Supreme Court Justice Kennedy SAVES millions of American babies

In a letter to President Trump last Wednesday, Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would retire effective July 31, 2018. Considered a pivotal swing vote, Justice Kennedy was nominated by President Reagan in 1987. Although nominated by a conservative president, Justice Kennedy displayed a strong libertarian character.

Significantly, he refused to overturn Roe v. Wade. By resigning when he did, he allows President Trump the opportunity to select a ProLife judge. Justice Kennedy’s legacy might be the rescue of millions of babies.

Abortions peaked in 1990. Over 45M abortions since 1970.

Since Justice Kennedy’s appointment in 1987, some 28,140,987 abortions were performed. Most experts believe President Trump will appoint a ProLife judge who will either overturn Roe or let the precedent stand (stare decisis), while carving out restrictions that will reduce options for pregnant women.


By announcing his retirement this week, Justice Kennedy gave President Trump the opportunity to appoint his next justice prior to the national mid-term election in November. If the president selects a committed ProLife candidate, Justice Kennedy’s last major act will end up saving millions of American babies. The political Left believes they’re fucked!

The Political Left Has Lost Their Mind

Henny Penny, more commonly known as Chicken Little, is a character in a moral folk tale about a chicken who believes the world is coming to an end. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” The story lampoons a chicken who has a hysterical or mistaken belief disaster is imminent. Liberal HuffPost led the charge Thursday morning.

The End of Roe signals the End of the World for Liberals

As a life-long Democrat, I bought into the feminist message than demanded equality for women. Who are men, people like me, to dictate to women what they should do with their bodies and reproductive decisions? It was a compassionate question. Women have suffered for centuries. They still do in many “shithole” places around the world. The thought of a pregnant woman using a hanger in a dark alley repulsed me.

I have evolved, in part due to empathetic women on the political Right, such as BeautyBeyondBones. She wrote in THE MET GALA: CATHOLIC IMAGINATION:

This is our faith. People died for it. People dedicate their lives to serving Jesus in the Church. How dare they disrespect the belief system of millions and millions of people throughout the ages, calling their beliefs, imaginative traditions.

Years ago, prior to the Roe decision, wealthy women had options when facing an unwanted pregnancy. They might fly to Switzerland to have an abortion. They might spend a year “studying abroad,” as they birthed the child and surrendered it for adoption.

Poor women suffered. They didn’t have wide access to birth control. There was scarce public education. They had limited resources to help them bring the developing child to term.


That was 1960. Much has changed in sixty years. Since 1970, women in the U.S. have undergone over 45 million abortions. Each of these developing fetuses were a life. Immigration was a hot topic this past week. America battles over the future of some 10-15 million “illegal migrants.” Some say we need their labor. Maybe! As a nation, we murdered three times this number of human beings. They could be picking fruit or leading new business ventures.

American women are in a better situation today. They have more wealth. They have better health care. There are excellent birth control options and adoption services desperately seek newborns. Abortion should not be a convenient means of birth control for irresponsible adults. Facebook friend Wonetah Einfeldt features a Black woman who had 33 abortions.


In addition, we are evolving about the role of the father in this process. The developing fetus doesn’t belong solely to the woman. Any decisions regarding the future of the child should be made by both parents.

I highlighted the disturbing and growing Hookup culture in America. Generations ago, men were considered “horndogs” or male sluts, as they wanted to sex as many and all the women they could. It seems ladies have matched men in this behavior today.


Liberal HuffPost writer, Noah Michelson, warns about a “new call for women to reject feminism.” Mona Charen recently published Sex Matters, which seeks a renewed focus on the traditional family unit, marriage, courtship and modesty. She stated:

“Have we had enough of crotch grabbers and penis tweeters in this society? Because all of that is what the sexual revolution has gifted us. That, the so-called rape culture on college campuses, hookup culture, the hostility between men and women ― feminism has to take some responsibility because they were cheerleaders for all of that. They thought it was part of women’s liberation to endorse that.” 

Tradition! Tradition! Tradition!

We accept today that abortion is a disgusting procedure and there are safer — and morally-superior — options. #TimesUp on abortion!


CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin believes there is “no doubt” abortion will be illegal in twenty states in less than 18 months. Conservative Republicans are poised to take advantage of a rightward shift in the Supreme Court’s ideological balance. Bring it on!


Abortion isn’t the only divisive issue in the nation. Black Americans believe White Privilege still obstructs their pathways to success. I discussed these perceptions yesterday.  Simply put, no justice, no peace. They want a continuation of affirmative action and diversity programs.

At the same time, I pointed out the growing anger from White males. They believe America doesn’t wants them anymore, while corporate American throws them under the bus. White men feel these programs help everyone but them. White men have become society’s new second-class citizens.

Same-sex marriage remains a contentious topic. President Obama opposed this social change, until claiming he “evolved” in 2009. He was honest with America. Many citizens are evolving today. More traditional people believe they must hold fast to a nation changing too quickly.

Pride 2018 ends this month. Parades and marches recognized the progress made by the LGBTQ+ community. People of all rainbow colors still question the impact of these complex changes on children. Stories about parents claiming their young, four-year-old son is trans simply because he likes pink and glitter scare the hell out of mainland America.

PRIDE is for kids? Changing too quickly?

Change! Change! Change!

I’m not sure where America is headed. I’m not actually certain where we’ve been. As a graduate student of political science, we read futurist authors, such as Alvin Toffler. His work, Future Shock, made clear that the only constant in our lives is change. He presciently said:

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

The Obama administration ushered in numerous epic transformations to American culture. Maybe we need time to catch our collective breath at this time. As a nation, aircraft carrier U.S.A. is a massive vessel that takes time to turn. Turning to quickly can capsize the ship. Justice Kennedy sat between four liberal and four conservative judges. He centered our moral conversation. Liberals owe him a deep debt of gratitude for his courage. They should respect his decision to step down at this time. He’s served all of us well for over 30 years.

Thank you, Justice Kennedy! 

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