PHO-compassionate Democrats encourage WOMEN to swim across Rio Grande

I wrote some time ago the issue of immigration and status of those who illegally cross our border would lead to Civil War. Sounds of crying children separated from their families tore at our collective heartstrings last week. Images of children inside fenced areas or small cages ripped our souls. I pointed out the real problem is we have lied to ourselves about immigration for more than 30 years.

Marc Caputo and Daniel Lippman criticized the political Left for losing “their cool” over this issue. They referenced actions, such as two senior Trump administration officials who were heckled at restaurants, while a third was denied service at Red Hen. Florida GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi required a police escort to leave a movie about Mister Rogers after activists yelled at her in Tampa — where two other Republican lawmakers say they were also politically harassed last week, one of them with her kids in tow.

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (California) ordered more public harassment of Trump aides, claiming “God is on OUR side!” She went on a shouting rampage during a toy drive outside the Wilshire Federal Building last Saturday. How long before someone is shot?


Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, criticized Congresswoman Waters, “Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea.”

Simplifying this conundrum, Republicans claim to stand for limited and legal migration only — yet wink wink when hiring undocumented workers. They love their talents and skill, while paying them below-market wages in a shadow economy. Their policy lacks compassion, and is driven by greed and the exploitation of powerless human beings.

Facebook friend Keith Clark shared a post by John Carrillo. My family waited in line to enter the U.S.A. legally. It was a proud moment for them. Why do Democrats champion people who want to cut in line?


Democrats profess to support compassionate policies that allow “struggling” or “endangered” families to enter the country illegally. They claim our nation’s immigration system is broken and law-breaking is therefore justified. The consequence of their failure to repair or replace immigration policy forces desperate mothers to swim across the Rio Grande with their children (below). This is a PHO-compassionate policy.

Sandra and daughter, Yanela, swam across the Rio Grande

Sandra and Yanela swam across the Rio Grande using a raft. The 32-year-old Sandra ran away from her husband, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, about three weeks ago. She abandoned her three other children: Wesly 14, and daughters Cindy, 11, and Brianna, 6.

This is the second known attempt Sandra made to enter the U.S. illegally. A spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Sandra had been previously deported from the US in 2013. Her current immigration proceedings are “ongoing” and she is housed at a family detention center in Texas.

Crying Yanela became the Poster Child of the illegal immigration debate last week. She wasn’t separated from her mother, but agents did ask Sandra to set her daughter down while they frisked her. The deceptive photo made national and world headlines.

Crying Yanela became the Poster Child of the illegal immigration debate last week

PHO-Compassion by Democrats

Sandra’s 1,800 mile journey was hazardous and treacherous. Her husband reported she paid $6,000 to a coyote to serve as her guide. He told reporters his wife always wanted to experience “the American dream” and hoped to find a good job in the States. He said his wife had previously mentioned her desire to go to the United States for a “better future,” but did not tell him or any family members she was planning to make the trek.

“I never got the chance to say goodbye to my daughter and now all I can do is wait.”

Husband Denis is a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes. He explained things back home were fine, although not great. More importantly, he added he believed his wife was seeking political asylum. Her claim appears to be false.

Husband Denis did not support her quest to flee Honduras. He didn’t want to put their little girl through that ordeal. He told media sources, “I never got the chance to say goodbye to my daughter and now all I can do is wait.”

Sandra and Yanela detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande

Husband Denis said he doesn’t “have any resentment for my wife, but I do think it was irresponsible of her to take the baby with her in her arms because we don’t know what could happen.” He told he believes the journey across the border is only worth it to some degree, while admitting it’s not something he would ever consider.

“I wouldn’t risk my life for it. It’s hard to find a good job here and that’s why many people choose to leave. But I thank God that I have a good job here. And I would never risk my life making that journey.”

It’s hard to find a good job in the U.S. Americans struggle as well. Clearly, this is an economic issue for Sandra — not a political matter. Her purported request for political asylum will likely be denied. She made the perilous trip under false pretenses and used extremely poor judgment.

Democratic U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (California) and potential presidential candidate in 2020 now champions people who cross our border illegally. She is not concerned about the consequences these desperate people will face. Women are sexually assaulted, raped or sometimes sold into prostitution. Males are exploited, as they suffer a modern form of slavery.

Yet the senator proudly supports an immigration policy that allows illegal immigrants to “run free,” especially those who arrive here with children. Senator Harris forces distressed women to swim the Rio Grande with their children.

“I think there’s no question that we’ve got to critically re-examine ICE and its role and the way that it is being administered and the work it is doing. And we need to probably think about starting from scratch.”

Senator Harris wants to throw the immigration baby out with the bathwater. Scrap the entire system, she recommends. Yet she offers no comprehensive replacement plan.

America needs a robust immigration system. We need labor. We need to raise the next generation. America has always supported immigration — as most of us descend from immigrants. Yet Americans have generally exploited waves of immigrants. Can’t we do better today?

Facebook friend Thomas Cheney II posted a related illustration from Chris Van Dyke. If Native Americans could do it over, would they be less welcoming to the first European “illegal immigrants”? What are illegal immigrants doing to our national cohesiveness today?


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

There’s an old adage about learning the lessons from history. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” wrote George Santayana. Are we doomed?

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