Black people did not free themselves

Facebook friend Greg Newell, who is a former basketball buddy and the son of legendary coach, Pete Newell, posted a video about the allegedly “racist history” of illegal immigration in America.


Agree or Disagree? LOL…………..but this is pretty on point and a Cliff’s Notes version FACTS in OUR Country; whether one wants to dispute it or not? To dispute; is just another example of which side of the street you walk? Mexico is the target now………..which I get; but a blanket rule or law to keep out illegals who have HONEST and Worthy intentions of doing jobs, like ‘stoop labor’ which is vital and critical to OUR Farming Industry and just ONE example………I have worked with and alongside severall many (100’s) of Mexicans who came across the Border to make American dollars when American BORN whites felt those jobs were beneath them; etc. One cannot broadbase stroke Mexicans, crossing the Border as Gang driven and Drugs and Violence to follow…………..WE NEED and HAVE/OWN the INTELIGENCE to KNOW freaking background checks……….yet we end up doing a broadswipe on the issue; not directly dealing with the REAL………..It ain’t about Drugs; its about the way WE deal with Border Control and NOT just Mexicans who enter this Country…………But other Terrorist who HAVE come through our Borderrs? 911? Hmmmm…………….Canada!!!

I grabbed a couple screen shots from the video, as the Asian woman claims George Washington in 1790 signed the Naturalization Act that specified only White people could become citizens. Actually, the statute only allowed White people who were “free” aliens and had been in the U.S. for at least two years. Some White people were enslaved at that time.


I responded to my friend’s post.

My great, great grandfather, Robert A. Lower, a White male, earned the Congressional Medal of Honor as a union soldier fighting to FREE enslaved Black Americans at the siege of Vicksburg. He was one of 19 survivors from a regiment of 110. Yet many Black Americans call White people racist.

My family put their lives on the line for People of Color they had never met or didn’t know. Black people did not free themselves. In fact, many Black people assisted the slave trade. White people ended slavery in America. Claims of racism show a lack of understanding.

Are there racist White people? Sadly, yes. 1% of Americans owned slaves. Likely 1% of Americans today remain racist. At the same time, there are some racist Black people. There are good and bad in all groups.

The video says Washington in 1790 singed the Naturalization Act. Only White people could become citizens. Only White males with land or wealth could vote.

But the reality is this … the USA today is the #1 place immigrants or asylum seekers demand. If we are so racist, why do they want to come here? If African, Asia, the Middle East or Europe were better places, why don’t people fight to go there?

People around the world flock to America because White Culture created a BETTER world. The Native Americans didn’t. The Mexicans didn’t. Canada didn’t. George Washington and followers did.

My father, Robert H. Goold, was named after my great, great grandfather. He served in the Korean war. My family fought to ensure America would survive. When he played basketball at the University of Southern Miss after the war, Black athletes were not permitted to play. My father worked his entire life as a coach and educator to ensure People of Color were treated fairly.

This is the REAL American legacy — White People fighting for a better world that is FAIR for ALL people. This Cliff Note version fails to acknowledge the SACRIFICE of White People. Black people did not free themselves!

Len Webb, a Black man who claims to be an Olympic track coach, had this to say:

Scott, you’re boorish, ignorant, ill-informed, mis-educated, tiresome, and hellbent on substantiating the doubts you have about the culpability of your own people in the woes of American society. You’re lashing out. Your comments are all over the map, with no apparent intent on reaching a conclusion. I have no responsibility to continue to engage. You do, however, have my sympathy, and this advice…Get help


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