughts on “This 4th of July stop being an asshole

  1. Yes, we are a nation of assholes. My comment is, if Bernie Sanders wants to run, make him run on HIS party ticket, the Independents. He is not a Democrat and should not be on the ticket as such. He might have won if he did that. I know quite a few people who would have voted for him.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sherann! Good point. The DNC allowed him to run as a Democrat and then cheated him. They were afraid of him running independently.

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